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“I can’t imagine my life without the internet”

Just before starting up, let’s do an activity: Imagine your life without the presence of Internet. You went to a masquerade party last night and you’re desperately waiting for the next weekend to meet your best friend, just to show them the pictures of the party.

Or, after a frightful experience of baking, you’ve finally baked a cake. You also want to add a mirror glaze to it but, you’ve no idea how to make it. Now, you’re calling up all of your friends just to ask them how to.

Or, you want to conduct the research of an essay which is due tomorrow but, all the libraries are closed. Aren’t these the barbaric scenarios? All of this had happened because of no internet.

I think you must have realized the cruel life without internet (*sigh*) let’s have a look at the importance of the internet in our daily lives:

1. Lots and lots of Information

If you have an essay submission or dissertation submission or whatsoever, you don’t have to pack up your bag and walk down to the nearby library. Just open your laptop, computer, tablet or even the small device that you’ve grabbed from your bed – Mobile Phone! There you go, conduct research on any topic from anywhere. There’s a huge amount of credible information by the field experts available on the internet. Information is just a click away!

2. Online supermarkets

Through the internet, you’re skipping the lines at grocery stores and supermarket. There’s no need to travel in the hot blazing sun and get sunburns. You can simply buy groceries, clothes, beauty accessories and everything from the internet.

3. Brings the world closer

Consider writing a lengthy letter to your friend. You barely have sufficient time for that, Isn’t it right? Instead, you can easily pick up your Smartphone, click on WhatsApp logo and send the message. The double ticks turned blue and “2 new messages from 1 chat”. Isn’t it much faster than our thoughts (and of course letter too!)? It is definitely an amazing source to keep in touch with your friends and family.

4. Reduction in longstanding banking queues

Internet banking has made lives much easier. You don’t have to stand in long queues for paying the bills and funds transfer. There’s no need to visit the banks daily to view your online transactions and balance.

5. Source of Entertainment

Want to view Sherlock’s latest episode? Or listen to the latest songs by Taylor Swift? The internet is an ultimate solution to keep you updated with the latest songs, movies, television series, books and celebrity news. Moreover, the online gamers can easily play and download the games from the internet. Are you a bookworm? No problem! To all the bookworms out there, you can easily download, read and even buy books of your favorite genre from the internet.


6. Promotes Healthy Lifestyle


Are you having hair loss or gaining weight? The internet has the solutions for you. You can either buy the treatment products or prepare a home remedy by viewing the variety of tutorial videos on the internet.

7. Admission process made easier

Do you tend to apply for a university abroad? It has become a much easier process through the internet. You just have to navigate to the University’s website and fill in the required information along with the documents. If you even want to apply to a local university, you can fill in the online form easily. Isn’t it great?

Wait! How can even a person live without updating his day on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat? It’s just impossible! It is immensely difficult to imagine a life without the internet.

How about sharing this post on Facebook? It also requires the internet!


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Mark Jason is a professional ppt designer and a writer. He worked as a presentation designer at and after that he started his own company PowerPoint presentation services in Dubai. His company is now the leading designing agency in UAE.

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