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How young financial advisors can gain a foothold in an age-based industry

Launching a business when you lack experience in a preferred domain can be tough. And yet, it’s not something impossible to attain. Startup costs are no longer outlandish; particularly in you work online and you offer virtual services. An investment is still required if you want to gain a reputation, but if you abide by some simple guidelines there’s a high chance you will make it. Many people today finish high-end colleges only to get a part time job as waiters in order to raise money and be able to open their own business.

In the finance business, the competition is fierce, and many newbies try and fail immediately. But then again, you have to hit rock bottom and make mistakes to get rid of all your frustrations and focus on the positive aspects of owning a business. Today’s young financial advisors are eager to work; however, they’re not being offered an opportunity to prove that they have what it takes to please a customer. In spite of their level of education, they’re still viewed as kids by people who need a financial advisor.


How to break into the market and prove your value

First and foremost, you have to make use of available resources and become more knowledgeable; second, you have to be willing to learn. Use educational materials and welcome the support of the community through the XY Planning Network to make yourself stand out. Today’s global financial markets are expanding and constantly evolving; this means that financial advisors – regardless of their experience – must stay updated with the latest trends through continuous learning.

A recent economic study supports the idea of an affordable index ETF (exchange traded fund) and mutual fund, since they may render the finest returns in the long term. As new technologies develop and penetrate the market, this helps boost client portfolio and optimize long term returns that are risk-adjusted. Apart from thorough research, financial advisors should keep an eye on recent regulatory trends to steer clear of issues down the road. One example of regulatory change targets brand new fiduciary laws taken into consideration by the Department of Labor. They basically target financial advisors and compel them to put the needs of the client first.


Personal connections

Someone looking for financial advice has many options to choose from, from robo-advisors handing finances to DIY approaches. However, there are sensible ways a young financial advisor can stand out. First of all, he must learn to connect with a client on a more personal level. A personal connection to a potential client instills trust and delivers more value in the long run. If you want to succeed in this business environment, you should never forget that there’s great value in fostering relationships, especially now, in a highly digitized society.

According to recent studies performed by MyPrivateBanking, robo-advisors will take the lead in 4 years and nearly $250 billion will most likely be managed by virtual finance methods. Since you are young and you can understand the perks of advanced technology, it’s up to you to explain to potential clients that there’s most value in choosing a human financial advisor than let an automated system handle investments.

Of course, there are certain benefits associated with automated financial planning systems; however, none of them can replace the human experience. Even if we live in a high-tech business environment packed with tools and tutorials that can help people invest, robots will never be able to understand the client and his needs. Leverage what you have – knowledge, character, drive, personality, experience, humbleness, and sense of responsibility – and make people understand that they need a young financial advisor that can cater to their needs.


Bottom line is, to make it in this industry you have to invest in yourself first. Don’t take yourself for granted, and under no circumstances, allow a couple of failures take you down. Increasingly more job opportunities for young advisors will be made available, but only the most knowledgeable will thrive. Never stop learning, stay in touch with people, socialize and learn to market yourself. The time for you to succeed as a financial advisor will come; you just have to be patient and hustle!

Article credits: By Paul Trevino and Synaptic.co.uk!

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