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6 Different Ways of Dealing with Diffuse and Angry Customers in a BPO Industry

As a call centre employee or an agent of a specific organization you definitely come across angry and frustrated customers on daily basis. And the way you deal with them, handle the interactions could lead you and your business organization to a successful resolution of their issue or you lose your customer forever. Given below are the 10 major ideas and strategies that would help you deal with the angry and frustrated customers in a BPO industry.

Not taking things personally: Although you would have customers who would take out their frustration on you, they do know that you are not the ones who has lead them to a problem. Allow your customers to vent out their problem but do make sure you do not take it personally. Listen to them personally without interrupting them and then finding a way on how you could help them.

Listening actively to all your clients and customers: Generally the customers who call in are customers who are in peak of their anger and frustration. So give your customers the time allowing them to express themselves. Do make sure that you do not cut them or interrupt them even if they have raised their voice. While they are discussing their problems with you do have the opportunity to jot down the notes in order to help you understand the situation in a much better manner.

Make sure you understand what is being said: Now that you have apologized it is important that you take out time and have a look at the notes again. Knowing and understanding before you actually begin to solve their issues would save your time down the road. This would also help your caller know that you have been hearing them and have been actively thinking about their problem and are doing what you could do to assist them.

Repeating the information: When your angry callers have finished talking it does become important that you make them feel that as if you are on the other side of the road. One of the best ways you could do this is apologize for the issues that is faced by them, conveying empathy and then summarizing the main points. Doing this would not just make your callers feel like you are actually listen to them, it would also give them the opportunity of calming your customers down. You could also be surprised how calm they are when they begin discussing their problem again.

Killing them with kindness: If the customers you have been dealing with refuses to calm down, then make sure you kill them with your kindness. Being sincere, respectful, understanding, sympathy for their situation, and empathy for their frustration would help your customers ease up too. You could also say a joke to them in order to enlighten their mood and sharing a story to show that you could relate.

Following up with your clients and customers: Mistakes happen and your customers are the ones who call when they are unable to resolve the issues by themselves. And in case when the problem increases, then there is something definitely wrong with the product or the company you have been dealing with. Having to call the call centre again and again for the same reason could be a huge aggravation for the customers you have been dealing with.

To conclude keeping yourself cool while dealing with your angry customers is never that easy as it sounds to be. Share your tips on how you have been dealing with all your angry customers. Tell us your story of how you have been dealing with the rudest, or say the most unreasonable customer whom you have helped through the phone or live chat.


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Ameera Tabassum has diversified experience working as Business Process Consultant for different BPO companies . She has over 6 years of experience in business process outsourcing industry and as a practicing manager of Business analysts successfully executing several projects in terms of Contact Center Services, Business Process Outsourcing, Customer Lifecycle Management and Finance and Accounting Services.

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