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Best High Tech Home Security Systems

When it comes to keeping your home safe and secure, quality and reliability is naturally desired by everyone. However, another important factor to consider is value for money, especially since the cost of home security systems can add up over time.

Most home security brands have now started incorporating numerous features made available by the Internet of Things innovation. Some of the things made possible by IoT include remotely control door locks, thermostats, lights, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, lawn mowers, etc.

With do-it-yourself (DIY) home security systems, you can order everything you need online and install it yourself. Read on to find out about the top 5 DIY home security systems.

Ring Alarm Security System

Motion activated cameras around your home and security monitoring within, create a true ring of security, that provides protection both inside and outside your home.

Ring alarm is a fully customizable home security system that’s designed to fit any home. It always keeping you connected and puts the security of your home in your hands.

With a 2-way talk video doorbell and a Base Station with smart sensors inside your home, both of which can be paired to your mobile devices, the Ring Alarm Security System is dedicated to whole home protection and has changed the way we look at security.

It provides protection for break-ins (Motion Detector & Contact Sensor), smoke & carbon monoxide (Smoke & CO Listener), flood & freeze (Flood & Freeze Sensor) and any other emergencies (Panic Button). Just stick the sensors to doors, windows or walls and your system is ready.

You can even add emergency support with option professional monitoring. Professional monitoring means there’s someone on call with 24/7 protection and 911 response is right at your fingertips wherever you are.

Ring alarm is designed to be simple to use, easy to setup and doesn’t require professional installation. You can do it yourself in minutes.

Ring alarm is dedicated to whole home protection, integrating seamlessly with Ring spotlight cams, Ring floodlight cams, Ring video doorbell and many other trusted security products.

By installing the Ring App on your smartphone, you can receive notifications, set alarm modes, sync all your Ring devices and monitor them from one simple dashboard.

ADT Command

The ADT Command is a smart home security touchscreen that not only provides protection for the things you value most, but also offers seamless integration and control of all your smart security and home automation devices.

ADT Command Smart Home Security lets you view and record visitors with HD Video Security, lock and unlock doors remotely and set time specific access codes to better control who’s in your home.

With smart home automation, the system lets you create automations for different times of the day and situations. You can even use geo-fencing technology to trigger smart devices like lights and thermostats.

Command introduces SIX communication technology which provides dual encryption and expands the range of the devices up to 1,000 feet. Alexa integration allows seamless control of the system and the ability to set automations with voice commands.

Real-time alerts ensure that you’re timely notified if any of your ADT sensors are triggered.

abode Essentials Starter Kit

The abode Essentials Kit contains everything you need to get started with a smart home security system and it’s incredibly easy to install. The essentials kit includes the gateway, the heart of the abode home security system, which has a built-in siren battery and cellular backup, one mini door window sensor, one indoor motion sensor, one remote key fob to easily arm or disarm your system and broad smart home technology support with ZigBee, z-WAVE and abode RF connectivity built in allowing you to connect all of your favorite smart home products to one central system that you control.

The Gateway also includes abode’s powerful automation engine which means you can customize your home’s devices according to your lifestyle and needs and access to your abode system through the free mobile and web apps to review activity in your home, set up customizations and rules and keep an eye on things when you’re home or away.

The abode essentials kit helps you get started but is also flexible and allows you to add other products to build the smart home security system that makes sense for you and your home.

Aqara Hub – Smart Home Hub & Gateway

The Aqara smart hub can function as a home alarm, a nightlight, temperature & humidity monitor and doorbell. It also connects all of Aqara’s smart home products allowing it to remotely control and monitor all of your connected child devices.

One of these devices is the Aqara motion sensor that detects movement. It allows you to set up smart home automation rules that automatically get triggered when you walk into a room.

The water leak sensors can notify you when any water is detected. This is great for keeping an eye out on those vulnerable spots in your home so you can put your mind at ease.

The Aqara Wireless switches can be used to control any connected smart home products as well as running whole scenes of automation rules.

The door and window sensors can be used to notify you when your door or window gets opened or closed. You can set these up to trigger your home alarm and to trigger smart home automation rules.

The Aqara temperature and humidity sensor can be remotely monitored from your phone or tablet. With the Aqara smart plug you can make any device a smart device. You can remotely turn the socket on and off as well as monitor its power usage in real time.

Aqara smart home products can also be set up for voice control allowing it to run whole smart home automation scenes by voice. Apple HomeKit integration allows you to control and monitor your Aqara devices using Siri on any of your Apple devices.

Aqara smart home products, you can easily set up an affordable smart home and make the small things in life a little bit easier.


Its intelligent, private and easy to use with inbuilt facial recognition, 1080p recording and high-definition snapshots so you can easily differentiate friends and family from whoever else.

With a lightning-fast AI camera that detects human faces within a second, SimCam lets you see events as they happen as well as save video recordings and snapshots. It’s like a security guard who looks at the camera for you 24/7. That also means no false alerts.

You can even set up objective monitoring on things that belong to you or particular areas of your home and receive alerts straight to the SimCam app.

SimCam processes your data locally with an Intel Inside VPU, so it’s fast, private and customizable for unique needs like getting alerts when your pool fence has been left open or when the kids aren’t doing their homework.

SimCam also pairs seamlessly with Google assistant and Alexa automating your household tasks like delivery for groceries and parcels. SimCam is fit for rain or shine with a 360-degree rotation and HD night vision.

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