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4 Easy Steps to Create Your Own Infographic

Information graphics which are commonly known as infographics are basically graphic visual demonstrations of info, statistics, data, facts, figures or knowledge. The main purpose of creating these sheets is to give complex information in such a way that it becomes easily understandable especially for those who don’t find reading an easy job. The use of infographics has become one of the most preferred formats for visualizing content. Though, it is not something newly introduced, it has become more popular just in last few years.


If you are a businessman or an ordinary man who has deep interest in research and wants his message gets spread all across the web, infographics is what will work really wonder in this case.  Even if you love reading more than scanning, you can’t deny the importance and increasing popularity of this new trend in virtual world. Now if you don’t know how to proceed further, this article will help you go through from first to the last step.

Basic Rules to Follow

Before I take you to the final process of infographics creation, you need to know about some of the basic rules which are often ignored. If you want your work is appreciated by the readers, you better follow all these rules:

1: Strong Points

Infographic is much more than just putting few pictures together with words or numbers and of course simply throwing numbers on the charts should not be your basic purpose but you must have a vibrant message with strong start, informative middle and conclusive ending. Everything should go smoothly in proper flow of words like reading an interesting story.

2: Avoid Irrelevancy

During your research, if you get access to a kind of data which is grabbing your attention but is not relevant to the post you are going to create, avoid inserting in in your project sheet as this will do nothing but distracting your readers, so you better keep it as simple as possible. You need to stay to the exact point as this will keep users engaged with the main ideas.

3: Credits & Branding

When you create infographics, you have the right to take the credit and it should be clearly mentioned that you have created it. Similarly, if you are using data from another resources, make sure to give proper citation in the post.

Steps to Create Infographics

Step 1: Do Proper Research

When you are looking for information, you can go through various places where you can find useful information which may loud your silent message but make sure to stay within the creditable sources as sometimes, incorrect data can put you in trouble. Do proper research and make sure that you have collected the data from reliable resource. Also cite the source from where you get the info.

Step 2: Pick a Suitable Template

There are various websites which will allow you to use their templates in Word and PowerPoint Formats but when you are picking a template, flexibility and easiness should be given first priority. If you spend some more time, you can find a template which will not require you to do lot of customization and in this way you will be able to finish the task in time.

Step 3: Insert Collected Data  

When you have a suitable template, insert into it all the data you collected during research. Make sure to present data in a well-organized manner so the users can easily scan it. At this stage, you need to have a close look at the final shape of your infographics.

Step 4: Add Sharable Buttons

There are various social sharing options and you can choose some of the popular ones such as Facebook share, pin it button and tweetables. Also include an embed code on your site as this will allow users to share your infographics on their sites.


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