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Vape Industry Evolution is Far From Over

The vape industry has been growing steadily for the last couple of years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Currently, predictions show that the market will value around $50 billion by 2025. Many industries are providing a new product to the market. The history of vaping has rapidly changed in terms of options and technology. Before getting to a brief overview of some predictions, let’s go over some history of the vape industry.

First-Ever E-Cigarette

Herbert Gilbert designed and developed the first-ever electric cigarette in 1963. The device he produced provided flavor without nicotine. Gilbert’s design was considered two years later, but electronic cigarettes did not become a popular product until 2003.

A pharmacist in Hong Kong, Hong Lin, was the first to develop original modern e-cigarettes in 2003, which established the modern vape industry as we know it today. When Lin’s father died due to lung cancer, he quit smoking cigarettes and created his own electronic device as an alternative to tobacco. It will not be long before the vaping industry spreads all around the world, as it is considered as a substitute for smoking.

What Vaping Industry Will Face in the Future

Whenever someone talks about the future of vaping, they should consider the technology and legal issues.

Laws and Regulation

Nowadays, federal law controls the production of vape juice. There are rumors that as the company will face more controls, the hardware in vaporizers could see some upgrades. But you have to notice that companies are rapidly growing in size and will grow flexible for legal challenges.


Designs that are currently trending need overall modification and hardware efficiency. The MODS will become smaller in size but more efficient, easier, safer, and friendly to fit with the user’s desires and needs.

Goals of Vaping Industry

Developers behind vaping technology are continuously civilizing their products for a better vaping experience for their customers. Some manufacturers are functioning on the titanium and the nickel wires. The industry is working on electric conductivity, better temperature regulation, thick vapor clouds, and longer life of coils with more flavorful experience. This means customers who will buy these new vaporizers will get improved technology, which provides them with a better vaping session.

One new feature that many vape enthusiasts will find interesting is the introduction of the Bluetooth feature. This will come in handy for whenever the user can’t find his vaporizer because they can simply use Bluetooth connectivity to find their device. This will come in handy for whenever the user can’t find his vaporizer because they can simply use Bluetooth connectivity to find their device.

Today’s vaporizing and fourth-generation have already started visiting vape shops. People who are interested in them have already purchased voice-activated models or MODS with various types of illumination. If you are speaking for vape shops, there are so many various types of retail stores, and they are only open for vaping products, which is pushing the industry’s growth. Juul accounted for 63% of all U.S. nicotine vaping sales in 2020. Making the term “juuling” popular among e-cigarette users.

In the early stages of vaping, it was all about getting smoother and cleaner hits. After that, it switched to flavorful and thicker vapor. Nowadays, the industry is adopting technologically advanced devices and smarter devices.


The vaping technologies will never stop, and we can always think of a new product for the coming generations of vape owners. Vaporizers will always have higher efficiency, smaller size, and friendly features for the users, and it will become more personalized and entertaining for your needs.

You will see how the future is all about extending the experience of vaping without compromising the flavor and taste. People will no longer prefer to smoke cigarettes, and smokers will shift towards vaping because it contains lesser risk to lungs and does not contain chemicals. If you are a vaping enthusiast or starting to vape, you should know that the experience you are expecting from vaping will always improve in the future. Hence, you can easily quit smoking cigarettes and focus on your health.

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