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Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Can Do

We spend countless hours with our eyes glued to the small screen, yet we barely even scratch the surface of what smartphones can do. Making phone calls, texting, and surfing the internet: This is just the tip of the iceberg. It is time to get past the basics and dive into an ocean of possibilities. You can add value to your life, make it more thrilling, or just show off in front of your friends. In any event, explore the world of apps and get the digital show on the road.

Monitor health

Did you know that smartphones can keep track of vital body functions? There is no need to invest money in a wearable when you have a multitude of health apps at your disposal, including those like Instant Heart Rate. What is more, newer models, such as Samsung Galaxy S7 go an extra mile, as they have integrated heart monitors. Many people utilize these functions to take their workout to the next level.

Control smart devices

Ok, this function is not really obscure, but being able to manage devices such as smart thermostats and lighting is just pure awesomeness. You need to use the compatible app for your device and with a tap of the finger, the lights go off and on, while the temperature adjusts. Some cutting-edge products like Nest Learning Thermostat even “memorize” your schedule and produce monthly energy reports, enabling you to optimize energy consumption.

Use Android Device Manager

Why Android Device Manager is not pre-enabled for all devices is beyond me. Anyway, it is an incredibly helpful tool, which you should activate in Google Settings, under the option ‘Security’. Once you gain permission, you can pinpoint a lost phone, ring it, and remotely lock it. Moreover, users are able to delete sensitive and valuable content, such as domains index or credit card info. Of course, this can allow you to locate and retrieve stolen and lost smartphones.

Seamless sharing

The sharing of apps, contacts, music, images, and other files has never been easier. Most of the smartphones released in the past few years come with a Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. Namely, two NFC-enabled devices can be tapped together to share whatever is on their screens. Gone are the days when we had to manually exchange information and data. There is also a variety of apps that use NFC and streamline the sharing process even further.

Measuring tool

Now, how about you turn your smartphone into a personal equivalent of a radar gun that the police use? Yes, you can pull that off with a help of a few apps. Speed Gun and SpeedClock measure the speed of people and moving objects, which may come in handy during sports events. On the other hand, we have apps like SmartMeasurePro that are capable of gauging distance and height of objects via the regular camera lens.

A personal assistant

Google Now is a platform that acts like a virtual private assistant. It gathers information, takes notes, interacts with apps, sets alerts, and has a bagful of other tricks. The beauty of it is that you can just lie in your bed motionless and let it work its magic. How? Well, with voice commands, obviously. On top of that, you can set Google Now to work from any screen, by navigating to the ‘Always On” option.

More power to you!

From the moment we open our eyes to arrival at the gateways of the dreamland, our beloved mobile devices follow us like loyal tech companions they are. We all know that they serve as powerful tools for manipulating the world around us, especially when equipped with killer apps. But, now you are aware of some new exciting opportunities, so, whatever floats your boat, do not hesitate to try them out.

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