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The Most Interactive Mobile Games of 2019

Mobile gaming has been dominating the amount of online users in 2019 and upon further inspection we discovered why mobile gaming has been stealing the attention and limelight. Our discoveries led us on a journey through the unknown and as we explored we discovered an incredibly fun world of possibilities that you too can access in 2019. Here is what we found.

Mobile Video Slots

Some of the most interactive games on the internet are video slots. Developed and designed by leading software brands such as Microgaming and Playtech, you can encounter a virtual realm of some of the most proficient and exclusive gaming inventions. Designed to deliver a unique gaming experience, players stand to win millions of dollars when they play progressive video slots such which includes Mega Moolah. Novibet slots online allow you to access a vast range of the latest video slots and stand to win real cash.

VR Games

Virtual reality gaming has recently become even more popular since players can access their favourite VR games directly from their mobile devices. This has been made possible through the latest hardware which is affordable and accessible to any VR fanatic. Payers can now download VR games to their mobile devices from their mobile app store and you can interact with other like minded players.

Interactive Story Games

This too has become a rising gaming trend as players are able to interact with one another whilst building a career and following a gaming story that begs to be completed. Interactive story games have been designed for every gaming preference and there are a bunch currently trending. The top 10 voted story games are; World of Warships, Sorcery, Choice of Robots, To Be or Not to Be, Lifeline, Choice of the Vampire, FOD, Choice of the Deathless, Heavy Metal Thunder, Hakuoki and Loan Wolf Saga.

Social Gaming

Social gaming or social media gaming has and will most probably remain one of the most interactive forms of gaming. You know a trend is going to stay when granny and grandpa are at it on their phones competing for the win. Well games such as Candy Crush or Farmville have been trending over the past few years and we have discovered they aren’t going anywhere. So rest easy, you can still send out those annoying invites to your mobile nemesis.

Bitcoin Gaming

Here is one we definitely expect to see a rise in with regards to popularity and exclusivity. Bitcoin has managed to infiltrate the gaming market and now allows players the opportunity to mine the crypto by completing blockchains and rewards players with actual Bitcoin. You could look at this as a form of gambling but without the uncertainty of the risk. Here you know what you are doing and whether or not you will profit.

The future of gaming is now and players are all climbing aboard the gravy train to make some extra cash the best way possible. We expect all of the above interactive games to stay and set the precedence for 2020.

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