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Everything you wanted to know about digital locks and were afraid to ask

Door locks are one of the most commonly used elements in this age. The door lock is generally a device which is used for securing a gate, door, or the like in position when closed. That is consisting of a bolt or a digital system of bolts propelled and withdrawn by the mechanism, operated by a card or password or dial. In this era, every human has its privacy which he wants to save from other persons.

We can learn more about digital door lock. For the safety and privacy purposes, Digital Door Locks are created in modern days which provide more safety to the consumer. These door locks are operated by the key or password which is enabled the owner to protect and secure his room and house from other. With the passage of time the crime increasing. Therefore, these door locks also created to save innocent people from criminals and for the safety and privacy. For these purposes,digital door locks are used.


As in the digital locks their operation is straightforward specially compared to electronic control access option like eye scanner or in biometric fingerprint scanner. There is little that can go consequently and wrong digital door locks purchased from and installed by a reputable supplier can last for many years. Some benefits are given below:

  • Convenient for physically impaired people and for elderly
  • Detects Owners presence
  • Ensure consumers a high security
  • E-key

Convenient for physically impaired people and elderly

In modern days technology made the daily life much easier for elderly or disabled people. Digital door locking system is no exception to that.However, it can be opened with the only pin or also a smartphone, a senior citizen or disabled don’t have to struggle with keys or go near the door to open it.So, in these days those are main reasons making you install digital door lock in your home for better security.

Detects Owners presence

In many of digital locks, they also have a function to detect the presence of owner automatically and ensure the more fool proof security. However,accept the reality many of us are either locked inside or outside our home accidentally. Instead of worrying or screaming, you can trust your digitalsmart locking system. It knows whether you’re inside or outside the home.

Ensure consumers a high security

In these days theft is most common threat to all home owners everywhere. Many of unexpected people or guest can easily walk in or break into your home and there is no matter that how your lock is stronger. But here the digital locking system is hard to unlock or crack for them because these are operated without a key. The mechanism for digital lock system based on encryption and their digital encryptioncannotbreak and duplicated and it lowers the risk of anything get stolen from the home.


Digital lock system gives you comfort to do not make your friends and family members waiting outside from home because you are not at home at this time. So, you can easily send the E keys to them by your mobile app and they are able to let come in and this is the other big edge of the digital lock system.


Power Failure

In digital door locks many of locks powered by electricity and suddenly your building and home failure of power then you do not enter easily in your house due to restrictions. However, if you buy a battery powered lock or mechanical lock then they not affect you if power failure arrives.

Pin Code length

In many of digital door locks have a PIN code length almost up to 10 digits and this is not what you want. Then Digital door locks will be much more secure if they are only 4 digits long. Purchase a quality lock that you can change the PIN code on. Do not buy locks that are provided with a PIN code because people can find out the code.


There are many solid reasons which forced us to purchased and install digital lock system in our home and other places which are given below.

  • Double Authentication
  • User friendly access
  • Reprogrammed easily by owner anytime
  • Easily installed on Multi point doors and as well as timber
  • Require no other additional hardware
  • Long term use
  • Anti-Theft mode
  • Ideally suited for minimum budget
  • Mostly operate by smartphone


In this article, we discussed the digital door lock with enhanced security functions which are also convenient for the consumers and designed towork with the latest technology. Digital door lock senses the physical impact of an unknown visitor and notifies the owners mobile device. From all of these things, digital door lock enhance security for people and people can feel safe from any burglar activity in the home.

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