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5 Challenges Facing Managed Service Providers And RMM Tools To Solve The Problem

The choice to become a managed service provider, sometimes called a managed IT service provider or MSP, is a very good option for many startups and entrepreneurs in the IT field. It is also a natural match for many existing IT management services that may be providing a range of other complimentary services but are also looking to add to their market potential.

There are several different ways that any new or existing MSP can end up facing challenges. It is critical to keep in mind that there will be an estimated market of over $242.25 billion dollars in this market by 2024. This makes it a market that has a very good potential to allow for unlimited expansion if you have the right RMM tools to provide quality service.

To help new companies or to provide existing companies with the information needed to work through five common challenges with remote monitoring services that any MSP can experience, let’s take a closer look at each one on an individual challenge basis.

Get Marketing Basics Handled

There are many different ways that an MSP can work to develop and provide a top remote network monitoring service.  If the ability and potential for the network managed services and the RMM tools are not front and center for the target audience, it is going to be difficult to attract companies and increase sales.

Marketing requires the ability to develop a precise, targeted and effective campaign to show businesses how your MSP will enhance performance management services or even automate IT tasks and boost system security. This is a different role than simply providing the service, so hiring a marketing firm to assist in developing a website based on SEO techniques, implementing an SMO (Social Media Optimization) campaign and marketing through a variety of channels can help get your company started and build up your customer base.

Picking A Niche Area

Knowing what types of businesses are most likely to see the value in rmm tools and network management and monitoring over the traditional in-house or contract IT services. Many companies are used to the older model where there is some IT security management, but little if any monitoring of performance, efficiency and security on an ongoing and proactive basis.

By choosing a niche industry such as a specific size or type of business and targeting a marketing and sales program to highlight how specific rmm tools will benefit the company you can focus your efforts in one key area rather than trying to meet the needs of too broad of an audience. Then, once you have that niche area mastered, move into another.

Build In Values That Appeal to Business

While you are going to want to focus on some specifics in the remote monitoring service based on your niche market area or size of business, it is also important to think of how your MSP can offer services that are of importance to all businesses.

What may seem like simple tasks, such as backup service or having the ability to provide immediate access to the system from a single console for upgrades and security patches, are a key consideration for every business. Adding to the services are the rmm tools that provide for disaster recovery or as a package to clean the system with full security tools will be a very big draw for all businesses in any market or niche area.

While it will be important to think about a target audience, be sure not to fall into the trap of being too narrow in the rmm tools offered. Having the ability to respond to the individual needs of a business is a big selling feature and one that can easily set your MSP apart from the competition.

Make it Easy

One challenge that any MSP will find is in speaking to different business owners about the use of remote monitoring and management and how it will benefit their business. It is essential not to get too far into the weeds with “tech speak” but rather to keep it focused on the ability of remote network management to save downtime, to boost security and performance and to help to cut costs.

Most companies are frustrated with the current model they are using with IT services. This usually involves waiting for a problem and then calling for help. This is true for many of the companies without their own IT departments or those just using IT as a reactive tool rather than as a proactive tool to prevent system downtime.

Stressing Growth Ability (Scalability)

It is important to stress to any business that the options in rmm tools constantly evolve to address business needs in automation of IT tasks, in being able to provide audits and inventory and to manage every device from one console.

This type of scalability and growth potential has a big appeal to businesses focusing on scalability and expansion. By understanding the remote monitoring and management service is equipped to grow and expand with their needs, they can see the potential in getting on board early for greater efficiency.

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