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11 Key Elements to Having a Five Star Kitchen

Setting up an awesome kitchen is much more than just having the right appliances and accessories.

While those things are all well and good, top-tier kitchens require several different considerations in regards to design, functionality, aesthetics, and so on.

With that said, here are 11 key elements you should focus on to ensure you end up with a superior kitchen that not only looks great, but is easy to cook, serve, and prepare food in.

Accent Lighting

A good mixture of overhead and natural lighting goes without saying, but in order to really make your kitchen dazzle, some strategic accent lighting is needed.

This can include a variety of lighting choices, but one of the best options is installing lighting under cabinets. This not only provides more depth to your kitchen’s look, it also adds some extra lighting for your counter surfaces, which can always come in handy.

Under cabinet lighting comes in many forms these days, ranging from full-on installations into your home’s electrical setup, to battery operated and plug-in LED lights that take under an hour to install.

Functional Storage

Freeing up space should always be a priority in your kitchen, so it pays to have functional storage options that keep appliances and dishes out of view when not in use, but also easy to access when needed.

A common example of this is installing sliding shelves within your cabinet space. This is much better than having large open spaces where appliances and dishes tend to get piled up into a heap. Pull-out drawers and shelves give you a way to keep things organized, yet still easy to access in a few seconds.

Built-In Microwave

Keeping with the philosophy of having more open space, keeping your microwave off the counter should be a priority. One of the best ways to do this is to mount your microwave into the wall, shelf, or cabinets. This keeps it above the counter, but still accessible. A popular spot to mount your microwave is just above the stove, which keeps things centrally located.

High-Quality Cutlery

Lisa from BladesTo mentions, that having a quality set of knives is a cornerstone of a well-designed kitchen. Although it may be tempting to buy a few larger sharp knives and throw them in a drawer, this is not ideal. Purchasing a good cutlery set not only gives you all of the essential knives needed for cooking and prepping a variety of foods, and also keeps them organized.

A quality cutlery set generally includes a large block with slots to place the knives into. These are typically compact, and provide a nice, clean aesthetic to your countertop.

Wine Storage

Even the most novice of wine connoisseurs knows that proper storage is the key to ensuring a wine’s best flavor. In the old days, this meant having a walk-in wine cellar, but things are a little simpler now.

Compact wine storage appliances give you an easy way to store several bottles at different temperatures, so you can keep your whites chilled, and your reds cool. Most of these wine stores are inexpensive and resemble mini refrigerators, and some can even fit on a counter.

Open Spaces

Cramped, cluttered kitchens are not ideal for cooking and conversations. The more open space you can create the better. If you have an island in the middle of a smaller kitchen, consider removing it. Moving your appliances around can create space as well.

If you have a small table that seems to be in the way, consider getting a fold-away table that can attach to the wall, and quickly be moved out of the way when not in use.

Clear Counters

The number one enemy of a great kitchen is having clutter all over your counters. This can be anything from small appliances, to piles of mail, to storage containers, or really whatever else.

Keeping your counters clear gives you more space to work with, prevents small bits of food getting trapped under things and attracting bugs, and just looks way better overall.

Clearing your countertops can be done in several ways, such as placing small appliances in the cabinet or drawers, moving your mail pile elsewhere, mounting your microwave as mentioned earlier, and removing small trinkets and decor pieces that don’t really add anything to the kitchen’s style or function. It can also show off features that have been forgotten about, like a nice kitchen splashback.

Hidden Trash Area

Trash cans are always best hidden, even if you have some stylish stainless steel trash can. There are a few different ways you can move that trash can out of view, such as placing it under the sink, inside your pantry area, or mounting it inside a larger cabinet on a pull-out drawer.

Plenty of Outlets

The more outlets you have, the more flexibility you have when needing to power appliances, accent lighting, or even your phone or tablet. While this is one of the more intensive kitchens in terms of installation and cost, even a few extra outlets can significantly improve the functionality of your kitchen.


Additional shelving is always a great way to upgrade your kitchen, provide more organization, and easier access to heavily-used items, all while keeping things off your counter. Installation options are seemingly limitless, as you can mount shelves pretty much anywhere you can fit them. Try to get a little creative!

Spice Racks

Anyone that’s ever piled their spices into a cabinet knows how frustrating it can be to dig through rows of spices in the middle of cooking, looking for that elusive container of bay leaves or cumin seeds. A spice rack is an easy and simple solution to this common annoyance.

Spice racks come in many forms, such as rotating models that can fit in slender cabinets, to stylish magnetic versions that can be mounted on a wall.


As you can see, creating a world-class kitchen is as much about planning and design as it is the products and elements themselves. By incorporating many of these 11 ideas, you’ll be well on your way to giving your home the kitchen it deserves, while enjoying the improved looks and function every time you’re in it. Good luck!

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