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These Indiegogo Projects Can Change Our Smartphones

The smartphone market is an ever-changing one, with new models being launched and/or announced on a daily basis. They come in all shapes, sizes and configurations, but still are not complete – at the very least, not as complete as could be.

That is why some inventors and creators decide to build accessories that they think are useful. Since it is hard to massively produce them without funds, they often decide to put them on a crowdsource service like Indiegogo, where regular people can choose to back those projects if they see usefulness in them. In this article three of those projects will be covered, all of them with the potential of improving our smartphone experiences.



Call recording is a feature that almost all smartphones have, but most people will not use. Some because they do not need it, while others may not use it because they find it unpractical, especially if one is using an earpiece and, therefore, away from the phone.

Bluewire, developed by Senss, is a product that hopes to solve this problem. It is an earpiece that can also record smartphone and VoIP calls, keeping them stored in its 16GB memory. It uses a simple Bluetooth connection to work and has several interesting features, like accelerometer, flashlight, NFC, and others.

This project has reached 52% of its $40,000 goal (30 days left).



Labeled as the world’s most advanced charging cable, SONICable has been generating a lot of excitement, as one can easily see by how fast its Indiegogo goal has been achieved – with 27 days to go, it has been funded 2,635% the initial request for $10,000, which rounds up in a mere $236,000. That is a lot.

Such excitement is easy to understand: nowadays batteries are smartphones’ Achilles heel, because their autonomy is definitely not as good as it should be. SONICable promises to charge iPhone and Android phones twice as fast which, while not definitely solving the problem with batteries, is a great way of circumventing that limitation.

SONICable works in two ways, which can be interchangeable by clicking the switch placed on it: with the switch off, it will work just like the regular cables we have so far, syncing and charging when connected to a PC. However, if the switch is turned on, the cable enters SONIC mode and will deliver that super-fast charging, without any connection.



It has happened to us all: we want to take a selfie but the surrounding light is not that favorable, so there is no way for us to get a good looking photo. In order to tackle this problem the Vany ring has been invented. It consists of a device that is placed around your smartphone’s (frontal) camera and its 8 LED lights will provide a better illumination for much better selfies.

Vany fits all smartphones, tablets and even laptops, making it a flexible tool. All the LEDs are dimmable and has a three hour run time. It is protected guaranteeing that your device will not be scratched or damaged.

Do you happen to know any more interesting Indiegogo projects related to smartphones? Let us know in the comments.

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