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The Potential Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Mobile Apps

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has shaken the world of digital and technology with ease. They have created a huge connection for mobile applications. As we know, smartphones are our babies now. Since they have become a vital part of our lives, they are more important than anything else for everyone in the world now.

Smartphones not just help you reach the receiver via call or text, but it helps you explore your world – professional and personal across the globe within seconds. Mobile technology is getting advanced with the impeccable inventions by experts and tech-savvy.

Here, when we combine these both technologies together – Smartphones and Artificial intelligence, we can see a whole different world which is more advanced and beyond imagination. They both play a vital role in the overall design and development of mobile applications.

Artificial Intelligence has opened a new door of opportunities in different sectors. From manufacturing, healthcare, to the automobile industry, it has changed the game of every scenario. AI is helping every industry to capitalize on lubricious opportunities.

Implementing an AI for your business can increase the revenue and growth of your products. AI has spawned the creation of more intuitive and responsive mobile applications. It’s helping users to adapt to different user behaviors using engagement with an application.

Artificial Intelligence will come in rescue for users from many issues on a daily basis. It has redefined the concept of human-machine interaction with the world. It’s established by virtual machines to deal with the natural intelligence of humans and other living creatures too. I am sure, you might have tried your hands on AI-enabled Personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistance, Cortana, etc.

As per the survey by International Data Corporation, global spending on AI systems will grow from $35.8 billion in 2019 to $79.2 billion in 2022. As many leading companies will never lose an opportunity to invest in AI and users will witness the technology becoming increasingly integrated into more and more products and applications. There are some sectors like healthcare, education, and finance seeing the adoption and transformation using AI. It’s the mobile app development industry that provides one of the most promising areas for AI.

While AI alone is enough and has created enough buzz, it’s amazing to see how AI is collaborating with other technologies to offer smooth and seamless app solutions.

So, let’s walk you through how AI has created an impact on mobile applications, and how it has helped improve customer engagement.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on businesses and customers are endless. We can easily create a personal assistant that can help your business in tackling everyday tasks, which might attract users. But the power of smart apps is more than digital assistants, which is able to improve the user satisfaction level drastically.

In this competitive world, there are many AI-enabled applications or devices which improve overall user experience, engagement, and ease. In short, they stand up to your customers’ changing requirements and expectations. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, developers can easily develop high-grade interactive applications that can organize and analyze data and create a top-notch experience for user engagement.

So, now, let’s discuss how developers are leveraging the features and functionalities of AI within mobile apps. It will give you an idea on how Artificial Intelligence can be used to develop personalized app solutions.

Smarter Analytics

AI can help you get a detailed analysis of applications. AI could help you observe the users’ behavior by shifting the placement of banners, key sections, or even buttons. You can see a great impact on user experience in mobile apps.

The experts and engineers have been working hard to deliver powerful and transformative applications and devices. Even, we have seen such apps that can see, observe, understand, and execute tasks. This will change the way mobile apps work used to work before.

With these ever-changing improvements in AI technologies, it has become easy to have a more accurate analysis. By getting the insights of your business, you can work on the loopholes and monetization strategy, or even user experience. This could lead to KPIs such as a higher LTV, or longer session times and ultimately a greater ROI.

Real-time Translations

There are many translation apps available in the market which lets you translate automatically. However, most of the apps work well with internet collection. That’s why AI could enable your smartphone to translate different languages in real-time without using the internet connection. Artificial Intelligence can provide a translation tool that works simultaneously which allows you to translate any sentence in real-time without a time lag.

You can even adjust the latency of the translation tool. This means you can set the lag between spoken word and its translation. This works well and helps a user to understand the words and sentences. For example, Baidu. It’s a Chinese search engine which translates the words you type in real-time.

Context Awareness

AI is much smarter when it comes to understanding, interpreting and setting a context for retargeting ads. With retargeting ads, you can improve conversions. In fact, App Samurai uses smart AI to optimize your ad campaigns. Context awareness makes your mobile app more experienced and responsive with all the information it gathers, thus becomes more beneficial for your business. You can surely save a bunch of money while enhancing the way your mobile apps advertising works. Hence, it’s more effective in your business.

Contextual awareness gathers the data and information about user habits and a history of their daily usage. Hence, your app understands that data and offers the right response for each individual as well as providing them with a more personalized experience by detecting and understanding their interests. Once AI collects the data, it helps you to enhance the user experience and create more personalized and relevant content to have the attention of users and thus bring more users on board.

The best example of an app which has been following implementing AI is – TikTok. The user feed of Tik Tok’s user is touted as one of the most effective and tailored news feeds, which is hypothesized to partially be responsible for the growth of app and retention rates.

Enhances Search Engines

Text and voice are the traditional and primary search platforms. Visual advertisements and text descriptions help you find better products or services that you are looking for. But do you really think that you will be able to find out the exact product if you are not using an AI-enabled device or app? Well, it’s quite not possible to grab that product.

Visual search helps you find what you want even if you don’t know the name of the product or its full description. The smartphone is the best launchpad for visual search technology. Google Lens is one of the perfect examples of it.

AI-driven applications or devices can help developers to develop an image recognition system and a voice recognition system. Moreover, AI will provide localization of applications to increase the rate of conversion.

Personalized User Experience

Personalized user experience is an important trend in mobile app development. Every user wants a unique and personalized experience for their needs. With AI integration, you can enhance the user experience to the next level. Based on the past user’s behavior and other factors, a user will receive a personalized experience with recommendations.

Moreover, search engines are becoming smarter and they are incorporating AI and NLP to understand user intent and behavior on their platforms. The same process has been applied by mobile apps. They also leverage AI to understand their user behavior and optimize their search results based on their objectives. An app will also remind users what they searched for a week ago.

Now users already have their own personal assistant – Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, etc. Hence, their personal assistants understand their behavior in a short span of time and come up with relevant suggestions and recommendations. AI coupled with augmented reality is the next revolution in mobile apps. Users can get a visual of the object in a real-life situation. Apparel, cosmetics, and home decor industries are already implementing this technology for better customer experiences.

Wrapping Up

Artificial Intelligence is definitely advanced systems which offer advanced security and real-time analysis. Based on that, you can take decisions in real-time for your business. AI is also considered to be an important contributor to the mobile app industry. The businesses are getting more diversified. Multi-faceted and personalization remains one of the most vital components of AI technology. You can get many benefits of AI in app development. Smartphone users are leveraging the benefits of AI-powered apps.

In recent times, artificial intelligence with Machine Learning is forecasting to deliver a mind-blowing on-device experience for its users. Mobile app development company are taking the complete benefit of AI to stay competitive and hold their customers. With passing time, AI utility will be cost-effective and any size of the business will find its way to connect its customers across the world.

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