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Are VR and IoT really a Natural Fit?

The connection between these two technologies is capable of creating wonders! On one hand, where virtual reality can bring a completely new reality into existence. On the other hand, the internet of things has the capability of changing the way we live our lives.

Both these trending technologies aim at adding comfort and essence to the lives of humans. The constant craving of reaching a new level of a comfortable life has contributed to the quick and remarkable adoption of IoT and VR.

You will be shocked to know that it is estimated that there will be a total of 22 billion IoT devices by the year 2025. Moreover, global spending on the internet of things by 2025 is estimated to grow drastically. The growth is depicted in the graph by Statista below with a comparison of the year 2015.

This huge spending is the result of great demand for new technologies. Users are going gaga for the VR enabled applications. VR has more than 171 million users around the globe. This technology is making every unimaginable thing from past a reality!

Both of these technologies have become the most prevailing trends of contemporary times. Individually they have deep roots of investment and application in software development services. Together they have great potential of satisfying humans’ needs amazingly.

The enormous investments in these technologies by businesses of all sizes is not a shock. The smart entrepreneurs are planning and executing innovate processes to reap the most out of VR and IoT.

This article is an attempt to discover the key areas where businesses can explore the scope of VR and the Internet of Things integration. Here are the top things that can be done with the mix of VR and IoT:

Integration of VR and IoT – Communication

This is the age of remote staffing where work is handled with constant videoconferencing. Integrating VR with IoT has facilitated these tasks highly. With this, we have witnessed a drastic improvement and advancement is telepresence.

Telepresence is all about allowing a person to come to a place through a distance. Videoconferencing has become highly popular in the education industry and the corporate world.

Face to face meeting increases creativity according to studies. This encourages businesses to invest in technologies that bring their remote employees or clients closer to the management digitally.

VR and IoT have brought something that can be helpful in communicating over long distances. Strong illusions are created that give a real-world feel of an actual presence. If you wish to save the expenses involved in traveling, IoT and VR integrated telepresence like Empathy VR can be a great option to communicate.

Proficient VR developers are turning no stone unturned to make the world a very small place where distance is no issue. Telepresence has moved from see and hear feel with the trending technology- Virtual reality.

Integration of VR and IoT – Healthcare

In contemporary times, plenty of technologies are used in the healthcare industry to provide the best treatment to patients. Have you heard about the robotic surgeries? Here the robots are used to assist in the surgery.

One of the popular examples of such an innovation in the healthcare industry is the da Vinci surgical system. Tiny cameras are inserted into the human body to allow the surgeon to get a full view.

These IoT surgical technology is bringing accuracy and reliability to an increased level in the healthcare domain. Although VR surgeries have not been fully implemented in medical but studies have been performed to provide a close to the perfect experience to surgeons.

The healthcare development services these days have become all about decreasing the manual role in surgeries. You can avail of such services to explore the numerous ways through which you can improve the way your patients are treated and ultimately satisfy them with maximum comfort.

Integration of VR and IoT – Transportation

IoT sensors are being installed in cities to evaluate the traffic and transportation system, constantly. These sensors are used to monitor the performance of the overall transportation industry.

A variety of data is transmitted through these sensors which are to be shrunk down virtually according to the requirements. Rai;l management is using such systems extensively wherein the overview of the issues can be anticipated easily through commands.

The accessed data from security sensors is mapped with the help of this technology by engineers. But this used to happen until the onset of virtual reality technology in the rail management system.

Until VR, the 2D screens were used to present the 3D models from the sensors. Vr has allowed grasping the overall situation in a much more intuitive manner which was not at all imagined before this.

If you have a transport business then you should surely consider availing the IoT development services to make your services smarter. The trend of employing these technologies in the transport industry has provided us with smart cities.

Even the governments are investing huge amounts into VR enabled IoT sensors to make their cities compatible with that of the world. It makes the life of citizens comfortable and easier with constant betterment.


Different industrial domains are easing out their processes by mixing the top trending technologies of modern times. The dedicated full-stack developers are making the integration of VR and IoT revenue-generating for businesses.

Being a business owner, you must think about innovative and unique ideas for reaping the advantages of VR and IoT. Hire VR developer & IoT developer from a reliable and resourceful custom software development company to change your visions into reality.

Mixing technologies has always been a great way to bring out wonderful outcomes. You can share your experience or opinion regarding the trending technologies with us in the comment section. I hope we all find some enthusiastic and tech-based ways of changing our lifestyle!

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