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9 Most Popular Apps That You Gotta Have On Your Apple Watch!

There are around thousand apps of apple watch that are a must-have. The best apps give you an even a bite-sized information with just a few taps. Some of the best apps for apple watch are stated below, that will take your lives to the next level.


  1. NYTimes- Breaking National & World News

This is a very simple news app that only gives you a few bullet points and the headline of each news post while cutting down all the clutter that comes with reading news on your wrist; that is exactly all one would ever want. You even have an option of book marking it that gives you an advantage of reading more.

  1. Instagram

This exclusive app helps you scroll through the feed quicker than ever before. You may not be able to see all the pictures in detail since the screen is very small, however, you can skim through it giving hardly a minute or two. You can view profiles, get alerts and even read the comments.

  1. Twitterific 5 For Twitter

This is one of the best Apple Watch apps so far. Unlike the regular twitter app that gives you several feeds at a time, Twitterific gives you the access to your whole news feed one at a time, making you feel like a star. This perfect app helps you send direct messages, view new followers, enable your notifications of replies and much more at just a single tap.

  1. Square Cash

This is an excellent app that enables you to directly transfer funds to your family or friends with just a few taps on the Apple Watch. With so much convenience for all, this app is therefore gaining popularity with each passing day.

  1. Microsoft Translator

This one sure is a unique and a must-have app that translates what you say in over 40 different languages. If you are facing difficulty in understanding what someone is saying, simply hold your watch in front of them and their words will be translated within seconds.

  1. Booking Now

This app lets you manage hotel accommodations and their bookings directly from your wrist. Once you find a place to stay, you get all the travel directions within this app. This app surely acts as your room key, since it even reminds you of your hotel room number.

  1. Yelp

It is a very helpful and extremely easy to use app. whatever bar or coffee shop you are looking for, simply tap on the icon and you will get all the places nearby with the reviews and price rating. It prevents you from going overboard by giving you the right amount of information.

  1. Lark- Persona l Weight Loss Coach & 24/7 Nutritionist

It is an excellent health app that acts as your personal weight loss coach by checking your activity levels. It also tells you what you are eating using Siri. This information is then combined by lark that gives you good eating and exercise plan.

  1. Rules!

Apple Watch has a lot more to offer than just showing the correct time. At just the price of $2.99, this app provides you with a mini-game challenge on daily basis. Rules! Is all about memorising the rules and tapping the relevant cards. But, do not take it as an easy game; with several rounds in, you would be juggling with various rules in your confused head. You can choose your preferred game: Timeless, Expert or Beginner as per your skills.

Apple Watch apps provide an excellent platform that makes our lives extremely easy. The apps stated above should definitely be explored, and one must enjoy the difference these apps will bring about in everyday life.


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