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9 Awesome Phone Accessories You Should Have

It’s indisputable – we are living in the age of the smartphone. Not only are they incredibly common, but we also keep them with us all the time. They are a constant companion in our lives. Is it any wonder why we want to trick them out?

The smartphone accessories market is supersaturated. There are new attachments and gadgets being released all the time. So which ones are really worth your hard-earned money? Here are our picks for the coolest, most convenient accessories to help your phone reach its true potential.

1. The Rush Charger

There’s a reason why this super handy dandy device sits at the top of the list. None of the rest of the accessories on this page are worth a whole lot if your phone is dead.

With one of these bad boys in your pocket or purse, you never have to worry about your battery dying while you’re on the go.

Look for a great charger that features multiple built-in charging tips. That means that it fits almost every phone imaginable, as well as other devices. Also, look for a built-in cord so you don’t have to carry around a separate one to connect. A speedy portable charger is100% a must-have!

2. Foldable Cell Phone Stand

Whether you’re going to watch a movie or have a video call, there’s always going to be times when you want your phone to sit up by itself. With a phone stand or an iPad counter mount, you can give your hands a rest.

There are a lot of these helpful accessories out there, but some of them are just plain better than others. The ones that are best won’t make your phone uncomfortably bulky.

There are some seriously sleek stands that fold flush against the back of your phone when not in use. The goal is for it to be so thin you won’t even notice it’s there.

3. Pocket Projector

Way cooler than the pocket protector. These things are the absolute best! You can basically take an awesome movie viewing experience anywhere with a cellphone projector.

There are some real quality products on the market. It’s not uncommon to see 1080p resolution and a battery life that will handle a full movie and more.

Some can be quite high-end and come with all the bells and whistles! Remotes, mini tripods, and even touch screen interfaces that allow you to perfectly fit the corners of the picture to your projecting surface – even at an angle.

4. Camera Lens

Do you think your smartphone takes great pictures now? Just wait until you try adding a clip-on wide-angle or macro lens. You’ll be an amateur photographer in seconds!

Rather than purchasing lenses one at a time, consider getting a set for variety. You can play around with fisheyes, telephotos, and more. Most attach the lenses with a super convenient clip and come with handy traveling cases.

These sets come in multiple sizes. You can get three lenses, five lenses, even eleven lenses! Best part? There are some crazy affordable options out there to take your smartphone snapshots to the next level.

5. Mini Bluetooth Speakers

It’s always such a struggle to listen to music without headphones while you’re out and about. You also don’t want to blow the tiny speakers on your phone. Not to mention even when you do crank it up, it’s still not even that loud.

Hence, the reign of the Bluetooth speaker. There are so many different versions on the market right now that it’s a nightmare trying to choose.

Think about purchasing a pair. Each one holds hours of charge and they can usually be used either separately or together. They can literally last you the whole day!

There are even super clever options that rock a magnetic base. It will stick to any metal surface, meaning it can be mounted in all sorts of places. Or try one that comes with a bike clip and armband so you can enjoy some tunes on your adventures.

6. Car Holder

There is nothing more annoying than a phone holder for your car that doesn’t work. The way they will just drop your phone under the seat while you’re on the freeway and in desperate need of directions – it’s the absolute worst!

Having a flexible and functional stand that sets your phone at just the right angle is super important. You definitely want to go for a model that has a 360° swivel. One of the really popular options is magnetically mounted. Your phone will just snap securely on!

7. Wireless Earbuds

These things are just all the rage lately. Folks can’t seem to get enough, and why not? Not being tied to your phone with a cord is so freeing. How many times does that headphone wire get snagged on something and rip the buds right out of your ear?

There are a lot of great options out there that offer superior sound and are ergonomically designed to never fall out of your ear.

What sets some sets apart from the pack is the battery. Some won’t get you more than about 6 hours of playback, while others boast 60 hours of playback from a full charge. There are even options that can squeeze a full hour of playback from just a five-minute charge!

8. Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

So many of us use our phones as tiny laptops, but prolonged typing on a smartphone is a pain. Texting and emailing on your phone with one of these babies is super sweet. It’s pretty handy for doing work on the go or a more seamless messaging conversation.

These little guys can fit in your back pocket and then fold out to a standard size keyboard. They fold so that the keys face each other and are protected during travel.

Once again, the magic lies in the battery. There are awesome options that can hold enough charge to power 40 hours of continual use or 180 hours of standby!

9. Screen Magnifier

One of these bad boys can more than double the size of your screen for a better viewing experience. Great for watching a movie together on a plane or doing some online learning on the go.

As accessories go, these babies are great because they don’t require any power. There’s simply a piece of plexiglass mounted at the correct angle in front of your phone. Your phone does the work of projecting its screen onto the plexiglass.

Try pairing a screen magnifier with a folding keyboard for the ultimate work or school experience on the go!

Get Your Phone a Friend

Your cell phone is one of the most versatile objects in your life. It seems like there’s nothing a modern smartphone can’t do. With the right accessories, it’s true.

Always remember to bring your perseverance when shopping around for accessories. There are so many options out there that everyone can find the thing that meets their needs.

Just take the time to do your research. Trust that the perfect accessory to enhance your phone is out there!

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