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How Technology Makes Life Easier

Technology improves our lives

A lot of people think that we are moving too fast with technology. They read and watch the videos on social media, and they see people doing strange things. It makes them feel as though people weren’t doing strange things before social media technology exposed it. As they look at it from that angle, it seems that technology has made the world worse, not better. However, it is easy to see that many things in life have been made more convenient, simpler, and faster through the use of technology. There are many financial analysts that are happy that they can go to a site and get an IPO calendar to find all the new businesses going public as opposed to having to scour all the financial magazines to hopefully find a company worth reviewing.

There are many people who are also old fashioned, and they believe that technology makes people lazy. However, this is a short-sighted way of viewing the use of technology. It can be argued that the people who were the creators of the technology were seeking a simpler way to do a certain thing. This is not a bad thing. I believe when they say these things, they’re looking at it from the perspective of if the technology were to disappear tomorrow, people who previously depended on it would not survive very long. They could have a point, however. There is so much information out there. Should it all go away, it would all be rebuilt in a few weeks.


One of the places where technology has made the most obvious advances is in the medical field. This is a constantly moving and constantly updated industry where technology is concerned. Every new advancement, from tablets to blockchain, finds some company that wants to use these technologies to assist in the medical field. This is for good reason. The medical industry is one of the most information-intensive industries on the planet. Between having to remember all the body parts, what happened to those body parts, and what medicines that person is taking and needs to take, there is a lot of information that needs to be collected and kept readily accessible for doctors and nurses. Most of the technologies that do not have a use for the physical body go into the information collections.


Anyone who was a securities trader in the 70s and 80s still working today can tell you the many ways that technology has improved their business. Before computers became really advanced, there was the concept of ticker tape. This was the tape of all the changes of all the companies in the financial markets. You had to keep reading it as it changed, and then you had to use punch cards to keep track of the buying and selling that your clients were doing. Fast forward to today. All of the financial information from every company changes in real time, and it can be accessed in the palm of your hand. This opens up the financial markets to many people, who, because of the lack of resources and because of the inconvenience, would not be able to get into the financial trading industry even if they were interested and qualified to do it.


This is one of the more controversial changes that technology has brought about, mainly due to the fact that people online have not yet figured out how to adjust between living a life online and living a life off the computer, or IRL as it is referred to online. A lot of people post things about themselves that would probably best be kept to themselves. What social media has allowed people to do is spread themselves and their ideas to people in places who would not have otherwise seen it. While this allows you to find people who share your common interest around the globe, it also allows you to stay in a bubble of people who only believe what you believe and it makes it easier for you to stay in a comfort zone.

It cannot be argued that technology makes our lives easier, but there should be an emphasis on making sure we keep track of the things that make life worth living away from the computer screen in front of us. Once we figure that out, we will be ready for the next phase of life.

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