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Viewdeos Review

Are you confused to choose the best video ad network? Do you want to earn great revenue via a small budget? Do you want more driving ads? Want to get an extra buck for the enormous traffic on your site? Video marketing is generating great revenues and quite common in advertisers and publishers these days. Recent facts and figures have shown that

  • 87% of advertisers advertise their products and services via video ads.
  • 1/3 of the activities on the internet is video watching
  • Out of 100, 85 people from the United States watch videos, on a daily basis.

Viewdeos is such an upcoming network that promotes video ads. It is an extraordinary platform for adapting premium video solutions, sharing all the screens. Despite the fact that Viewdeos ad Network is not an old video ad network, it has immediately gotten prominent with the distributors and sponsors. The single most compelling motivation for their ubiquity is that they give a generous lift in income.

Also, Viewdeos fits for conveying video advertisements over every scope of gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Their dashboard is very easily accessible, rather I will say a piece of cake. It is stippled with statistics and metrics tools so one can see real-time earnings and achievements, with a solitary click.

Viewdeos work with multi advertisements designs and formats. At the point when you have diverse video promotion formats accessible to you, you can without much of a stretch discover which advertisement format is generally reasonable for your different products and services advertisements.

Summarized Details About Viewdeos

  • Company Name: Viewdeos
  • Commission Type: CPM
  • Head Office: Hamasger 56, Tel Aviv
  • Monetization Methods: Video Ads
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30.
  • Payment Option: Paypal and Bank Wire.
  • Requirements For Publishers: 2 Million Pageviews Per Month.
  • Support Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

How Viewdeos Works for Advertisers?

Today people prefer watching videos rather than reading a written description of the advertising products, viewdeos adopt smart video advertising approaches. For those advertisers who have made their marketplace or those who are beginners and striving hard, Viewdeos is a super-fast approach to interface with customers.

They welcome all sorts of real advertisers, either the successful ones or striving ones! those with great revenue or those with small budgets! It is one of the top picks with regards to conveying first class advertisements. They offer multi advertising designs, solutions, and formats, and don’t rely on one, thus generate great revenues with your small stocks.

Moreover, Viewdeos easily associates with your other ad running. And its ads can be easily integrated via any web page. Advertisers are monitored to link with anti scammy top-notch publishers worldwide, which makes it a very safe and secure ad network. They give you side by side assistance in your earning journey, even a personal manager is monitoring and assisting you throughout. You are also provided with 24/7 live support. They work very clearly and transparently, everything is open to you. You, yourself can monitor your ad performance, activity and earning via user dashboard. Viewdeos keep its user’s convenience its priority, thus the user interface is designed to be very straightforward and user convenience.

Benefits For Advertisers:

  • Take a start with a small budget or high
  • Enjoy personal assistance 24/7 via customer support
  • Link with anti-scam publishers
  • Approach your ad’s analytics
  • Make it run with your other ads
  • Take help from your Personal account manager, anytime
  • Work less, earn more!

How Viewdeos Work For Publishers??

On the off chance, if you are a successful blogger or a publisher, and your blog or site is getting over 2M thumb clicks every month, why don’t you opt for getting additional money?

Viewdeos can be kept as a first or second option for shooting your income immediately. One of the sensational specs of Viewdeos is, it can be easily adjusted with other advertisement working tools, without intruding others. So, it can be used to get awesome extra money by adding it as a co-partner with other promotion tools, like Google Adsense.

However, it pays its publishers, at a constant revenue rate, yet earning increases with a significant increase in clicks. Their payments are quite satisfactory, they accredit you at Net 60. And the payments are quite punctual!

Moreover, it takes care that everything must be in knowledge of the publishers. They aim to optimize monetization transparently, following the mentioned rules, no hidden facts and figures. So they have designed their dashboard as “easily approachable” for users. Know your earnings metrics and statistics by merely a single click. Isn’t it quite straight forward user interface? Moreover, they ensure very easy integration. place code provided by them on your site and start earning!

Benefits For Publishers:

  • Key Markets: US UK CA AU
  • Innovative and unique monetization opportunities
  • Publisher user interface
  • Easy integration with simple code
  • AMP Compatible
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Anti-spam network
  • Good CPM
  • Good Fillrate
  • Several incentives
  • Payments are always on time
  • Real-time statistics
  • API
  • 24/7 Live support

What are the Rules and Requirements for Publishers?

Viewdeos is beneficial for you if and only if you are leading a successful publishing website. If you stand by the 2M impressions condition, Viewdeos offer you appreciably large revenues, otherwise, you should put more effort. Ads are not restricted to be published in a particular language, it’s on your own choice and preference!


  • The publisher must be running a valid website
  • The publisher must avail a minimum of 2 million counts per month, on his site


  • The publishers must not utilize Auto refreshing tools, traffic exchange sites or auto bots, for more income
  • The site must not use any loose or abusive language or content
  • They must not promote anti-health products ads
  • They must promote only real and legitimate ads
  • The clicks and impressions on the website must be real.

Enchanting Specs And Features

  • Great video ad optimization models
  • Bother free advertising and publishing
  • Easy to use UI
  • Adaptable with Google AdSense
  • Worthy ROI
  • Non- intruding ad formats
  • Driving and compact ads
  • Clean and non-scam ads
  • Easy to grab codes
  • Scheduled payments
  • 24/7 live assistance
  • Helping account manager
  • Real-time AI tracking
  • Great CPM rates
  • Shares all screens
  • AMP cooperative


  • There is no option to contact support from within the interface.
  • Limited payment methods.

Support and Contact Information:

To access Viewdeos, or in case of any queries or reporting an issue, contact details are as follows

  • Website: com
  • Linkedin:
  • Phone Number: +972.


In conclusion, if you are looking for the best video Ad network then Viewdeos is the best option for you. I do recommend it on higher notes. Rather I will give it millions buck up. What else either an advertiser or a publisher needs if you are getting a pocket full earnings that drastically increase with your little efforts put on. Viewdeos give you smart premium solutions with a blend of eve increasing innovations and monetizing techniques. Within a few years of consistent and continuous struggles, it has marked its name among top-notch ad networks that are far older than its working tenure. As a digital advertiser or publisher, you can maximize your profitability with Viewdeos owing to its smart monetizing tools. So, must give Viewdeos a shot to earn rich income.

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