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The Most Fun and Health Benefiting Gaming Titles for Older Adults

Generally, when it comes to playing video games or modern gaming, you depict a youngster with all the new gadgets and accessories. But, it may not be the case. In fact, there is no age to have fun and be a child. Just about any one regardless of their age can be a gamer. Even the genre is not age-specific as believed by most.

Let’s began with a few facts as observed in a research study about folks who play video games, done by the Entertainment Software Association.

  1. An average gamer is in his mid thirties.
  2. Females hold a 41 percent share in the gaming arena.
  3. 44 percent of gamers today are elder than an average gamer
  4. There are more than a quarter of 50 year old gamers
  5. At least one person in almost 66 percent US households have a regular or daily gamer
  6. More than 50 percent of frequent gamers play with friends, family or colleques on a regular basis.

It it very obvious that gamers are not age-specific segregated group. One need belong to a particular segment to be a gamer. It is all about fun and enjoying a game. Playing video games is no different from any other entertainment. You could be a grandmother who loves playing a first person shooter or youngster playing a mind game. That being so, just in case you have been resisting yourself from playing video games owing to your age factor, don’t!

Further, playing video gaming has its own mileage like health benefits. Let’s not bore you with theory and talk about games.

How do you start with gaming?

Much appreciated that you have finally made up your mind. Here, we would talk about games for starters that even have health benefits.

Gaming titles listed here have been evaluated with various decisive factors including but not limited to physical activity, difficulty level and social activities like interaction.

Additionally, we have listed the game’s Metacritic score. It being an online reliable source that we can reckon on. As it utilizes precious user reviews by real gamers from not just one but different sources to rate a game. Lastly, the price of the gaming title is listed based verbatim from an App store like Google Play or Apple’s App Store for iOS.

What are you waiting for? Get your gears as we are about to get you started.

Hello casual gamer, here are best games for starters

Whether you have begun with gaming or not. We are with you and we would make sure you get a gaming title of your choice from your favorite genre, but make sure you try them all. There are numerous titles from multiple genres to pick from today.

To be frank with you, casual gaming helps you find your taste and genre of your choice. Games listed by us in this category would help kick-start your gaming life, it would boot your morrow.

Casual gaming is refreshing owing to the difficulty level being low. Not only starters but also hardcore gamers love casual gaming. It is enjoyable and relaxing no matter what gaming level you come from.

To motivate you, all the game listed in this category are priced under 40 USD only.

One last thing, if are looking for a gaming console to play a particular gaming title, scroll down to the bottom and read more.

Wii Sports Resort

Gaming Console: Nintento Wii
Physical activity: High
Difficulty level: Easy
Social interaction: High
Metacritic score: 80 out of 100
Price: 37.89 USD

The best way to starting gaming would be virtual sports. Wii Sports Resort on the Nintendo’s Wii platform offers you exactly what we need. It comes with all the sports which mostly come with physical activities that too in a gorgeous resort theme. That is not all, you get to use motion-tracking remote controller offered by the Wii gaming console to get involved in gaming activities like basketball, archery and jet skiing. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to be a couch potato any more and can have social interactions with your friends and family while doing physical activities which is a very good thing.

Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved

Gaming Console: Xbox One, Xbox 360 (Kinect required)
Physical activity: High
Difficulty level: Moderate
Social interaction: High
Metacritic score: 77 out of 100
Price: 39.99 USD exclusive of Kinect

Xbox is a gaming console by Microsoft, which offers a motion-sensing accessory or add on called Kinect. This gaming title Disney Fantasia as the name suggests created by Disney and inspired by the musically startling world of Fantasia is a go go. The best part about this game is that you need no physical controllers at all are your body is the only input or feed. Move your body to the music and game on! It is like going to a dance party or hosting a dance party at your own place.

Snipperclips – Cut it Out, Together!

Gaming Console: Nintendo Switch
Physical activity: Low
Difficulty level: Moderate
Social interaction: High
Metacritic score: 81 out of 100
Price: 19.99 USD

Snipperclips – Cut it Out, Together! a gaming title on Nintendo Switch platform brings back the memories of the multi-player board games we use to play at home with family. This gaming title is cute and vibrant. A total of four players can join to solve progressive puzzles. It is more fun as the level increases.

Rayman Legends

Gaming Console: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch
Physical activity: Low
Difficulty level: Moderate
Social interaction: High
Metacritic score: 91 out of 100
Price: 17.99 USD

Name a gaming platform and you have Rayman Legends available on it. It is like one of those omnipotent games which has made it presence on every platform there. It is like 2D slide scrolling gaming title that falls under adventure genre. It comes with various characters and mind-boggling graphics. Although it is fun with play with all, but you can also try this when you have no one around or play it with others like you online.

Super Mario Run

Gaming Console: Android and Apple iOS devices
Physical activity: Low
Difficulty level: Moderate
Social interaction: Moderate
Metacritic score: 76 out of 100
Price: Freemium model (charges for full game).

The action packed Super Mario is back now! It surely gets nostalgic for the gamers as it is uncommon to find someone who has not played Super Mario Bros. from 80s. It is the same yet new. The levels are rejuvenated utilizing the modern game design technologies. But the retro look has not been expunged. I know you can’t resist any more. So down your copy on your device now and pulp the enemies while collecting rewards with the legendary vision to save the gorgeous Princess.

Enough of the casual gaming, its time to level up now!

First thing first, by now you must have known if like playing video games or not and if you do then we another list of intermediate level games for you to try. These gaming titles would be having a bit of everything more, so more difficulty level more social conversations and more of everything. Check it out if you have really leveled up as a gamer or not.

Pokemon Go

Gaming Console: Android and Apple iOS devices
Physical activity: High
Difficulty level: Moderate
Social interaction: High
Metacritic score: 68 out of 100
Price: Free with in-app purchases.

Pokemon GO brings to your pocket without a need of a dedicated gaming console the classic Pokemon game series. This award willing game has become a global sensation. The only thing about this game is that the controls and gameplay take some time to get acquainted with but once you are on you won’t be able resist it provided that you enjoy this game. It is about discovering Pokemon and exploring the world around them.

Brain Age: Concentration Training

Gaming Console: Nintendo 3DS
Physical activity: Low
Difficulty level: High
Social interaction: Moderate
Metacritic score: 71 out of 100
Price: 29.99 USD

As the name suggests it is all about focus and brain designed to improve your concentration and working memory. It is a virtual brain training camp which is fun to exercise. It comes with various training exercises some new, some classic. There is even a Relaxation mode to give the mind a break. The only downside is that it is only available for Nintendo 3DS.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Gaming Console: Wii U, Nintendo Switch
Physical activity: Low
Difficulty level: Moderate
Social interaction: Low
Metacritic score: 97 out of 100
Price: 59.99 USD

Zelda is on the top of the games produced by Nintendo. it is an action adventure game packed with fun activities like climbing towers and mountain peaks in hunt of new destinations and not forgetting the wilderness that you get to explore. You get to be a warrior and battle enemies with strategy. You can clash swords with monsters of all shapes and sizes while solving a variety of puzzles inside. It is a must for action adventure lovers as suggested by advanced gamers.

Stardew Valley

Gaming Console: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Physical activity: Low
Difficulty level: Moderate
Social interaction: Low
Metacritic score: 88 out of 100
Price: 29.98 USD

For all agriculture fans, farming has never been this fun and thrilling. With StardewValley you play the role of a farmer who manages, organizes and run his/her own farm. There is a room for social conversation and interaction and to make it more exciting you get to encounter new and dangerous monsters, powerful weapons while you raise animals, grow crops, start an orchard, craft your own machines and much more! It is like you become a part of the local community virtually with over 30 unique characters living in with you in the Stardew Valley, each with their own details like own daily schedule, birthday etc, it never gets boring as you get to start a new conversation and further there are things to do and say every day.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Gaming Console: Nintendo 3DS
Physical activity: Low
Difficulty level: Moderate
Social interaction: Moderate
Metacritic score: 88 out of 100
Price: 19.99 USD

This gaming title is much like Stardew Valley except that you are working on a whole village rather than focusing on a farm or related activities. You role play is that you get to be or create a Mayor, who gets to make the big decisions like what to build that shape your own town. It is loaded with unique characters, items and activities that you can enjoy all year along. You get to customize outfits in numerous ways and furnish your house interiors and what not. It is about making your own unique town. It truly an inspiring game for many.

Hello Gamer! Here is a list of titles for advanced gamers like you

Finally, you have become a gamer by crossing the level of gaming that is required. You now want to know more about the various options you got as you have settled with gaming and are very sure about your genre and things. It is not just entertainment but also a part of life when you get involved in it. So, let us play games that you want to as a gamer.


Gaming Console: Xbox One with Kinect
Physical activity: High
Difficulty level: Moderate
Social interaction: Moderate
Metacritic score: 84 out of 100
Price: 14.99 USD

FRU is an amazing puzzle game made available on Xbox One platform by Microsoft. It makes Kinect worth it. You being the input for the game, it is a good exercise and the music and graphics are pleasant enough. You have play this with your kids in the family or alone or at a party game, regardless it is ridiculously fun. Some folks who might be wanting to start with meditation or yoga but for some reason they can’t or find it boring enough. Try this game for like half and hour a day and that is all you need. It requires you to get off the couch and stretch your legs while playing a video game, how cool is that?

World of Warcraft

Gaming Console: Mac or PC
Physical activity: Low
Difficulty level: Moderate
Social interaction: Moderate
Metacritic score: 93 out of 100
Price: 16.95 USD

This particular gaming title like Zelda, is on the top of the gaming titles. Hard to find a gamer who don’t really know about it. World of Warcraft is a Role playing game that can play directly on your Mac or PC. It is a world where you get to create your own unique hero from different races that are available for you to choose from. You can play this alone or join forces with others in the world at war. It includes batting and engaging in individual player to player combats and much more. As the Metacritic score suggests it is one of the most popular gaming titles played worldwide.


Gaming Console: PC, Apple iOS and Android devices
Physical activity: Low
Difficulty level: Moderate
Social interaction: High
Metacritic score: 93 out of 100
Price: Free with in-app purchases

Hearthstone is a card game which is free to download and play even works on your PC. It is has a unique genre of Card Battle combined with Strategy. Players choose one of epic Warcraft heroes to play and wait for their turn to play their card. You get to be a hero who plays heroic weapons using cards. This card game has easy-to-understand rules which attracts a starter and wealth of hundreds of additional cards to win and craft is a luxury that an advanced gamer likes to enjoy. When played on a touch devices the cards have a wonderful feel and physicality to them in our experience. The beautiful thing about this game is fun introductory missions, that helps you understand the background, theme and the world of Hearthstone.

Uncharted 4

Gaming Console: PS4
Physical activity: Low
Difficulty level: Moderate
Social interaction: Low
Metacritic score: 93 out of 100
Price: 29.60 USD on

Uncharted is an action adventure gaming serious about retired Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter, who is forced back into the game with Uncharted 4 in the world of thieves. You get to play Drake as he embarks on a journey to hunt treasure. Although it is a single player action adventure story, you get to play along with sidekicks as well who play their own role as your proceed in the game. There are various chapters full of adventure and life, whether you are 19 or 70 you are going to enjoy playing or watching it to the end.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Gaming Console: PC
Physical activity: Low
Difficulty level: High
Social interaction: Low
Metacritic score: 88 out of 100
Price: 39.99 USD (on

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, is one of the best PC strategy game. This game was originally created by a legendary game designer SID Meier. It is a game where you attempt to build and entire empire and plan various strategies from time to time to lead the civilization as it moves from stone age to the information age. It involves various sophisticated things when you engage with your world as you expand empire. You also get to interact with historical leaders while building the civilization with active research, agenda and whatnot.

Looking for gaming consoles?

I am sure you find the gaming titles we suggested interesting and want to buy a gaming console to dive into the world of gaming yourself. There could a couple of decisive factors depending on the feature-set required that might help you get one for you. We are going to discuss all the major gaming platforms that exist today.

Gaming consoles by Nintendo

Nintendo being the pioneer of gaming consoles with its first modern gaming console called Wii launching in 2006, which was a worldwide sensation. At the time of launch it was one its kind with unprecedented features like motion-sensor based controllers with focus on indoor sports and physical activity games promoting health benefits. Without a doubt it was an instant hit and a best-seller in the major offline and online retail electronics market. Although the brand new original Wii is rarely available in the market today but you could easily get used ones in mint condition for less than 70 USD.

As the time passed and other major players like Microsoft and Sony entered gaming console market with their brand new motion sensor based products. It was time for Nintendo to upgrade their original Wii to maintain their share in the market. They brought Wii U with advance motion sensor based controls and a brand new touch screen based revolutionary Wii U Game Pad. When used with TV turned on it serves as an additional window into your gaming world and it helps you enjoy console quality gameplay even while someone else is watching TV. It not only gets you amazing gaming experience but also resolves the long standing dispute of TV wars between adults and the kids. So, now you can let your mother watch her TV show while gaming. Nintendo Wii U 32GB Mario Kart 8 (Pre-Installed) Deluxe Set variant can stil be purchased for 400 USD from Amazon.

With the advent and success of gaming in mobile touch platforms like Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Nintendo launched its own version of touch-based mobile console called Nintendo 3DS which comes in two variants 3DS and 3DS XL. It comes with 3D cameras which lets you take super cool 3D photos and record your own 3D videos. It even supports 3D viewing, which is super-stable, and has support for face-tracking. Mobile 3D viewing takes games to a whole new level. It comes with two screens and the touch-sensitive display screen controlled by a stylus. A brand new Nintendo New Nintendo 3DS Super Mario White Edition can be purchased at 215.95 USD from

One last thing, there is also a Nintendo Switch, the bleeding-edge gaming console by Nintendo. It truly enables a gamer to play anywhere. The Nintendo Switch can used as a Home Gaming System as a standlone gaming console or On-the-Go as a portable console. You can use the main unit Nintendo Switch of the console with a dock which is connected to the TV to enjoy gaming with friends and family at your home. Detach your Switch from the above said dock and take it with you on-the-go. There is more, the Switch console by Nintendo comes with detachable Joy-Con or controllers from either side of Nintendo Switch. It enables a gamer to play with New play styles as defined by Nintendo. Moreover you can also use Joy-Con grip accessory to dual your Joy-Con as a more traditional controller. It is whole new level of gaming console just like the original Wii was. Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con is priced at 417.95 USD on

Microsoft Xbox and Kinect

Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console was launched half a decade before the original Nintendo Wii in 2001. Since then it has advanced quite a bit. Today it available in three options Xbox 360, Xbox One and the brand new Xbox One S. The Xbox One S is 4K capable which let you experience richer, more lumious colors, better graphics and video with HDR. The beautiful thing about Xbox is that it lets you stream 4K content from various providers like Netflix, Amazon Video, Youtube and Hulu etc and and watch Ultra HD Blu-ray™ movies in stunning visual fidelity with High Dynamic Range. There is also a variety of apps like Skype, Internet Explorer and much more for you to use and enjoy right from your gaming console. Latest Xbox One S 1TB Console – Forza Horizon 3 Bundle is available for 304.99 USD at and Xbox 360 4GB System Console with Peggle 2 Bundle which is base code can be purchased at just 167.99 USD from For motion based inputs, voice commands and video calls in HD on skype you also purchase an Xbox One Kinect Sensor at just 49.99 USD.

So, the Microsoft Xbox series has a lot to offer at a reasonable price range.

Sony PlayStation

Sony’s PlayStation is yet another gaming console series that has managed to charm and entertain gamers all these years. While the latest and the greatest model like PS4 and PS4 Pro are out in the market for a while. PS3 is still avaiable and very popular among gamers. PlayStation 3 500 GB System can be purchased from at a price of 267.93 USD today. Like Xbox series from Microsoft, Playstation also comes equipped with apps and software to stream your favourite content on your big screens at home. The built-in Blu-Ray disc player brings your movies and shows to life in with stunning visual and sound quality.

While the PS4 Pro brings dynamic 4K gaming and entertainment, there is also a PlayStation 4 edition at lower price. You buy a PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console – Uncharted 4 Bundle (the game we talked about) at just 263.99 USD from PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console also very competitively priced at just 399 USD.

People without a 4K TV can just go with the PS4 non-pro model as it is just fine gaming console for Full HD games as of now. But just in case you plan to future proof your gaming console go with the pro model for sure. Pro model also comes with unprecedented enchanced gameplay which supports faster frame rates for super-sharp action gameplay.

Android and iOS devices as a gaming platform/console?

Who needs a dedicated gaming console to be a gamer? Nowadays smartphones esp. Android and iOS platforms come with an App Store where you can download games. With recent focus of development on mobile platforms the quality of graphics on mobile devices has gotten really good or almost console like. With availability of powerful Android devices like Oneplus 5 at low cost, mobile gaming experience can also be rated nothing below 5-stars. So, depending on the platform you are on, you can get numerous gaming titles right now on your smartphone and starting playing video games.

Mac or PC as a gaming platform

Like Steve Ballmer, ex-CEO of Microsoft once said, there would always be a need for general purpose computers. Why not bring your favorite games on these systems whether it be Mac or PC with Windows or Linux OS? It is fun to play before or after work or when you want to take a break from work. In fact there are some of the popular games are only developed for desktop OS. Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac are the most popular OS in the world today, all three have a great number of gaming titles available today. All you have to make sure is that you have a decent graphics card, recent CPU and enough RAM to handle the intense graphic details of the games you want to play on a given OS/platform.

Gaming and its health benefits

Video games are not just for entertainment any more. If you pick the right games you would surely be benefited from it. Decisive factors of the benefits you may get while gaming depends on how much of physical and mental activities are required in the gameplay. A mix of both is very good. Social conversation also adds up to it.

World has gotten into a small place with fast Internet and advent of online gaming and being able to share content and exchange ideas on social media online. With features like video commands and audio feeds in the modern gaming world, the availability to interact and team up is really beneficial. Adults can connect with their kids while playing a mind refreshing game with physical activity at home itself. It helps boot confidence and develops a sense of community with time as your share more ideas and thoughts are exchanged.

While gaming has been considered a leisure, it is being used by the health and research department in the recent years. An innovative application of it is in pain management. Depending on the degree of attention required in the gameplay it is being as a strategy to distract the plater from the sensation of pain. Video games are being used as a therapy in many different groups of people.

Morever videogame-based physical programs are in place with devices like Microsoft’s Kinect using the Xbox 360 gaming console for people with psychotic disorders. Video games requiring physical movements and activities with you being the feed or input to the gaming console promotes and helps people of all age groups who need physical workout to cure their disease. Video games make it easier to engage in physical activities and serves as a gateway to a more physically active lifestyle.

In nutshell, it helps in pain management and to engage people in physical activties in older adults. Also the social interaction as a gamer enable the formation of lasting relationships and lays a strong foundation for a feeling of community.

Conclusion: Regardless of your age or gender, game on!

As read in the beginning of the article that one need not belong to a specific age group or gender to be a gamer. A gamer is gender or age neutral. Gaming is all about fun, activities and interaction. It could enable grandparents to start a conversation with grand kids while playing a gaming title with moderate physical activity. No matter if you are alone or with family you can play with others as a team or as opponents while having a beautiful time and healthy conversation. Moderate gameplay won’t hurt anything regardless of your age. So, pick a gaming platform and start playing now, Gamer!


Credits: This article was originally published at Medicare Health Plans.

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