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How Much Does An App Like Uber Cost?

Uber as we all know is a multinational company which is app driven that have put a strong foundation and hold for the travel services that are platform based. The arrival of Uber has changed the way how people travel daily and how the travel companies put in to serve their customers. The service is available in about seventy countries and across 449 cities across the world. People are looking forward in making or developing an app like Uber and adapt an on-demand platform for various industries. The cost that is involved in developing an app like Uber should be first considered before deciding to go forward. The cost that goes in making of the app depends on various aspects. Below let’s take a detail look at the cost that is included in developing apps like Uber.

  • Business Model

Making an app like Uber means applying the platform of Uber and to tap into benefits of a sharing economy. This share economy allows the users to rent apartments, cars and other services online. The advantage of using a shared economy is that it cuts down the middleman in each and every dealing thereby empowers the user. Adopting the business model of Uber for any new business or developing an app depends on below mentioned factors.

  • Breaking Down the Estimates of APP cost

The cost for developing an app for your own business mainly depends on your needs. The amount of money and time that goes in making of an app like Uber depends on the product necessities, the UX and UI designs along with the costs involved at the backend. The additional costs post release should also be taken into consideration and also how much it takes a make an mobile app.

  1. Product Requirement Documents- This is an important phase at the beginning of developing an app as it defines the entire project. The document should have details like goals, stakeholders, target market, user stories, user personas, version requirements, security and data requirements and roles and functions.
  2. UI and UX Design Costs- for an App to be successful it should be without flaws and in most cases a design of a can be equally important as the app itself. Design is one of major defining portion of an app development because the app should be looking beautiful and run smoothly for it to be successful. UX defines as to how a user of the app will interact the product and there are some basic UX best practices that have to be implemented. After UX frames are ready then comes the UI phase.
  3. Development & Backend Phases- The backend is most important part of app development that makes the whole magic work. Backend manages all the data, handles the request between app and the user and exchanges information. It also takes care of push notifications, authorization and data security transfer and payment details.
  4. Website Estimates- A business can’t be successful without a website as it is the voice and face of your company. It gives the prospective clients your story as it is there first direct call. The websites are developed based on business needs. A web portal is also necessary as it provides your clients with a web based booking history of the payment methods, rewards, profiles, discounts and also an area to put their feedback.
  5. Post Launch Expenses– Once the mobile app is created then it is time to set the budget aside for additional costs like server support, marketing and feature updates. The amount that you spent on marketing your app can make that big difference. Some research estimates show that it can be up to $200,000 for positioning your developed app. The cost varies depending on the market and platform that you want to advertise will be between $1 and also $5. It is recommended that your marketing efforts that take up almost sixty to seventy the total budget of post launch. You should be able to invest about five percent of the total of the post launch budget for server support.
  6. Hourly Rates for App Development around the World- outsourcing the development work of app will cut down the costs. The cost of the mobile apps differs mainly around the world. The average charge for developing the app for an hourly rate is about $150. You have to be very careful while designing the app and while determining the cost for the same.


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