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Business on Wheels: 5 Profitable Ideas

The car has long ceased to be just a means of transportation. Today, it is a full-fledged source of income that can become the basis of a profitable business in the US. Find out what new opportunities the mobility offered by commercial vehicles opens up for entrepreneurs.

How to Start

A detailed study and careful planning are the key actions before starting. Any newbie entrepreneur requires a profound knowledge of work in the chosen direction, an action plan, and financial calculations to organize a stable and profitable business in Indiana or any other state. This quick checklist can be a starting point.

Study of Consumer Demand in a Particular Area

Many mistakenly believe that if a business on wheels is not tied to one location, there is no need to study demand. However, it is vital to investigate the unoccupied niches in your city, analyze the potential customers’ needs and select a competitive advantage.

Business Plan

A business plan will help analyze the profitability of investment, calculate the amount of capital investment, and serve as detailed instruction on the actions to be taken.

Buying and Branding a Vehicle

Depending on the plan, the future entrepreneur needs to purchase a new or used commercial vehicle to fit into the concept.

After the purchase, it is worth branding the truck or van. This refers to its refurbishment and development of a design that will fit the intended idea. Some dealerships, like Indy Auto Man in Indianapolis, offer this service in-house to help entrepreneurs start making money as soon as possible.


Car registration is obligatory regardless of the vehicle’s purpose and class. Even if you buy a van to make it a stationary coffee shop, it should pass the legal registration procedure and get all the required documents.

The procedure for registering a startup on wheels is carried out in the usual way in accordance with state regulations.


A business on wheels does not require a large investment in staff. At first, you can do the work yourself and hire a changer who needs to be trained in all issues and nuances, including working with equipment.

The employee should be included in the car insurance and have a driving license. Or you may hire a driver who will overtake the truck if the employee cannot do this. In any case, expenses on staff salaries will not be too high.


Offering services or products from a car do not need active advertising. Here you may find a good place with a large flow of people, or consider an area with a high demand for your activity.

But still, this does not mean that investments in advertising should not be made. Depending on the chosen field, it is necessary to develop a marketing strategy to cover low-budget actions, add your company to the local directories and inform the potential customers via email campaign, or spread the promo codes to attract the first buyers. After completing this process, you can safely choose a place, go to the first planned point and start work.

Why is it Beneficial?

Firstly, the business-on-wheels format makes it easy to move around a big city like Indianapolis, covering more consumers. Secondly, you do not have to pay for the rent of the premises. Finally, if you realize you want to do something else, the car can always be sold or converted – for example, under one of the options as follows:

1. Copy Center on Wheels

Most people have repeatedly found themselves in a situation where they urgently needed to scan or print documents, but there was no copy center at hand. And a copy center on wheels can be the solution. It is enough to purchase a van, an MFP, and consumables (paper, files, paper clips, etc.) to implement the idea. And that’s all – you are ready to look for clients in the most crowded places. It is also a good solution to purchase a color printer and expand the range of services.

2. Car Workshop

None of the motorists are immune from unforeseen incidents. The car may break down far outside the city, and drivers rarely have all the necessary tools in a car, especially if the cause of the breakdown is unknown. In this case, a mobile auto repair shop can come to the rescue, which diagnoses and fixes problems. You will need a van, equipment, and a set of automotive tools to provide an emergency repair service.

3. Flower Shop

Wilted flowers are a major problem for flower growers. But a mobile store does not face it: it is possible to sell much more flowers while plying between the most crowded locations. In addition, this format allows you to open your own shop with little investment: you only need a car, refrigerated display cases, packaging materials, and cutting tools.

4. Fast Food Truck

The “on wheels” format is ideal for catering, especially when it comes to street food. You can get by with classic hamburgers and hot dogs or diversify the menu with dishes from different countries: Israeli falafel, Greek pita, and Turkish kebab. In summer, you can supplement the assortment with ice cream. The car will allow you to cruise around the city on weekends and holidays, stopping in crowded places. You will need a brightly painted truck that will attract attention, a refrigerator, and food for cooking.

5. Coffee Shop

For many, coffee to go is a daily morning ritual. There are more and more coffee houses every year, and competition between points of sale is increasing, so entrepreneurs have to create additional competitive advantages. For a mobile coffee shop, it is the ability to occupy the most advantageous places, depending on the situation. For example, on weekdays, you can stay next to office buildings and educational institutions, and on weekends – next to parks and alleys. You will need a van, a coffee machine, and supplies: coffee, sugar, syrups, and cups.

Business on Wheels is not limited to these ideas. If you are good at generating ideas and not afraid to take risks, you can implement almost any project, which, when done this way, will pay back in the shortest term.

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