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Top 3 High Capacity Portable Charger to Pick From

Portable power banks have become inevitable nowadays with the short battery capacities in most of the smartphones and at the same time being loaded with tons of high end features, which meet our present demands. For the regular users, portable chargers would not be a requirement though as for regular calling, texting and using a couple of apps would not drain out the batteries of the smartphones completely within a day. But for the heavy users, yes, portable chargers are gadgets to rely upon. With that view in mind, in this top three list, we would be discussing about the best power bank reviews in India, which have capacities around 20000 mAh.

1. Xiaomi Mi 20000 mAh Power Bank


Xiaomi in particularly in India has some bad reputation in terms of availability of the power banks and capitalizing that scope a lot of fake and OEM models of Xiaomi Mi power banks have popped up in the online market. But with the recent launch of the 10000 mAh and 20000 mAh power banks, that point of disappointment has come to an end.

Xiaomi 20000 mAh power banks as they claim, has really 20000 mAh power within the device. That is too huge and can make you comfortably forget about any anxiety relating to running out of the battery powers.


It is coupled with two 2.1 A/5V output ports, so that you can charge your smartphone or tablet faster. The bonus comes with its being compatible with the USB C type devices. So, now you can even charge the latest USB chargeable devices with this power bank as well. Though design wise, this one turns out to be a bit different than the other variant of Xiaomi power banks pruning out the glossy aluminum finish, this model comes being wrapped under a matt finished white colored high density plastic case. We pick out this model as the top one among the list because its being cheap ($25) in spite of not compromising with the quality in any aspect and additionally for having the Mi branding on it.

2. RAVPower Xtreme Capacity 18200mAh Portable Charger


RAVPower Xtreme Capacity 18200mAh portable charger has the mind-blowing feature of three output ports, which means that this portable battery bank can charge upto three devices at the same time with its huge 18200 mAh power inventory. Further, the output ports are rated with 2.4 A, which would be making the charging faster.


Ofcourse, when it is RAVPower, their patent iSmart charging technology would be there to boost the features of this portable charger to some more steps ahead. This would be automatically detecting the current drawing ability of the device which would be connected with this charger, and would provide the charge accordingly. Referring to the other features, this attractive power bank has some digital display providing the scope to let you know how much battery juice is still there left within it.

3. EasyAcc® 20000mAh Power Bank Charger


We almost got the huge range power banks till now and EasyAcc with its 20000mAh Dual USB Power Bank is witing for the last spot to grab your attention with its cool features in spite of having such a huge capacity of 20000 mAh. This one has the ability to charge up iPad air for two times smoothly with its capacity. And for iPad users, this one is one of the most recommended portable chargers. Further with its dual USB output ports, you will be able to charge up your smartphone as well along with the iPad.


For the other features, unlike RAVPower model, this one comes up with a LED blinking lights instead of LCD display to let you know about its power back up condition. Lastly it would have become incomplete, if we do not cast any light with its remarkable four output port support of this model which would allow you to charge any of the four devices of yours to get simultaneously.


Additionally, here comes the buying guide Infographic for power bank, which would ease your selection while zeroing on any of the portable chargers for your smartphone:

How to Buy powerbank by powerbanky C

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