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The importance of the internet in modern day communication solutions

There are many inventions that have stood the test of time and have evolved into more complete and efficient versions of themselves. From modern means of transportation like cars or trains to electricity and the means to harvest it. Another such invention is the internet. The internet is by far the most relatable thing on that list, or in fact, on any list. The reason for this is the fact that pretty much everyone has internet. The sheer popularity of this service, not to mention its usefulness and affordability, have made it something the entire planet can agree upon as a positive element.

Getting messages across

There are many accomplishments that have the internet to thank, such as the ability to communicate from a distance. Before the internet was a mainstream phenomenon, people would have to rely on letters or telegrams. While it was still a way to get messages across, it took large amounts of time before these were exchanged, and each reply would add even more to the amount of time it took to finalize a conversation or debate.

Now, it takes a matter of moments before an email is sent and the other person receives it instantly. But people that want to communicate instantly don’t send emails, they use instant messaging services like Skype. Skype is a revolutionary service that brings the ability to not only write messages and have the other person instantly see them, but also use video and audio to chat.

Carrying your friends in your pocket

Thanks to the technological advanced made in the mobile industry, people are now also able to make use of the internet on mobile phones, very efficiently. In the past the fact that newer mobile phones came with the ability to access the internet was considered a bit of a gimmick because it wasn’t anywhere as close in terms of speed to actually being useful. In most cases it would have been easier to just take a cab home and use the computer.

Now however, things have change. The power brought by smartphones allows users to efficiently and productively use the internet directly on their mobile devices. As a result, a lot of applications that focus on instant communication have emerged. Examples are WhatsApp and Viber, which also let you call people through the internet, and Skype, which recognized the important of the mobile domain and came out with a mobile phone version of its service that operates in the same way as it does on the PC.

Thanks to the internet, we have the chance of not wasting large amounts of time just waiting for out messages to reach our destination. This useful and modern tool allows us to always stay in touch with whomever we choose and get a hold of them instantly.

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