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Electronic cigarettes emit toxic compounds – but how much do they harm the body?

There are damaging chemicals in every electronic cigarette. However, some models emit more chemicals than others. Research says that there are 2 key solvents in every e-cig: a special substance blend that emits the toxic chemicals through vaporizing; and formaldehyde, a substance that triggers coughs, nausea and sometimes, wheezing. When combined and heated, these two escalate.

Conventional e-cigarettes release all kinds of chemicals that may harm your general wellbeing, including acrolein, acetaldehyde, and formaldehyde. All three are well-known carcinogens or respiratory irritants that can affect your health. A study performed in 2015 emphasized that formaldehyde is a substance that commonly found in traditional tobacco cigarettes, too. Experts found two more in e-cigs, namely propylene oxide and glycidol.

Some specialists defend the vaping industry nonetheless, claiming that e-cigs are way “healthier” than tobacco. That’s because vaping may help heavy smokers eventually quit.

Vaping vs. tobacco smoking – a continuous debate

The number of people switching to electronic cigarettes keeps rising. Ever since they were approved – back in 2007 – e-cigs have been marketed as one of the best devices to help a smoker quit. Since our bodies depend on the nicotine found in cigarettes, it’s tough to convince someone to quit smoking and go for a nicotine gum or patches. The mere habit of holding a cigarette in hand is enough to keep people smoking. But this issue can be fixed when choosing the only alternative with a satisfying effect – electronic cigarettes.

Since e-cigs don’t contain tobacco, the emissions are reduced. Smokers can vape around their loved ones without forcing them to smoke passively. Truth be told, long-time smokers can’t quit. Even though their health won’t improve when switching to e-cigs, it’s a step forward because the body no longer get pumped with the many chemicals found in tobacco. Another advantage of e-cigarettes is that they can be set to vaporize e-liquid at specific wattage or at specific temperature. This guide by Black Note provides advice on choosing a TC mod.

Tobacco cigarettes are extremely harmful; e-cigs are just harmful

There’s really no comparison between an e-cig and a tobacco cigarette. These two are completely different, even though they serve the exact same purpose. Even though there’s no tobacco in electronic devices, it doesn’t necessarily mean your health will improve by switching to e-cigs. The good news is vaping helps keep your vice controlled; also, it doesn’t harm the health of those around you. It’s not the best option but it works since the body gets fewer toxins through vaping.

Another main drawback of traditional cigarettes is that they reduce sense of smell. It won’t happen immediately because the side-effects become visible after several months. You won’t even realize that your perfume doesn’t seem to last like it did one year before you started to smoke.

Are electronic cigarettes safe?

There’s not enough information to confirm whether or not electronic cigarettes are safe. That’s mainly because there are so many and the ingredients used in the liquids vary. Therefore, specialists haven’t had time to assess the aerosols. The studies performed thus far have reached different conclusions. WHO (The World Health Organization) reported that e-cigs might actually put one’s health in jeopardy. The FDA agrees, and claims that nicotine inhalers might be a better alternative.

But then again several systematic reviews claim that unlike traditional smoking (which involves consuming tobacco), vaping might be less harmful. E-cigs don’t involve any combustion, therefore helping users cut back on incorporating several extra toxins accumulated when smoking tobacco.

E-cigs and their effect on the body

Some studies emphasize that e-cigs may reduce myocardial and lung function, as well as boost inflammation since they do include carcinogens. However, the amount is much lower than in a conventional cigarette. There’s not enough evidence to prove what effects electronic cigarettes can have on the body in the long-term. However, a study done in 2015 found that vaping may trigger severe adverse effects, such as seizure, chest pain, disorientation, hypotension, rapid heartbeat.

The level of cytotoxicity in an eliquiduk varies because the chemicals used are different with every brand. As a general rule, when the metal parts get in contact with vapors through heating, it could contaminate the parts triggering certain reactions when the vapors are inhaled and released. At this point, there’s no enough information to confirm whether or e-cigs are just as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. They might not be a safer alternative, but there’s still a chance e-cigs can help smokers quit.

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