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Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router Mini Review: big bang in a small buck


Xiaomi has been releasing revolutionary products for the budget conscious one after another with no chance of stopping in sight. As a startup, they have been doing remarkably well when it comes to releasing cool products. One such great product is the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Mini which was released for beta testing back in June 2014. Given that the product wasn’t launched in India, I couldn’t grab one of them back then. But with Gearbest selling them with free international shipping, I was able to get one unit for myself. Hence I will review and pen down my experience with it.

About the router

The Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi router Mini is touted as the cheapest consumer wireless-AC router available right now, and possibly one of the best in its class. Its currently available in China and some of the east Asian nations, so if you live elsewhere, you might need to import it from here. Here’s a roundup of the router’s specifications:

  • Wi-Fi SoC – Mediatek MT7620A @ 580MHz
  • System Memory – 128 MB DDR2
  • Storage – 16 MB SPI flash memory
  • Wi-Fi
    • Protocols – IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
    • Transmission Rate – 300Mbps max @ 2.4GHz, 867 Mbps max @ 5GHz
    • Wireless Security – WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption
    • 2.4 GHz Channels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ,11, 12, 13
    • 5 GHz Channels: 149, 153, 157, 161, 165
    • 5 GHz DFS (dynamic frequancy selection) channels: 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64
  • Ethernet – 2x LAN (Fast Ethernet), 1x WAN (Fast Ethernet)
  • USB – 1x USB 2.0 host port for external mass storage or 3G dongle
  • Power – 12V 1A
  • Dimensions – 14.9 cm x 13.8 cm x 3 cm
  • Weight – 253 grams

Now that we know what the official specs on paper are, we move on to the review.


The Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi router Mini comes enclosed in a slideout cardboard box which is simplistic to the maximum and has no flashy illustrations like the traditional brands such as Linksys or Netgear.


On the back of the outer cardboard cover, is a sticker that mentions the specs and other details, albeit in Chinese.


Sliding out the outer cover reveals a box with the router.


Taking the router out of the box, we see another flap that covers the box’s floor. Removing the flap away reveals a power adapter and a quick start guide in Chinese.


The router is observed from top and bottom. The router has a very pretty and minimalistic design that is usually associated with Apple products. It is also very small and slim in size.



After removing the plastic film, it is seen that the antennas are rotatable.


On the hindside, we can see there is (from left to right) a USB 2.0 port, two 100 Mbps LAN ports, one 100 Mbps WAN port and a DC 12V power port.


Here’s a close-up view of the power adapter and the user manual.



Now that the router has been unboxed, we carry on to setting it up.


The Ethernet cable coming from the ISP’s end is connected to the blue WAN port, and my PC is connected to one on the LAN ports. The power adapter’s DC end is connected to the router’s power port. The router turns on immediately and the status light flashes.



My PC automatically obtains an IP address in the 192.168.31.x subnet via DHCP, and shows the default gateway to be This (obviously!) states the LAN IP address of the router is

Opening on the browser takes you to the router’s webpage. At this point, a first time setup screen is shown, entirely in Chinese. For a non-Chinese user it might be a hurdle at the start but I’ll try to guide a little bit to set it up till one can use Google Translate.


I guessed the checkbox to be the option to “Accept end-user terms and license”. So I checked it and clicked the blue button.

The next screen asks for the PPPoE login details, you may either input it or click the link that says DHCP if you want to ignore it.


After that, the screen that appears asks you to set a name for your WiFi access point and the access password. Fill in the details and click the blue button.


The next page will show a QR code to download the Mi WiFi Android app for your phone. You can choose to close it. The next page will be the login page.


Login with the same password you set for the WiFi AP and you will be greeted with the home screen that will show connection details like WAN speed, connected devices and the like.


If you are able to access the internet successfully, you can use Google Translate from now onwards to get the router control panel settings in English. If you still aren’t able to access the internet, click the second tab on the top, then click the WAN (globe) icon, then in the first section, click the first button. Choose from either the PPPoE, DHCP or static IP tabs, fill in your details and click the blue button. When everything is successful, you will be able to browse the internet.


You can edit the WiFi settings by clicking on the WiFi icon, and you will be able to configure the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks separately, choose individual channels and transmission power.


Once you are properly connected to the internet, the rest of the settings can be viewed with Chrome browser and Google Translate. This thread in Xiaomi forums shows how the interface looks like when translated to English.

You can also use the English language Android app or PC app to control the router.

Web interface options

The web interface is very well-designed and properly thought out, and looks very different from the clumsy web interfaces of most home gateway routers. Not only does it look good, but also the controls are very easy to navigate and jumping between hoops isn’t needed. Even though the entire interface is in Chinese, I didn’t have any problem exploring the options. Surprisingly, all guesses I made about the controls turned out to be correct.

On logging into the web interface, there’s a home screen that shows the uptime in number of hours, the current WAN transfer rate, and the number of hosts connected to the router.


Clicking on the second tab takes you to the router settings. By default, you land on the info page, which displays the firmware version, option to update firmware and to factory reset the router.


Clicking the WiFi icon takes you to the WiFi settings where you can configure the WiFi networks separately.


Clicking the WAN icon allows you to set WAN IP settings, MAC address spoofing and the ability to use the router as a gateway or a wireless repeater.


Clicking the Security icon allows you to enable wireless access control or to change the router web interface password.


Clicking on the LAN icon allows you to set the DHCP server settings and LAN IP address of the router.


Clicking on the Settings icon shows up a variety of options like QoS, uPnP/port forwarding, DHCP IP reservations, dynamic DNS, DMZ and PPTP/L2TP VPN like you’d see on any other wireless router.


The options are pretty much exhaustive for a home user.


The LAN is a pretty much standard 100 Mbps Ethernet. I could browse the web and view videos effortlessly and even transfer files. I think it’d have made much more of a sense for Xiaomi to put in Gigabit Ethernet ports instead, but for such a low price the idea sounds farfetched in which you won’t even find a decent wireless-N router, let alone a Gigabit one. Xiaomi seems to have done a heavy cost-cutting with this one to fit the lower price bracket. We’ll come to this issue shortly.

The wireless LAN is pretty fantastic so far in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands as far as range is concerned. Even with “standard” power setting, I get a strong signal even when I’m 3 storeys down to the parking lot (that’s considering the number of walls the signal has to pass through). With the power setting set to “max”, it puts every other access point I have to shame including the 5 times more expensive Cisco Linksys X3500 (that I have) and the Linksys WRT-610N (that my dad has). I’m sure that with this router you will not have wireless connectivity related issues even if you live in a big mansion.

You can also attach hard drives and other storage devices to its USB port and use as networked storage.

I wanted to test the data transfer rate over the router. To emulate real file transfer across the wireless LAN, I configured one computer as an SFTP server and stored some massive files there. I then connected to that computer from another one via FileZilla and tried to download and upload some files. The test results are below. Note that I do not have a wireless-AC adapter on any of my PCs. So I tried to make-do with a wireless-N 300 Mbps adapter and see how far the router manages to live up to atleast the N speeds.

Wireless (300 Mbps) to wireless (300 Mbps):


Wireless (300 Mbps) to wired (100 Mbps):


Wired (100 Mbps) to wired (100 Mbps):


Then a wireless (300 Mbps) to wireless (300 Mbps) iperf test was performed:


I found the result of the tests to be very typical of a wireless network. When two adapters share a 300 Mbps channel, each gets a throughput of <50% because of channel contention, noise and other terminal issues that plague wireless connections. So the throughput among two wireless hosts is around 6.6 MB/sec or 52.8 Mbps. Compare this to my Linksys X3500, which gives a marginally better throughput of 8.1 MB/sec or 64.8 Mbps on wireless to wireless connectivity. When more wireless hosts are added, they contend for the channel more, making transfer rates even slower.

However, when a single wireless host is connected to the router, the channel is no longer shared and the host can potentially download/upload to a wired host at near line speeds. But the presence of 100 Mbps Ethernet instead of 1 Gbps, shows how a small decision to cut costs can affect peak performance in a great way. This is where the 100 Mbps link becomes a bummer. While the wireless host can exchange data at 200+ Mbps speeds, the presence of 100 Mbps link on the wired side caps the transfer rate to 10.9 MB/sec (87.2 Mbps).

Wired to wired speeds is only marginally faster than wireless to wired speeds (because wire is more reliable than wireless), giving 11.3 MB/sec (90.4 Mbps) which is almost line speed of 100 Mbps. This is the maximum speed one is ever going to achieve while accessing the internet with this router, because the WAN port is a 100 Mbps link as well.

Wireless-AC to wireless-AC transfer might be faster than all the test cases I have performed, but I don’t have a wireless-AC hardware to confirm it. If we estimate the throughput keeping losses and interference in picture, then on the basis of previous tests, a practical wireless-AC to wireless-AC transfer will not achieve more than 267 Mbps. Such is the beauty of wireless. 867 Mbps on the 5GHz channel is only a theoretical maximum. A wireless-AC to a wired connection can achieve 500+ Mbps but the router has a hardware limit of 100 Mbps on wired.

Gigabit Ethernet ports begin to make much more sense now. Wired is always best for bandwidth heavy devices. Xiaomi has clearly done this move to make the router more affordable, but at the same time left a big handicap on an otherwise exceptional device. But at the price at which this router is sold, one cannot really complain. Moreover, for everyday users, 267 Mbps on wireless is just fine for streaming full HD content to TVs from media servers or wireless Blu-Ray players. Neither do most internet users have a connection faster than 100 Mbps.

Xiaomi also provides regular firmware updates for the router, keeping the features updated and fixing known bugs.

The router also has own share of flaws. When it is set to act as a wireless repeater, one doesn’t get full-AC bandwidth on wireless connectivity.

Also, there is no option to enable/disable the NAT or edit routing tables. This means that one cannot use it for advanced routing or protocols like BGP, RIP or OSPF (dynamic routing). This can be solved by flashing OpenWRT by PandoraBox on the router, the details of which are beyond the scope of this review, but you can read this guide to achieve it.

Also, a noticeable missing feature is the guest wireless network. For most home users, however, the drawbacks will not be a matter of concern.



  • Very robust and highly performant
  • Easy user interface
  • Exceptional wireless range on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
  • Full-fledged home gateway capabilities like QoS, NAT, port forwarding, SPI firewall, etc.
  • Ability to attach USB peripherals and use as networked devices
  • Cheap pricing
  • Regular router firmware updates
  • OpenWRT support


  • 100 Mbps Ethernet ports are a bottleneck
  • No guest login or guest wireless network feature
  • No option to edit routing tables or manage dynamic routing on stock firmware
  • Doesn’t provide full AC bandwidth in wireless repeater mode
  • Chinese-only web interface

Getting one for yourself

The Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Mini Router is available for $30 on Gearbest, which is pretty much a steal deal for this router. Click this link to buy it.


The Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router Mini is definitely the best router in its price segment. It is ridiculously cheap, brings with it great features and stability and outperforms many other expensive ones. The drawbacks will not concern most home users and the Chinese-only language issue can be solved by using Google Translate. I am only hoping that they release this device worldwide so that we get an English firmware. Also, regular firmware updates will ensure that the device remains future proof for atleast a few more years. You will be surprised at how such cheap a device performs so well. At the price of peanuts, this product will never cease to amaze you.

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137 Responses to Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router Mini Review: big bang in a small buck

  1. Nice big review!

    It’s sad that one has to use Google translate to translate the Wi-Fi settings pages. If Mi is selling their product in India, they should have the content translated.

  2. Avatar Manu says:

    That is one In-Depth Review! Literally!
    It’s clear that the router will not hit the Global market as of now. The language being stuck in Chinese and all. Anyway, Loved every part of the review! Satisfied my YouTube part and also my Geeky part! Nicely done!

  3. Avatar Gaurav says:

    Thats impressive, But want to know 2 things whats the actual price because i searches so some sites are saying coming soon and some are saying it for $30, and second thing whats the wifi range ?? By the way the pics you clicked is impressive, means after seeing this post anyone can order it lol :P, but ya recently i ordered Tp-Link router sorry forget the actual name but if you clear my 2 questions so may be i cancel out my order and purchase this one

    • The WiFi range cannot be specifically measured in metres. It depends on the number of walls the signal has to pass through and other issues. But I can say that, it gives a far better range than most other wireless access points.

      The product sells for $30 on Gearbest. I have got my product from there. The link to buy it is right in the article.

      • Avatar Speedin says:

        Where is this set? Quoted from the article.
        “With the power setting set to “max” “

        • Its in the WiFi settings section. The one with the radiating waves.
          There is a power setting section. Depending upon what version of Chrome you use, Google Translate shows it as “wall” or “max”.

  4. Avatar Mohammad says:

    Thank you for this awesome review.

    Can you please confirm that you can use 3G dongle on this router.

    Thank you in advance.

  5. Avatar Mohammad says:

    Can I use this router instead of my Umax (wireless router not land line) to receive internet from IPS tower?

  6. Avatar Mohammad says:

    Bad news, I just asked one of MIUI’s support team about supporting 4G or 3G and his answer was that this router does not support either of them 🙁

  7. Avatar Raj says:

    Nice review.
    Can you mention the USB data transfer speed ?

    • I have only tested with a Transcend 8 GB USB flash drive. The read speed is like 11 MB/sec and write like 4 MB/sec. I don’t have a free HDD lying around to test so I cannot confirm if it can go faster or not.

  8. Avatar Jaskaran says:

    Hi, great detailed article. I have placed the order at GB, how long did it take to deliver on the free shipping option?

    • It depends on the customs actually. If the paperwork is clear, it will fly through in a week or less. Else it can be stuck till 4 weeks till they evaluate the price of the item.

      • Avatar Jaskaran says:

        Thanks for the response, how long did it take for you?

        • It took 3 weeks for me. I live in Assam, so that could be the case. If you live in a metro, it might be faster.

          • Avatar Jaskaran says:

            Thanks buddy, appreciate it.

            THe GB people seem really slack, its been 4 days since I ordered the router, the status still says ‘Processing’, I really hope it gets shipped.

          • Well, in my case, the package was shipped within a day and it reached New Delhi in 3 more days. After that it was stuck at Kolkata customs office for quite some time (2 weeks) before being delivered at home.

          • Avatar Harsh says:

            Did they(custom authorities/post office) make you pay any additional custom duty ? And do you remember your shipping agent, was it China post ?

          • Yes, you are right, it was shipped by China Post. And no, I did not have to pay any customs duty.

  9. Avatar robert says:

    Hey Sunit,
    I have a connection problem and may be you can help please.
    I have well configured everything in addition of connecting all cables properly.
    However i miss one essential point: I do not have access to the internet:I want to use it as an extender and the signal from my home router to the miwifi mini is in colour YELLOW while the color between the miwifi and the devices is BLUE and says excellent (with “0” data transfer).
    I miss a configuration apparently
    CAn you help Aplease to fix this please.


  10. Avatar robert says:

    Hello again,
    Sorry for responding a bit late as i was travelling.
    Yes. The Mini is connected to the router via LAN Cable

  11. Avatar robert says:

    Dear Sunit,
    Sorry for the delay. As i am not expert, i tried to switch back to access point but it did not allow me. In between, i had to rest and to reconfigure again. I am just on my way doing it now only .
    Will let you know when i am done. I guess it will take some time 🙁
    Hope i will manage

    Thanks so much for your patience


  12. Avatar robert says:

    Is there a way to know what is my new address of the mini please?after reset , normally i get the new address like 192.168. etc but not each time. After few resets, still i do not know the new mini address 🙁

  13. Avatar S R Y Farhan says:

    sir , i play counter strike GO online , so i have some doubts ?
    1.> Can it provide low var value on the server , i mean low ping and lag free gaming experience over wifi ?
    (Important) 2.>Can i use usb port and wan port together at the same time ?
    i meant i want to use my External hard disk to create as a local home server and wifi internet at the same time ? can i do it with this one .
    plz reply fast as i am getting offer on thi product . plz
    thank you in advance 🙂

  14. Avatar Pandu Aji says:

    If i use USB modem, it can work with CDMA and GSM ?

  15. Avatar S R Y Farhan says:

    sir i have booked this mini router on for rs 1400 and it will be coming any day soon . I will need your help to configure my USB port for hard disk and wan port for my Tikona connection very soon .
    As i wanted both thing at the same time to work (usb port and wann port) , i will require your help .
    MY hard disk is WB 2 TB and
    ISP = Tikona Internt connection
    i required my mini router to work as a cloud and hard disk to work as a local home server so that i can watch movies through wifi from my hard disk .
    thank you in advance for the future help 🙂

  16. Avatar Vinay says:

    I am planning to order from aliexpress or gearbest.
    How much custom you have paid for this?


  17. Avatar Vinay says:

    Thanks Sunit for Quick reply,

    I am planning to order from China Warehouse. What will be customs duty from China since order now costs $29.


  18. Avatar Ed McMilton says:

    A few comments on this. I own one. First, I got the “english patched” firmware. If you upgrade the firmware for any reason, like using the automatic update checker, you will revert to Chinese. Then you will never find your way out. There is no way to change it back once you lose the English. Second, it runs OpenWRT using PandoraBox fork of OpenWRT with closed source drivers. Third, the onboard radio is quite good. I get 5ghz in corners of my house than my old router didn’t penetrate. For regulatory options, it will so anything legal in HK, CN, or TW. You just have to pick the region you’re in.

    Fourth, the processor is a bit anemic. I use it as a VPN client and on a 5mbit link it’s at 100% CPU usage with one client connected. The USB port is slick. You can attach a hard disk and have an in-house NAT if you want. The lack of a gig ethernet port confuses me. It seems really like it’s intended for situations where you are using it for intranet file sharing, not INTERnet on anything more than a 50mbit connection.

    So I would dump the firmware, follow the guides for adding OpenWRT PandoraBox and then going from there to get a full-featured router. If you need a network extender or repeater, this is a great device for it.

    • Hello Ed,

      Thanks a lot for your comments clarifying the whole situation. I personally own one unit that has no English language support from the start. And some people have mentioned the availability of English firmware. So this will clear every doubt.

      I agree with the fact that the radio is pretty good on this model. And I also do agree that the lack of a Gigabit port is a concern.

      I haven’t had the opportunity to try out the VPN yet, so I’ll give the benefit of doubt to you.

      Regarding PandoraBox, it requires getting the developer version of the stock ROM and then flashing the PandoraBox firmware over SSH. The thing that concerns me here is there are several guides that tell how to flash PandoraBox but not how to go back to stock.

      Please do keep us updated with your ventures.

      Warm regards,

  19. Avatar WP Carers says:

    What an in-depth and useful review, thank you! It’s such a shame this isn’t being sold in Europe but hopefully that will change soon.

  20. Avatar Robert Palmoer says:

    Hey Sunit,
    My miwifi mini worked fine with your guidelines and i thank you for that so much. However, suddenly after some weeks of good work, it now “refuses” to connect through and no access to wifi. Tried to reset and again, can not access the router anymore for setting it up. Any ideas sir?
    Thank you

  21. Avatar Robert Palmoer says:

    Thank you Sir.
    I reset the miwifi few times and suddenly, it allowed me to connect to

    Another question please: How do i backup photos/files from my xiaomi cell phone to the Storage device ( added through the USB ) to the miwifi
    Thanks indeed

  22. Avatar Aryan says:

    Hi sunit,
    Thanks for your detailed review.
    Can you mention about power settings, sorry but i didnot find power settings as mentioned in article as MAX.

  23. Avatar dgp says:

    how to shutdown the device with properly ?

  24. Avatar S R Y Farhan says:

    Sir i got my MINI WIFI router but it is not opening as you said , i have tried and also tried but it is saying no connection . Sir i have also tried the application on the mobile (i.e Mi Router) but when i started the app to set up new router , it is saying ” no new and unpaired router found ” . Sir please help and tell me what to do ?

    • Try to do a reset by pushing in a paper clip into the reset hole.

      • Avatar S R Y Farhan says:

        sir i have asked the seller and he told me that he have rooted the modem with English firmware and the login ip is now .
        Sir now i want to ask some question .
        1.> Does both 2.5 ghz and 5 ghz wifi will produce together ?
        2.> How to use usp port , i dont know anything about it . ?
        3.> How to check weather router is orignal or wifi range has been increased ? (before i was using netgear 150 N router )

        • 1. Yes, its a simultaneous dual-band router.
          2. It needs the Android app and you need to plug the device into the USB port.
          3. Connect the old router simultaneously and check which has the farthest range.

          • Avatar S R Y Farhan says:

            1.>Sir , i have downloaded the mobile application , plz can u help me with step by step instruction for the usp port application ?
            2.> Without app it will not work ? that mean directly configuring from ?

  25. Excellent review. I have one of these. But after initial setup and setting the user password, it keeps asking for a WAP2 password. Can you please help?

  26. Avatar Yok Kian Chin says:

    Thanks Sunit for your very well written review on Xiomi Mi.
    Will you be doing a review on Xiami New Mi WIFI router 802.11ac Broadcom 4709C?
    Can these router be used on ADSL2 telephone lines or separate modem is required.

    Kind regards,

    Kian Chin

    • Hello Kian,

      I’ll review it if I am able to get my hands on it or if someone sends it to me to review. It doesn’t sell in my country so the only way is to either find a reseller or import it. That being said, the chances for getting to review it is low.

      The Xiaomi New Mi WIFI router 802.11ac Broadcom 4709C is not an ADSL2/2+ modem. You will need a separate modem.

  27. Avatar Robert Palmoer says:

    Hi Sunit,
    Today i have a proposed router T&W VDSL2 4-Port Switch Router that can handle 40 Mega. I would need to connect it via wire to the Siemens and it will be configured as a bridge. So answering your question:Yes i want to connect the Xiaomi Mi Router to the Siemens via wire -but the xiaomi should be configured somehow as a bridge. Do you think it is possible please?
    Thank you

    Hello Robert,
    My question is that, you want to use the Xiaomi router just for WiFi and connect it to the Siemens one via wire?
    Warm regards,
    Sunit Kumar Nandi

    Hello again Sunit,
    Thanks for valuable advise. I have a question please: I would like To Turn my xiaomi miwifi Router Into A Wireless Bridge. I will explain: I have an (old) Siemens router that is capable to handle up to 15 mega only and my Internet company offers me internet connection of 40 mega so want to use my Xiaomi mifiwi as a bridge as it can treat the 40 mega and above (I need the siemens router as it serves me to make landlines calls) Would it be possible to to please? thanks Robert

    • Hello Robert,

      The MiWifi can be used as a bridge, but looking at your use case, you wish to access internet over VDSL2. And MiWifi is just a router, not a VDSL2 modem. The MiWifi can be used as a router for your existing modem, but it cannot itself act as a modem.

      There are two ways you can connect your Siemens to:

      1. Siemens <--> T&W.
      2. Siemens <--> MiWifi ))) WiFi ((( T&W

      The second case is applicable if the T&W has WiFi and you wish to use the Siemens in another room (i.e., using MiWifi as a wireless repeater/bridge). If you plan on using it as a wired bridge, then it is pretty much useless; you can connect it to the T&W directly.

      When I searched VDSL2, I found this:
      Is this the T&W you were talking about?

  28. Avatar Bruno says:

    Hi Sunit, is it possible to attach a printer to the usb port and use it as a network printer then?

  29. Avatar Trimi says:

    Thank you Sunit I enjoyed reading your review. I read that this Mi router also support VPN client. So, can you give further information. How does it work, Does PIA vpn for example support it, or make a video or something.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hello Trimi,

      Yes, it does support PPTP and L2TP VPN. You need to get the manual settings for PPTP or L2TP from PIA and type them in the router’s web interface and connect from there. My friend does the same with his Mi router and it works very well.

  30. Avatar Narasimha Swamy says:

    Is it possible to set-up WPA-2 Enterprise security on this router ?

  31. Avatar Mig33lover says:

    hi sunit, can i use this router as repeater with wifi support not LAN??
    1. with same config as other router
    2. connect to other router with new config

    #config = wifi name & password


  32. Avatar Raul says:

    This router have the posibility to use with bridge mode ?

  33. Avatar bell tan says:


    does the xiaomi wifi router supports Windows 10? I heard that the router does not support Windows 10 and thus cannot connect to wifi.

  34. Avatar Felixrising says:

    I’m unclear why you have chosen SFTP as the benchmarking tool. SFTP is known to have poor file transfer performance. Lots on that here:

    As such, I think the results are invalid.

    • I think, for sub-gigabit speeds, SFTP has no real speed issues, given that both the server and client being tested in question are high-powered PCs.
      The real question is, how come on the wireline, they tests max out the line speed?

  35. Avatar Bojan Markovic says:

    One question and i hope that i will get a answer. Can i use this router in a way that when multiple users are on wifi i can limit a max speeds per user and other similar options? Thanks in advance!

  36. Avatar Omesh says:

    Dear Nandi

    I will appreciate if you can help me in following

    1 Obtain root SSH password and the binary to enable SSH:

    2 How we can get the SSH connection to the device. I have tried the steps in Website ; but failed. Can you please help and guide me how to connect via ssh.

  37. Avatar Amr says:

    Hi sunit
    Is this router can work in wisp mode, to repeat wifi signal but with new IP address

  38. Avatar Rafi says:

    I am now testing this router here. The weird problem is that I cannot get more then ~60Mbps download with wired connection (no Wifi) from the Internal 🙁

    In your wired tests – was the ~90Mbos wired speed tested between two LAN ports, or WAN->LAN?
    If between LANs, can you test from WAN, the download with P2P from the Internet too? With I get only ~30Mbps 🙁


    • I’ve tested both the internal and external. tests are internet tests. So the servers used for these tests are not directly connected to your router. There are a lot of other factors that influence speeds, and your 30 Mbps throughput has to do something with your ISP/network and not your router.

      Coming to getting 60 Mbps with internal ports, are you using Windows? From my experience Windows reserves like 20-30% of the bandwidth for itself and for Windows updates, so unless you tweak the value in registry, you can’t get full speeds.

      • Avatar Rafi says:

        Thanks for the quick response!

        I have tested sped both with P2P (multiple connections), and my ISP site. I am getting ~95M in both cases when My PC is connected directly to the cable modem (as you can see in here: ).

        Leaving the internal speed aside (since less important), I see around ~50M with those same tests when the router is connected, as you can see here:

        I suspect that it has to do with some bug in the new English version I upgraded to (2.8.91), since I think I remember higher rates before (not sure) . I think I’ve seen a user also reporting so in the Internet.

        I was hoping you can test that (and confirm or not). Maybe it is a defective unit here.

        I hesitate to revert back to to version 2.2.100 , since I am not sure I can manage w/o English.


  39. im a mi router mini user from the philippines, i use the following ROMS / Firmwares

    Developers ROM Xiaomi
    Stable ROM Xiaomi with pure ENGLISH
    Openwrt Enhanced Edition for International (

    and the most stable and one of the best

    PADAVAN Firmware, (usb port can be used as 3G , printer or FTP !)
    repeater mode also works super fine, you can use the 2.4ghz as repeater and 5ghz as AP and also they have Built in TRANSMISSION TORRENT

  40. Avatar Aditya says:

    hello , can i setup the router without connect to wired ethernet for the first time ? bcs i stay in a apartment that i dont know where’s the primary router located. so i want make this router as a repeater or wifi extender to my room. fyi i can connect to the primary router on my smartphone and i know the password but in very poor signal . thanks

  41. Avatar somnath says:

    how to configure 802.11ac protocol and on which page?

    I can see it is by default configured 802.11n which provides max of 300MB.

  42. Avatar Jonas says:

    maybe you know if there is a possibility to turn off external hdd at nights, because it buzz driving me crazy?

  43. Avatar Balz says:


    Bruno asked whether if its possible to connect a usb printer to the usb port and then use it as network printer. You said it’s possible – can you also describe how? I’m struggling there…

    thank you!

  44. Avatar SunnyK says:

    It has now got an English interface. You can change it from ‘updates” system language option.
    I’m using latest 2.8.91 ROM

  45. Avatar achillealba says:

    you can make backup of firmware and install it in other router

  46. Avatar WINSTON CARRERA says:

    Hi! I’m completely lost now after having worked on this gadget for the first time. Because the instructions are all in Chinese characters I tread on the “set password” box. I was able to set up the password each for Xiaomi_9FE3 and Xiaomi_9FE3_5G. I want to have the device reset. How will I do this? Please help me. Thank you very much

  47. Avatar shane watson says:

    Yes ! love to read your article about that Xiaomi Mi Wifi Review. Its intresting and i will love to use this for my home.

  48. Avatar Debashish Halder says:

    Hello Sunit,

    I have purchased a Mi Wifi Mini router; all configuration is fine – internet is working good.

    But when i try to connect with mobile app MiWifi Router to see connected usb storage or other – i can’t connect.
    Application writes: can’t connect to mi account.

    I double checked my mi account it is fine, also when i use GPRS and this app i can connect to my profile but then app asks me to connect to mi-wifi – and when i connect – no reaction.

    Could you please help me on this issue. Thank you.


  49. Avatar Amit Kaushal says:

    hi Sunit,
    i don’t know if you still read this blog. i must say i bought this router after reading your review and it is an amazing router when compared to the likes of d-link, linksys and tp links that i have used in the past.
    my query is that when i’m away from home network i’m able to use my hard dive attached to router through mi wifi app on my android phone. i want to get the access to hard drive through my computer without app. if you can help with settings.

  50. Avatar LuisGuimaraes says:

    Hi. How do I change the LAN IP adress of this router. I wanna use instead of


  51. Avatar malinscky says:

    you can make backup of firmware and install it in other router

  52. Avatar Joel says:

    Hi Sunit,
    I have an act 100 Mbps connection but when I connect it through the mi router the max speed is 20mbps. Is there some setting to increase this speed or is this the best this router can do?

  53. Avatar Joel says:

    Yes over wifi. When I connect it directly I am getting 100mbps but when I connect it to the router it drops to 20mbps

    • Avatar Akash says:

      Same here very low speed on wifi . I have same 100plan
      I set 2ghz to 1 chennal n 5ghz auto 149
      Mtu value 1454

      Even i upgraded to latest ver also but nt working too.
      Please help.
      I tried openwrt but its little tricky cant able to do.

      Is there any other rom so i can directly flash .

  54. Avatar Rishab Mehta says:

    Hey Sunit,

    Great article there.

    Just a few doubts

    1 So I m planning on the latest 4 antenna model of MI router with 2-3 repeaters
    So is the firmware in English or not?

    2 I heard about there mi repeaters that are about $10 so ₹600-700 wat i heard is they can be configured just by plugging them into the USB port and waiting for 30 seconds
    Is it true? How good is the performance

    3 I m planning on buying Chromecast 2015(round one)
    And ill be using it for casting from my laptop and phone (MI3) so will it all be compatible?

    • 1. I have been reading around, and I’ve noticed that out of the box, the firmware is Chinese. You may flash an English firmware if it is available (I’m not sure 100% about that).

      2. I don’t have one yet, so I can’t comment about the performance.

      3. Yes, it will be compatible. Just get the Chromecast app. You can even use BubbleuPnP to stream to Chromecast.

  55. Avatar Vicky says:

    can we able to edit clone WAN MAC Address? is there any option in WAN editing? pls reply. thanks

  56. Avatar Benji says:

    Hello guys, I used Mi Router Mini, but i don’t why there’s red light. I cannot connection to my phone or pc. Somebody knows about this? Thank you.

  57. Avatar Alief R says:

    Hey Sunit,

    Nice one for your article.

    I have 1 doubt. Initially, i bought Mi Wifi Mini Router, i just used that for a few day, but there’s red light Indicator. So, you have idea for this issue? much thankyou. I’ll be waiting your answer as soon as possible.

  58. Avatar Ravi kumar says:

    Hi …can u tell me how many system can we connect with this router at a time .This router is actually very good but i m facing a problem ..sometime my pc did not get any connection and after sometime it will automatically get connected.plz tell me the reason.


  59. Avatar Sharone says:

    I have the router but am not sure about one point.
    Can it be used as a modem as well, i.e. can I directly connect it to the phone jack outlet ?
    currently I have to keep my old modem/router so that I can connect the WAN into it.
    That’s a bummer since I was hoping to get rid of my old router.

  60. Avatar Md. Shaiful Islam says:

    Hello Mr. Nandi!

    I just bought Mi wifi 3 from xiaomi store. the working and web interface are basically the same as the Mi wifi mini.

    I want to use a WiMax dongle with it. But does it support this in its usb port? I am not being able to do this. Could you please help?

  61. Avatar Rommel says:

    Comment here are all dumb questions.

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