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How to Edit Your PDF Files in 3 Steps

One thing that we can notice when working with digital documents is that the majority comes in the PDF format. But, did you ever wonder why the PDF is not editable by default?


Let’s go back in time a little and try to answer this question.

The initial idea behind PDF (or Portable Document Format) was simple — create a file type that can be shared and viewed on any computer. No matter the hardware or software, the document should be unique, secure and accessible to anyone. So, in 1993, a PDF format was developed and a new era of digital documents began.

The instant success of PDF lied in its ability to be the most universal format worldwide. Before it, the MS Word was the most popular but the files did not look the same to everyone and security was not its stronger side. All this changed with the introduction of PDF.

24 years later and PDF is still one of the most secure file formats available. Mainly because of its security features that we just mentioned.

But, unfortunately for us, PDF files often need to be changed and edited. For example, if you are an accountant and need to add a new calculation to some old monthly report, you can do that in 2 ways.

The first and the harder way is to convert your PDF to an editable file format, such as MS Excel. After you manage to do this, you’ll need to edit your new document, save changes and convert it back to PDF for storage purposes. Not only that this is time-consuming but it can be frustrating as well.

However, there is a second, much easier way to edit PDF, which is to edit it directly. To help you in situations like these, you can use Investintech’s Able2Extract 10, a tool  that makes any kind of PDF modification a child’s play.

Able2Extract PDF Editor lets you:

  • Add and remove text — it has an integrated text editor which lets you add text lines, remove sentences, and customize the entire PDF content in whatever way you find suitable.
  • Rotate, split and merge PDF — possibility to resize and extract an individual or all pages, with the ability to combine more PDFs into one big formatted document.

Able2Extract’s interface is simple and user-friendly, with no unnecessary options. Editing is pretty fast and all edits can be done in 3 steps.  Check out screenshots below for a quick tutorial on how to use this tool:

  1. Open your PDF document in Able2Extract


  1. Click on “Edit” button in the menu bar


  1. Perform necessary edits using the editing panel.


Besides PDF editing, Able2Extract offers a possibility to convert PDF to, up to, 12 formats — from Word and Excel, to Open Office and AutoCAD, the tool makes for a perfect all-in-one PDF solution.

The pricing starts from $99.95 for the standard license, and $129.95 for the professional version (equipped with OCR engine). The software is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux users. We encourage you to download the 7-day free trial and give it a go.

Do you know any other software for PDF editing purposes? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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