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Top Technology Trends That Will Impact Your Life in 2020

2020 is a year that ushers in a myriad of game-changing technology trends that’ll we’ll embrace. While some trends are existent and common in the modern enterprise, others are ‘prime pickings’ that’ll significantly alter the way we socialize, live, and work. With the advent of the technology that we’re all too familiar with and have a deep appreciation for, comes new opportunities and benefits.

So, let’s delve into some of the trends to watch out for.

1. Hyper-automation

It steps up task automation a few notches higher, hence taking it to the next level. It entails the application of advanced technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the automation of processes and tasks. So, these technologies accomplish this in ways that have notably more impact compared to conventional automation capabilities.

Hyper-automation is the perfect ‘cocktail’ of automation tools, Machine Learning, and packaged software to deliver work. It requires this combination for the replication of pieces where human beings are involved in a task. The trend of hyper-automation stems from Robotic Process Automation (RPA). However, visible growth will be experienced with the combination of innovative technologies like Content Intelligence (CI), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and AI, among others.

2. Human Augmentation

It explores the application of technology and machines, coupled with cognitive advancements as the integral parts of being human. Human augmentation is leveraging technology for the increment of human cognitive and physical capabilities. Organizations such as Boston Dynamics, for instance, have churned out an array of human augmenting devices which come in handy on the battlefield as well as in factories.

The proliferation of smart gadgets like smartwatches and smart TVs, for instance, is evident. New technological advancements include the use of a unique wearable in the mining sector. In other sectors like travel, fitness, and retail, a wearable can be utilized to boost productivity and human ability.

3. The Empowered Edge

It’s a computing technology whereby the collection, processing, and delivery of information or content, is strategically placed nearer to their respective consumers, sources, and repositories. As a result, there’s reduced latency which facilitates autonomy. The Empowered Edge stems from the need of Internet systems to provide distributed or disconnected capabilities into the embedded online world. Doing so optimizes the role of devices as the fundamental for smart spaces and moves essential services and applications nearer to the devices and people that use them.

4. The Distributed Cloud

The standard cloud is shifting to the Distributed Cloud. The cloud storage is typically regarded as being independent of geographical location, which means it’s just out there. However, with a distributed cloud, the geographical location of where the data centers are situated becomes essential. So, addressing latency and regulation issues is becoming a matter of urgency.

The Distributed Cloud is an expanded territory of the cloud and thereby encompasses the distribution of public cloud services to a vast assortment of locations. It does so while the initial public cloud provider absorbs the responsibility for the governance, evolution, and operation of the services. As a result, this entails a notable shift from the centralized model of various public cloud services and ushers in a new era of cloud computing that’s like a breath of fresh air.

5. Immersive Online Gaming

An array of innovations is impacting how players interact with the myriad of online casino games that have littered the market. As opposed to delighting in the fruit slot machines that soon become monotonous, gaming developers are tapping into technology advancements that are making online gaming more immersive. So, there are Live Dealers, 3D games, and Virtual Reality (VR) slot machines that quickly transform your favourite games like Piggy Riches Megaways to action-filled adventure. With VR headgear, you’re virtually transported to a world that mimics the social experience of a brick and mortar casino.

6. Cybersecurity

It may not seem like technology advancement, given that it’s been in existence for a while. However, it’s evolving just like other forms of technology. The reason for this is that Internet security threats are always there and won’t go away anytime soon. The malevolent cybercriminals that are constantly trying to access data without authorization will never give up. They’re continually discovering new ways to bypass even the most difficult security measures.

Furthermore, it’s in part given that new technology is being enforced for security enhancement. So, with the never-ending existence of cybercriminals, Cybersecurity is constantly evolving in defence against them. As proof of the need for Cybersecurity experts, the number of jobs related to Cybersecurity is increasing at a rapid rate compared to other tech jobs.

Cybersecurity jobs range from Chief Security Officer and Ethical Hacker to Security Engineer. They offer a steady career path for those that would like to get into and follow this domain.

Closing Remarks

It’s no secret that welcoming and embracing these technology trends will better your life, and for entrepreneurs, their business, with the availability of more solutions. So, do you have enough courage to embrace these trends that will undoubtedly reshape the future?

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