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Apps For Enhancing Online Teaching

“How to teach online?” Are you a teacher who is highly experienced in offline and traditional methods of teaching or a teacher who is just starting out in the field who is looking for the answer to this question? Are you in search of some guide or tutorial that could solve all your doubts and answer all your queries related to online teaching? Or are you just a teacher trying to improve their teaching style and lessons to help their students learn better? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have landed at the right place. 

Technology has made life more convenient. Within a few clicks, we can now avail of any facility and service that is provided on the internet and can be comfortably sitting at home while focusing on more important jobs. While the internet and the accessibility to the internet and devices for using the internet have made life easier and faster, it is still not the easiest task for most people to adapt to this type of system and get familiar with it like they are familiar with the traditional offline methods. This has specifically been the case with online education. Both students and teachers have faced issues while making the switch from offline to online, real to virtual classroom, and changing their habits and schedules for the same. 

Websites, software, desktop, and mobile applications, and online portals have been created so that the tasks of the teachers and students can become easier and they can spend more time on teaching and learning rather than focussing on how the apps function and how to use them better. 

Teachers who were very well familiar with the traditional methods of teaching have been very keen on finding the answers to how belajar online (online learning) can be improved and be made more beneficial for the students. While there is not much that we can comment on when it comes to the teaching styles and how a teacher conducts classes, we can surely discuss different types of apps that make the teaching experience better. These apps will also be beneficial for students for paying more attention and staying focused during class. In this article, we will be talking about the different types of applications that can help teachers in making their online classes more fun, interactive, and better for their students. We will also look at certain tools that will help teachers in creating interesting course content that makes learning easier for the students. 

When we think of teachers, we immediately associate the task of conducting classes, explaining concepts, and taking lectures with them. Some of us reach as far as setting question papers and checking answer sheets. Most of us end up leaving behind other important tasks of the teachers such as creating course content, preparing the study material, setting lesson plans, marking and recording attendance keeping track of the scores and grades of students and so many more. When online tools like apps and websites were developed for online education, it was also important to keep these tasks in mind and also offer features that can help make these tasks more convenient for the teachers. 

Various platforms offer features for conducting online classes. Live classrooms, recoded video classrooms, classrooms on popular video streaming apps and many other types of online classes can be conducted by teachers depending on their availability and subject. One of the most helpful apps for teachers for online teaching is a mobile teacher app. A mobile teacher app is a virtual classroom that makes conducting online classes easier by offering multiple features in one place. Since it is a type of mobile app, it can be used to conduct classes from anywhere. Some apps that allow conducting online classes also offer virtual whiteboards for explaining concepts to students and making the experience similar to a traditional classroom. 

Some apps automate tedious tasks like marking attendance, correcting answer sheets, and grading assignments. Such apps reduce the burden of teachers to help them focus more on online teaching. Other apps offer tools for adding multimedia content to study material and make the same interesting for the students. 

Teachers who are looking forward to improving their lessons in online classes must make use of all the available tools and allow students to get more creative and explore more. 


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