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All facts are not worth publishing on Facebook

Facebook has united more than one billion people and the number is still growing! It means that your personal material from Facebook can be seen by your parents, children and colleagues and for them it will be really curious to see your new photos from the last party. That’s why you should pay great attention to such details.

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We are often informed about scandals, which were caused by personal data published on Facebook. We are acknowledged about well-known personalities, who had problems because of an immodest photo published on Facebook without their permission. Just imagine how many common people have faced the same trouble.

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Why did people become so careless about personal information? I think there are two reasons. Firstly, the mechanism of this social network is so chaotic and the privacy settings are so tangled that you will not be able to properly deal with them even if you are an advanced user. Secondly, an absolute majority of users are humble people and nobody will be interested in their personal data. However, someone could be interested in it. Every person has a man or woman in his entourage for whom it will be curious to know the information like this. Besides, if you want to apply for a job your employer will inspect your page on the web.


Choose the usage model

The first and the main rule is to define what Facebook is for you personally. It may be your private territory where you share something secret with people close to you. This may be your public page, which can help you to develop partnership and reflect your professional growth.
In case if it is for private communication, it is important to pay attention to privacy issues. Dig through all the security settings and study all the privacy options. Turn off and close everything as much as possible.

Even if you want to make this page a public one there will still be many things to do. Delete all the contacts which are able to compromise you and delete all private photos and statements. It is important to look through the list of services which have an access to your account. Also remove all the unnecessary applications.


Anyway you should choose the main Facebook usage model and strictly adhere to it. Otherwise, your professional and personal life will start interfering.  After all, there are so many social networks in the world where you can make one more account and need not worry about your professional reputation.


Think about security

Do not treat me as a paranoiac but just imagine for a minute that there is a criminal who is targeting you. Before now it was really difficult to collect information about you without serious effort. But nowadays, such people just need some time and patience.

This person knows all your relatives; he knows everything about their relations, their habits. He even knows which kindergarten your son visits and which school your daughter attends. He knows when you are on leave and your house is empty for sure. Before posting any private information, just think about the possible consequences – be conscious about your life.


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