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Interactive Content: Secret to Killer Results

We already know that content marketing is one of the best forms of growing your business these days. Companies are putting a lot of effort into using this form of marketing and are reaping the benefits. As time goes on, we see a lot of different ways to approach this concept. It is important that we stay up to date with new trends in order to stay on top of the game. Interactive content is the new trend and it is vital that we have a look at some of the benefits it has.

There are websites to paraphrase this for me and then you can find websites that are able to focus on all grammatical errors. Now, readers are looking for interactive content, but the benefit is not just to your audience. When it comes to marketing, there needs to be an action and interactive content is the perfect way to get some action. Knowing how many clicks or shares your content is receiving is important for any content marketer, or just marketer in general.

Interactive content allows the user to enjoy and learn something without feeling like you are trying to sell anything. Think about online games and combine that with an informative article. That is the balance that needs to be reached with interactive content. You need to add value to your readers and not attempt to do yourself any favors in the meantime. In the end, you will reap the benefits without trying. Here are some of those benefits.


One of the goals of any writer is to engage the reader. Without this engagement, there won’t be any feelings towards your content and thus, it is easily forgotten. If I ask you to paraphrase for me you are going to remember it because you had to pay attention to what you were doing, while coming up with a solution. It’s about the brain power that goes into what you are doing. Interactive content allows the audience to be involved in what they are doing, while paying careful attention. Your audience needs to interact while on your website, not just read through the content. It does take time to master when it comes to an article, but the process is easier when using interactive content.

No active selling

Many online users are tired of having to avoid buying anything when browsing the web. This is because we are often bombarded with sales pitches. What we need to remember is that consumers are becoming more aware of the tactics used by marketers and would try and stay away from it. No one enjoys someone trying to force them to buy something when all they want to do is enjoy something. Interactive content does not pitch anything, but it does bring results. If someone is thinking about buying something, but are not ready yet, you simply have to provide information. Information is different from a sales pitch in many ways and this is where interactive content wins.


Having tons of traffic to your website without any results can be frustrating. If your visitors do not click on the bait you have left for them, it might seem like your strategy is a bit out of date. This can of course be corrected if you look at it differently. Adding quizzes to your content for example, gives your readers a greater chance of thinking about buying your products. Surveys are just as good when it comes to interactive content. Your readers have the opportunity to participate in your brand and it does give them a sense of connection with you. The chances of conversion is raised with interactive content, as opposed to a regular article.

Data collection

If all else fails and I find a writer to paraphrase this I have a better chance of adding good data. Even if you do not increase your sales with the first round of interactive content, at least you are collecting data that is valuable for the growth of your business. This is why surveys are so important to any business because your customers have a place to add value. Even if the surveys are not what you want it to be, you can use this data to improve your business strategy. Data is vital to any business and without it we could be wasting a lot of time of what does not work.


One would think that without a sales pitch, your customers will not understand what you are trying to achieve, but that is not entirely true. Using scenarios in your interactive content allows your readers to place themselves in those set scenarios. Having to come up with a decision based on this scenario allows your readers to play around with ideas and come up with a decision. There is no trickery to it, but rather allowing the audience to think for themselves. If the end result is that they do decide to buy your product, you know that is a decision that they made and not forced into. Decision making is a great opportunity for readers to build a relationship of trust with your company and brand, because you are giving them the freedom to decide. When trust is built, your customers are more likely to recommend your products to others and you stand a better chance of having your content shared.


Even though a lot of us would like to stick to what we know has been working for a while, we also need to allow change. Interactive content has been proven to have high conversion rates and this is a goal for many businesses. Moving with the trends also shows your audience that you are willing to adjust for their enjoyment and education. You want to make sure that you can provide the same experience on a mobile phone as most of today’s online users do so on their mobiles. If you have your doubts about diving into this, give it a short term try and see if it suites your business. I am almost sure you won’t turn back.

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