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A 12 Step Guide to Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Web Design Company

It is very important for almost every business and brand to stay on top of the competition and stay sharp in the field of online marketing. Being an entrepreneur, you must know the best digital platforms to make an effort and that help your business receive more exposure. In order to create a perfect digital marketing strategy, here is a simple guide that help you plan out a successful marketing plan for your business.


  1.   Twitter Strategy

There are many social media channels that focus on brands to participate in advertising by using these platforms. Fortunately, Twitter is a great platform where you can drastically and organically grow your followers. Search for hashtags that work best for your industry and then reach out to users accordingly. Mention someone on Twitter regarding the blog post or any information and increase interaction with your followers that might be interested in your content – your brand. Start reaching your target audience by using Twitter and get the most out of your digital marketing strategy.

  1.   Come up with Impressive Graphics

Creating compelling graphics is the key to get more interaction on social media channels. It is advised to create beautiful imagery according to your business plan to get increase engagement. Hire a professional web design agency and start sending it your graphics requirements.

  1.   Google Plus is also Good

Work seriously on Google Plus, though it might not provide you much communication on your social media networks, still it is effective. This social media network plays a key role in search engine optimization on the localized level, making it an effective digital marketing strategy for many entrepreneurs.

  1.   Create Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the most effective ways to share content, news and events. If you have not created an Instagram account for your brand yet, simply get started. A number of active users are flocked to this digital media platform and that is the reason advertisers are taking it as an opportunity to share their content by using photos.

  1.   Facebook Audience

Facebook audience allows you attract new users who are more likely to be interested in your web design services and can become your potential customers. While using custom audiences, you can create lookalike audience that targets audience who are similar to your custom audience list. Let’s suppose, you have an email marketing database of more than 1000 contacts, you can use this data for Facebook advertising platform and target the exact demographic akin to your existing clienteles.

  1.   Paid Advertising on Facebook

Adding just a few dollars in promotion to a selected Facebook post is simply not a bad idea and can significantly increase your interaction. You will notice a great increase in engagement when you boost your post by using a paid campaign. It is advised, you must focus on particular posts that can produce the best results and promote them for a limited budget.

  1.   Blogging is an Outstanding Opportunity

Blogging is a perfect way to drive website traffic. When you create a compelling blog, it must have the potential to rank high organically in the search engine.  A blog post can serve as content for Facebook and Twitter can also be used for your email marketing campaign. By creating better blog content, your website traffic will surely increase and your business will get more exposure.

  1.   Guest Blogging

Contributing your content to other blogs is another effective way to get more exposure. If you own a web design Dubai company, start writing for local web design blogs that usually talk about the best graphics around town. This will drive more traffic to your website. Although readers might not be looking for web design services immediately, they will hark back to great effort you have put in the community.

  1.   Improve Your Online PR

Take your digital PR strategy seriously, pitch various media websites and request them to write a compelling blog post for your company or feature your client in a blog post. The more people talking about your agency, mentioning your business, tweeting about your brand, sharing your post, the better exposure you will get. This process can be simplified by hiring someone like Philadelphia Digital Marketing agency, which can handle your online marketing campaign with ease.

  1.   Yahoo! Bing

The cost per click on Yahoo! Bing is comparatively lower than Google AdWords. A lower cost can produce a lower cost per acquisition and that is the reason your web design agency should start taking the search engine seriously to get visibility.

  1.   YouTube Videos

Online videos must be included in your online marketing plan. It can help your business gain publicity. Google owns YouTube and incorporating videos into your online marketing plan can help you get search engine video exposure. Choose a proper title, upload a transcript and embed the YouTube video to get optimal video SEO exposure. This way, people will interpret that you take your online video strategy very seriously.

  1.   Email Marketing

If you only send out an email per month, start increasing the number and send out at least two promotional emails per month. If you think you have compelling content that would be informative enough to the subscribers on your email list, tell them about it by email communications.

Entice your fans on social media platforms and introduce your brand in a clever way. The above cited strategies will surely help you improve your business exposure online. You can come up with a unique promotion that will actually work and can drive massive publicity for your web design company.

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Saher Naseem (@sahernaseemD) is a Content Curator and Brand Strategist at Dubai Monsters – a leading web design company in Dubai that reshapes brands and provides complete business solutions. She has penned down many articles related to content marketing, social media trends, and many more.

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