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How Much Do Fitted Golf Clubs Cost

Golfers are renowned for being fastidious about golfing equipment, golf clubs in particular. If you’re a golf enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard of fitted or custom-made golf clubs. And, no doubt, you’ve also wondered about the cost of such customizations.

There are numerous ways you can try to better your technique on the greens, for instance, putting in more practice hours. Nevertheless, it’s an undeniable fact that the right golf club can help you take your swing efficiency from mediocre to superior. Additionally, a top-quality club, such as a Callaway Strata, may last you very long indeed.

If you’re aren’t completely sure about whether such an investment is worthwhile to improve your performance, then you’re in luck because you’re bound to find your answers here.

What Do Good Quality Golf Clubs Generally Cost?

If you’re thinking about taking up golf seriously, or happen to be a beginner, then investing in a good set of golf clubs will truly make your golfing journey more memorable. When it comes to clubs and their suitability, the number one factor at play is your level of skill.

Most of your peers might counsel you to start with a golf club set that’s designed for beginners. Even so, there’s a wide variety of sets on the market, starting from moderately priced sets to the more high-end ones.

Generally, a standard set will cost somewhere around $250-300, whereas a top-of-the-line club set may cost as much as $1000 upwards. The price difference between the types of golf sets may seem extravagant at first, however, you can rest assured that professional golf clubs come with their own advantages, such as better construction material.

If you’re aren’t confident about your level of commitment to the game and think it may not last long, it’s best to begin your golfing experience with an inexpensive set. Once you’ve gained enough knowledge and are more than willing to invest more time and money in your hobby, you can think about investing in a top-tier golf club set.

How Much Are Fitted Golf Clubs Worth?

Quoting a specific price range for a golf club set is tricky because the cost largely depends on your needs and requirements. The process of getting your golf clubs fitted includes verifying details such as shaft flex, head design, lie angle, etc. with the help of a trained fitter.

Furthermore, apart from trained fitting professionals, facilities for fitting golf clubs come equipped with launch monitors and studios. That’s also the reason why the process of getting golf clubs fitted is prolonged, as well as costly.

Typically, the cost of purchasing a fitted golf club set can cost approximately $2000 plus. However, that figure is not inclusive of a fitting session. Before you get too anxious, the good news is original equipment manufacturers also provide fitting services.

For instance, some golf club manufacturers offer their services based on per session charges (which cost around $100-150), while others base their prices on an hourly rate. A few manufacturers also offer their fitting services without any charge, provided you purchase their products.

Even though having your golf set fitted on the whole may be considered expensive by some, the truth is, there are plenty of alternatives out there to suit your budget. That’s why you don’t want to write off having your golf club set fitted without having explored all your options.

Furthermore, how much you spend on getting a golf set fitted also depends on the range of your set. Here are some club types your golf club set should include:

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods get their name from the fact that back in the day, this type of club was made of wood. However, times have moved on since then. Now, fairway woods are constructed from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and a combination of other alloys, despite their name.

When selecting a golf club set, you can choose to include different types of fairway woods in terms of loft options. This will help you reach varied distance gaps in the game. As far as the loft options are concerned, they’re available in the following dimensions:

  1. 13-degree loft with a 3-wood
  2. 15-degree loft with a 5-wood
  3. 17-degree loft with a 7-wood

Generally, most newbies opt to begin their golfing journey with a 3 wood because they’re easier to use as opposed to a driver.


Golfers tend to prefer a driver because it tends to cover a lot of distance. That’s also why many golf players will select a driver with much more precision than other gold clubs.

As far as loft options of drivers a concerned, they’re available in ranges stretching from 9 to 13 degrees. However, if you’re partial to a driver with an 8-degree loft, then you can refer to the original equipment manufacturers to accommodate you.

A driver will typically cover at least 350 yards of distance, depending on your swing, but the distance may come at a price because drivers can be unforgiving. Most drivers feature graphite or steel shafts, along with an alloy or aluminum club head. However, some drivers include club heads made from carbon fiber to ensure greater swing speeds.


Wedges are ideal for play near the green and are generally built to accommodate higher loft options for increased spin and accuracy. Pro golfers are known for their ability to utilize a golf ball’s spin to control its movement and landing.

Another important factor to keep in mind concerning wedges is bounce. The more bounce a wedge has, the less likely it is for your wedge to delve into the soft ground upon taking a shot. This also helps make your swing with a wedge less likely to experience any jarring or jerking once it makes contact with the surface.

Wedges are available in four categories, which are as follows:

  1. sand wedge
  2. gap wedge
  3. lob wedge
  4. approach wedge


Irons can help you achieve a high trajectory when you hit the golf ball, and this, in turn, can stop the ball from rolling too far. Understandably, irons are essential when it comes to achieving a low handicap score.

Irons are available in a range that begins with a 4-iron and ends with a 9-iron and a pitching wedge. However, some golf sets may also include an approach wedge or a gap wedge. As a rule, iron sets feature clubs with graphite or steel shafts. Although, most beginners opt got a graphite shaft because it can help boost a player’s swing speed.

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