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How to make an app appealing

Mobile app development is fundamental irrespective of the size of the business . If the app is straightforward and easy to use for the user, it indicates more prosperity in business.

Below listed are some of the attributes that make an app appealing-

  1. Login attribute–  An app’s login attribute must be kept as easy and basic as possible. The login should occur with a single click. During exploration of mobile app development, apps could be signed in by using logins from social media  like Facebook, Google+ etc

A process for getting the username or password must be made available. Also, there should be a feature to comment, like or share on the diverse events occurring in the app. Having such attributes, a brand can make the app appealing and captivate more customers.

  1. Custom Feedback system-The vital attribute that a customer prefers in an app is an user-friendly system. A review system while designing the app helps in gaining the trust of the user.

There are several ways for Feedback via a Google form, an email, an IVR system etc.In the long term this proves advantageous for the business. Getting feedback and integrating the user’s comments will improve the business

  1. Customization– A customer must be able to tailor the app as per requirements. They must be able to modify the privacy settings, font, color, themes etc. Privacy settings are one of the vital attributes to be encompassed. A lot of choices must be given to customers to customize the app according to their preference and necessities.
  1. Simplicity– The more straightforward an app is, the more simple it is for the user to use it. It should be comprehended that there is no scope in using rich graphics in the app. This may sometimes lead to crashes, providing unsatisfactory views for the customer. Users are more intent on an app that aids them to complete their work quickly in place of than colorful and time delaying graphics.
  1. Pertinence– The content in an android app should be elegant and sumptuous. It  must give penetrating experience for the users. The content of the app must be on par with the utilization of the app. Also,the app should be distinct from other apps.
  1. Speed– This factor when building a mobile app cannot be ignored.Users get dissatisfied with an app if it has long loading times.
  1. Encompassing Analytics– The brand’s app must be able to monitor the number of users using the app. It must provide information about regular users along with their experience when utilizing the app.  The info will aid in refining and improving both the app and the business. Good info gathering stimulates better working and improvement.
  1. Removing clicks– The number of clicks must be reduced to continue endurability of the app. making customers fill lots of information that is not mandatory is a waste of time. The sign in sequence must be less time consuming as possible. Needless clicks have to be removed to maintain good user appeal among apps.
  1. Brand marketing– A brand’s app is its aspect. With mobile app development, the  brand’s logo, tagline etc. must be promoted on every page. The  app’s emblem placement must be rationalized.


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