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Is technology ruining the relationship between parent and child?

Technology is no doubt the most effecting factor of today’s life. It has changed the concept of living totally. We have never been that efficient for all that we do in various fields of life due to technology. Whenever and where ever we start a discussion about the good things and bad about technology, there is a long list of benefits that we can make. Beside all that, we cannot ignore the negativities of technology which may be quite hidden or unobvious but those are still there. According to latest researches and surveys, we have found a surprising reaction of parents about the excessive use of technology. There are two sides, one is that parents are using technology mainly for being social and secondly how kids are using technology for everything they do in their lives. We have to consider both sides and see what actually we are getting from all we have got through latest technology. Here we have collected few reasons of how technology is ruining the relation between parents and kids.

Hobbies are changed

In older times, there was so much to enjoy with your parents. Games were different, hobbies were quite good involving peers and parents and there was so much to do in a family time. Card and board games were considered the best to play when whole family sat together after dinner. Smart phones, laptops, tablets and other gadgets which technology has introduced to new generation has taken them apart and ruined the togetherness of family. You can clearly observe that even the youngest member of your family would be holding any smart phone and playing game. It is obviously not good for the whole family to not to spend time together.

The family time is disturbed

In few families, if elders somehow manage to make schedule to sit together and have some snacks or tea, there is complete silence among them as everyone prefers to gives time to his social network’s fellows and friends more than the family member around him. They share everything on Facebook but they don’t bother to share with their parents about what has happened in the school or college or if they have experienced something new or got any achievement. During a survey, most of the parents told that Facebook status update is more important than sharing things with them and that they fel totally disappointed and lonely.

New parents keep neglecting babies

There are two generations who are using smart phone today, the youngsters and the young mom and dad who are having babies to take care of. We are sadly telling another fact which we have composed after getting the survey report that today more than 70% of new moms are not properly taking care or their babies and toddlers just because their social network activities or games’ addiction don’t let them do so. There are maids who are appointed to take care of babies and which is literary a shameful act if you are neglecting your baby just to have fun. Smart phones have largely been diverting their attention from their babies. A few years back, a report brought forward a cruel mom who killed his baby just because he was interrupting his game. Though she didn’t do it consciously but the excitement of game overwhelmed her mind any she shook her baby too wildly because of his crying. She was then arrested and admitted her sin but the problem remained same. Even today kids are being neglected due to their mom’s online activities. Mothers are supposed to teach good habits and manners to their kids during their whole day but it has been observed that mothers sometimes don’t even bother to take care of their basic necessities like washing, changing and meals on time.

Parents-kids discussions are interrupted

It’s really a bad habit of youngsters which obviously technology gave them that while sitting with their parents, they keep using mobile for Facebook, Whatsapp or texting. Parents often complain about the non-serious behavior of kids and that is the main reason why some parents want to keep their kids away from smartphones and tablets. Sometimes there is some serious matter being discussed and parents don’t get the expected response from their kids and being a parent, you can understand it batter that what do we want to say. Also it is the worst habit if kids start ignoring their elder’s words.

Kids want privacy

Another issue which has raised it head while talking about the disadvantages or technology is that kids, at very early age demand privacy because internet and all these gadgets provide them with  hell of activities which their parents can ask them to not to do. They are on chats all night long, watching movies, playing online games, listening to music and much more with their online friends and obviously they can’t do it in front of their parents because they will never allow them to stay up for late night.

Behavioral changes

Another problem which is told by parents when we asked them was the worst behavioral changes ever not only in their kids, but even in their own personality. Technological inventions made every on so involved in them that kids pick various bad habits only because they have no time e to pay heed to elders. They practice what they see and learn from media, internet and their online community. Parents cannot keep a check at their friend list and there is a huge chance of kids to get indulged in a bad company. They take guidance from internet instead of listening to their parents.

Health issues

Another disturbing element of this scenario is that kids using internet and gadgets have left all healthy activities. They rarely play games that are good for their health and fitness. Often they are using tablets or a smart phone for long hours and this routine not only make them skip their meals sometimes but also affect their health badly.

We can easily judge by observing all of the complaints which parents have quoted during different surveys that technology is no doubt doing sever damage to relation between kids and parents, peers and all family members. It is not though recommended to cut you off from technology as it is essential to stay up to dated but we definitely make it limited and give more time to our relations.

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