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Eight Coolest Dota 2 Skins

Each character involved in the War of the Ancients has its own fascinating background and a range of specific weaponry. Whether you are playing Dark Willow, Sniper, or Bristleback, your gaming experience will be even more exciting with fresh skin.

There are literally thousands of skin available today. Make your character stand out and instill fear in its enemies with new cosmetic items. Aside from altering your hero’s look, what Dota 2 skins can do is enhance their abilities and make the game more entertaining overall. Here are some of the most notable options available to players today.

1. Basket of the Fae Forager for Dark Willow

This basket is a rare object to find. Worn around the belt, it belongs to the set of cosmetic items, along with a cage, dress, wings, and cap. Dropping from Treasure of the Carmine Cascade.

2. Full-Bore Bonanza for Sniper

Although the character is generally serious and stern, the skin adds humor to his image and fun to the game. The deceiving toy-like appearance will let you take your enemies by surprise. Dropping from Immortal Treasure I.

3. Blastforge Exhaler for Bristleback

This item makes the character sharper. Resembling a mask, the object is rather creepy-looking. Aside from terrifying opponents, it can also hurt them. Bristleback can splash around poison through the Exhaler. Dropping from Immortal Treasure I.

4. Yulsaria’s Mantle for Crystal Maiden

As her name suggests, this lady can petrify her enemies with excruciating cold. The Mantle, which is a purely cosmetic object, makes her appearance more imposing. Don the skin, and she will get crystals glowing around her neck. Dropping from Immortal Treasure I.

5. Stuntwood Sanctuary for Treant Protector

The character already resembles a tree, but with this item, he gets more branches, making the look more impressive. Aside from the additional natural beauty, the skin will add figurines that seem to be mocking whatever is happening around. Dropping from Immortal Treasure II.

6. The Staff of Gun-Yu for Monkey King

The look of the item can be deceiving. After all, Monkey King is a powerful character, while the staff is just a stick. However, once it is filled with magic power, it turns into a dangerous weapon, which is deadly in the hands of the skillful. Dropping from Immortal Treasure I.

7. The Barren Vector for Sand King

The skin supplies the character with two incredible tools. On one of his hands, there are giant claws, while a pulsating sphere with a sting grows out of the other one. Perhaps, the second weapon is filled with poison or magic. Dropping from Immortal Treasure III.

8. Scavenging Guttleslug for Pudge

This character does not try to look anything but repulsive, and the skin adds to the ugliness. The item causes a giant bloody slime to appear on the hero’s left hand. This definitely enhances the horrifying look. Dropping from Immortal Treasure II.

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