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The Coolest Ride on a Hoverboard

One of this year’s most enticing high-tech gadgets is the hoverboard. They might not be the gravity-defying “Back to the Future” hoverboards, but they have become the most sought after tech-toy today. It doesn’t hover much; however, it can roll with a pair of wheels, and far more accurately named as a “self-balancing scooter.” If you wish to grab one of these exclusive mobile boards, you’re probably wondering how to go about using it. Click here to know more about the latest hoverboard for sale.

What exactly is a hoverboard?

Technically, a hoverboard is a levitating platform used for personal transportation. The term was originally used in the movie Back to the Future II, where the protagonist travels into the future to discover teenagers riding on levitating boards. Although these real-life hoverboards don’t actually levitate, the term “hoverboard” was adopted in a more colloquial way because it sounds a lot sophisticated.

The hoverboards are made up of a few basic components – a gyroscope used to determine the balance of the machine, motors for balancing the board and moving it forward, microcontrollers to manage the power in and out of the motors, and large batteries to fuel the board.

The foremost function of the hoverboard is to balance and stay upright. The microcontrollers in the vehicle will monitor the direction a rider is leaning to achieve this upright position. The gyroscope, also in-line with the microprocessor, will constantly monitor the tilt of the board. The motors inside the board will change the power output to balance the rider on board. You can easily change your direction by leaning to the desired side. All latest hoverboards for sale are different; they use different motors, microprocessors/controllers, and powerful batteries.

Find a board that fits your physique

Hoverboards come in various sizes, and the most commonly available height is 7 inches. The height refers to the total height at which the wheels are inclined to the board. They’re best suited for flat surfaces; you might also find 10-inch variants, which are better suited for uneven off-road usage. Some hoverboards have weight limits; most 7-inch models have about 100 kg maximum weight limit.

If you’re a couch potato and plan to cut out on walking, wake up already! The fact is that if you’re out of shape, hoverboards can be hazardous for you. You’ll need to balance your weight forward for propelling it, and you’ll need ample core strength to do it if you ever hope to use a hoverboard. If you have a weak core because of heavy body weight, there’s an increased risk of losing your balance.

Which hoverboard is best for you?

There were several reports of cheap, dodgy hoverboards that explode, injure the rider, or simply don’t work right. It’s always better to go for an established brand. There are lots of latest hoverboard for sale out there, but choosing the right one is very important for your safety.

The PowerOnBoard Powerboard 15005 is the original hoverboard. Today, it’s available in an upgraded version, with classic rounded wheel guards and protective metal plates on the wheels. The wheels are made of durable rubber and measures 6.5 inches. The maximum speed is limited to 6.2 miles per hour and its battery pack is only 4400 mAh. PowerOnBoard gives a 1-year limited warranty and good customer support.

When most of the hoverboard brands were banned for selling unsafe products, Hoverzon is one of the brands that managed to survive the great purge. They survived because they implemented rigorous quality control checks from the beginning. The S model is a standard self-balancing vehicle of Hoverzon with highly improved stability. The maximum speed of the model has been limited to a decent rate of 8 miles per hour.

Whichever board you choose to buy, always be certain that it’s a certified UL2272 scooter. Only certified boards come after rigorous testing and are safe for use. If you’re avidly looking out for a durable and functional hoverboard, make sure you settle for the best. You want to be safe while you make your way on the hoverboard.

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