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Need of Advanced Computing Technologies in Different Institutions

With the advancement of technology, computers and internet connection are available everywhere including high school classrooms. The influence of computer technology on human life is so vast that we cannot help making use of technology in different domains of our activity more so in education. The conventional mode of education with paper and pen has made way for the computer system, projector, PowerPoint presentations etc. Teaching-learning process is made much easier by the incorporation of technological help into the education sector. The digital revolution has become all pervasive and highly influential.

Computer education has become a part of the curriculum in many schools and colleges of late. Technological education helps students to get exposure and experience in technology. When technology is appropriately integrated into curriculum students will learn more and get greatly benefited. Integration of technology into curriculum requires four components for the learning process to take place effectively. They are – active management, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback and connection to real-world experts. Technology will be able to open different styles of teaching and learning which will result in more exciting learning experience.

Students often have to conduct empirical studies as part of their curriculum. The data collected need to be analyzed and quantified for research purposes. Manual data entry, analysis and quantification can be extremely tedious. With the help of technology one can save time and energy and get the job done more effectively. One just has to feed the data into a computer, make use of the necessary software and analyze and quantify the data. All this can be done with less effort but with greater accuracy.

Technology can also make boring lessons sound interesting. PowerPoint presentations, audio and video files can be uploaded for making the teaching-learning process more lively. Visual aids often enhance great learning. Different vibrant colors and animations would effectively grab students’ attention for a longer period of time. Interactive sessions can also be made with the help of computer technology. Integration of computer technology into education will ably make the learning environment more positive and result-oriented. Students will get motivated to learn because of their fascination towards the technological gadgets too. It is very important to get exposed to technological education from the job perspective. The present job market looks for candidates who are competent in effectively using technology at the workplace.

Computer technology is very flexible, there is no fixed time for learning. Students can make use of the technology anytime they want. Varied learning happens with the help of huge virtual information that is available online. Parents and teachers need to make sure that the students make optimum use of technology for the right purpose.

Earlier generations used to come to class with paper and pen, whereas today’s younger generations come to class with smart phones, laptops and iPods. Young people of today can even be called digital natives. Technology has enriched classrooms, it also enables multi-modal teaching. Technology has also expanded access to educational and reference sources online. Online-collaboration tools, software that allow individually paced learning and learning-management systems are some of the communications technologies that are expected to improve academics over the years. Technology-enabled knowledge has brought in many challenges: universities not only need to equip their students with adequate education but they should also make them master skills which are necessary for their employment. Along with education employ-ability also has to be ascertained in the present day scenario since there is a tough competition in every field of human study.


A guest post by: William Delgado

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