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Plunging into a paperless world with mobile apps

Smartphones have become a vital part of its user’s daily life. The apps can now pave the way to a paperless world with its scanning properties where digital copies of documents, business cards etc is possible to be generated.

Below featured are some of the apps that permit entry into a paperless domain.


Evernote with its good operating properties now possesses scanning property as well. Also present is the widget which permits users to place it on the home screen of the smartphone for rapid scanning of the documents into the app.

In order to implement this, the customers have to log in into a profile. They have to sign up if a profile is not already existing. Below the screen at the right side, users will find a clickable plus icon.

Located above the plus icon is a pop-up list making use of which the users have to click on one of the new note types. The right screenshot of the screen shows a  scanned image of whose document looks smooth and glossy, where the user has to align the position of the camera to cleanse the document of its brightness indicating that the app pays importance towards the quality of the document.

To get instantaneous access to this brand new feature, a widget of this app can be positioned on the home screen of the smartphone.

For this purpose, there are 2 distinct widgets which have to be dragged onto the home screen of the Android phone.

Widgets have to be clicked to access the widget drawer. Some android phones function distinctly from others, so the widgets have to be positioned on the home screen as per the guidelines of the phone.

Evernote’s widgets encompass the following functions namely a Shortcut for accessing the app, a document camera, search function, a drawing note and an audio note. Also featured is a widget for text to speech which has the attribute for taping the speech.

The initial six functions will be implemented onto one widget, which will be displayed during the process of editing. Additional note functions can be augmented as well. The seventh note is placed in a distinct operational widget.

The app provides users with the option of choosing the new attributes to be positioned on the gadget bar. A shortcut to access the Evernote app is also featured. Users have to edit it to access the various attributes in the widget bar.

All the needed operations are featured in the gadget. Users can click on the functions which they don’t want to manipulate initially and will be removed. Choosing either the green or black color screen is done at the bottom of the editable screen.

This is an instance of the excellent apps which constitutes OCR properties which alter physical documents and other such documents like photos into a digital counterpart. Further features are provided when the app has been paid for.

Few scanning apps will assist in a change to Evernote, which if not provided will make the Android phone implement the app in the share menu which can be used to enter content in Evernote.

Office Lens

Microsoft Office and OneNote have collaborated to generate a free app called Office Lens. This app encompasses simple functionality where the camera of the smartphone is pointed on the file or photo which results in a photo snap which has to be stored in a particular location. Next, the name of the user will be required where it will then by default point and choose OneNote and a gallery where the image can be saved in formats encompassing Word, PowerPoint, a PDF file etc.

The documents and images are by default cropped by the app

Users can click on the scanner logo prior to scanning pictures as to identify if they are in the desired format. Everything can be scanned, where the user has to choose their preferred one in the end. Users manipulating Office 365 are provided with the most number of usefulness and this app is also functional on Outlook, Live or Hotmail.

Cam Scanner

Cam scanner is the alternative for users who don’t prefer Office Lens or Evernote. This app is compatible with the iOS and Android products providing the best advantages.

This app provides exciting features which can be used without spending any money. It controls image scanning and QR codes as well

Users have to position the scanner on the QR code, which will result in the generation of a website link which the users can access to go to the specific page. Also, users have to swap between the left and right screens with regards to document scanning and QR code scanning.

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