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Pros and Cons of Assembling your own Gaming PC [Infographic]

So the time has come. Your old PC has caved in and now you’re on the prowl to find yourself a new gaming PC. You’re surely considering assembling your own PC as opposed to simply buying a complete set. However, you’re on the fence about it.

Is it really the right decision? Shouldn’t I buy a completely assembled PC instead? These are questions circling your mind.

Well, whenever one hits a wall on a decision, the best thing to do is to make a pros and cons list! So here we’ve done that for you. These are all the pros and cons of assembling your own gaming PC instead of buying a complete set.


#1: Cost

When it comes to cost and performance, assembling your own gaming PC is far more reasonable. However, that also depends on how smart you are. You should put in all the necessary research to figure out which are the pieces of hardware you require and how good they need to be. This will help you save up on the pieces of hardware that you can afford to cut corners with. Additionally, parts sold individually are usually less than half the cost of those parts in an assembled PC. Retailers usually hike up the prices for gaming PCs considerably.

#2: Great Warranties

If you assemble your own computer, you’re buying each part separately. This means that all individual pieces of hardware come with their own warranties, that usually go up to 2-3 years. This keeps each part of your computer insured. However, if you buy an assembled PC, the entire set will have to be covered in a single 1 year warranty, which is a total rip off, comparatively.

#3: Specific Performance

If you assemble your own gaming PC, you can get the advanced versions of hardware that you really need, and get lower ends of hardware that you don’t need as much. This is completely relative and it depends on your personal requirements. However, if you’re smart you can come out with a computer that is perfectly suited for you.


#1: Time Consuming

Assembling your own PC is a time consuming process. You have to go to various retailers, select the best pieces of hardware individually, and then you have to learn how to put them all together. Problems may also arise if you’re doing it for the first time, and for that you’ll have to call upon technical support or learn how to troubleshoot it yourself.

2: Lots of Research

You have to put in a lot of research for every single part of the computer and how well they go along with each other. A wrong combination may cost you dearly.

So have you made up your mind about whether you want to assemble your own PC? If you have, you can go through this Infographic on All you Need for your PC Games. It has been designed by Gaming Chair Insider, and it will give you valuable insight on the different parts of the PC and how much you can spend on them. You can consider it a 101 introduction to assembling your own PC set.

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