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UI and UX Elements to Bring More Organic Traffic to Your Digital Platform

Are you running a digital platform and want to drive maximum traffic? Then you should build an excellent user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). A UI UX agency can help you achieve just that.

But before hiring them, you should know the UI and UX elements that drive traffic to your digital platform. Here they are:

Primary Action Button

You should add a large and easy-to-access primary action button. It also needs to be broad and capable on mobile device screens so users can click on it to take action.

The primary action button size should be 40 to 50px wide. A large button enables users to hit the target correctly even when their fingers are a little off target.


To instantly communicate a concept, you should use proper icons with readable and understandable symbols that decipher the functionality.

Never use too many icons as that adversely affects UI and UX.

CTA Buttons

CTA buttons with the proper context are crucial for people to take intended actions. For instance, when you use “Buy Now” instead of just “Buy” on a button, the CTA is stronger.

CTA Buttons for Mobile Devices

Though designers add CTA buttons of different sizes, the perfect button size ranges from 40 to 50px wide as the average width of the index finger is 16 to 20mm.

The CTA button design specifications depend on the platform for which you build the app. For instance, button height 44px is perfect for iOS devices, while button height 48px is ideal for Android devices.

Radio Buttons and Dropdown Menus

Many digital platform owners tend to get confused when using radio buttons and dropdown menus. Radio buttons are great when you have less than five options that you want customers to choose from.

If there are over five options that you can categorize, create a dropdown menu as it tends to have less clutter on the interface. Both radio buttons and dropdown menus prevent the need for long scrolling as that eases and speeds up the users’ selection process. A reputable UI UX agency will know the appropriate uses for both of these and can recommend the right one for your needs.


Colors add visual appeal that attracts maximum users. Don’t use more than five colors when designing and building your digital platform. When you use over five colors, it gets more difficult to use them properly.

If you work with a brand color scheme, you tend to have one to four colors depending on your product/service features.


Gradients give a new dimension to product features. Your gradients (backgrounds, logos, illustrations, and age overlays) add depth to the digital platform design. Ensure you add two to three colors within the gradient but don’t overload it with too many colors.

Besides adding depth to visual components, gradients control user flow in websites or apps. A beautifully designed gradient unintentionally directs the users’ eyes towards the focal point and creates a smooth flow.

Hierarchy of Font and Text Styles

Choose a font from a family with different weights (bold, extra bold, medium, regular, and light) and styles (italic, expanded, and condensed).

Selecting fonts and creating a hierarchy of text styles before UI development is crucial to maintain consistency in UI design in the whole project. First, you need to frame a design system so your product displays a hierarchy of text styles from the biggest to the smallest. Keep it to a minimum of two typefaces as more won’t look that good.

With the help of a leading UI UX agency, you can maintain a proper hierarchy of font and text styles in your digital platform.

The increasing number of digital platforms has made it crucial to do what it takes to stand out in the crowd. When you add the above UI and UX elements, you can attract organic traffic, offer a seamless user experience and grow your business. If you can’t do it yourself, hire experts for the best results.

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