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Expert Review of Monfex Trading Platform – An Easy Way to Trade Bitcoins

In this article, you will better know about Monfex, of the most popular brokers for trading stocks, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices and commodities: Monfex.

This business platform is appreciated both by the people who take their first steps in this industry and both by the professional and experienced people who already know a lot about cryptocurrencies, funds and trading on the stock exchange.

The outstanding advantages of Morfex are the possibility to trade more than 200 instruments, the availability of great leverage, simplicity of use, transparency and security.

If you are interested, continue reading the expert review here below.

What is this about?

Monfex is a trading platform that offers inversions between cryptocurrencies and leverage. It’s not about trading cryptocurrencies, it’s just speculation about their prices relating to the USD. This means that you will be trading CFD price difference contracts.

Once registered, you can start placing bets with other users. The latter will place a bet with the price of the indicated cryptocurrency. However, each bet must be “for something”. In this case, the user also receives a specific amount. Of course, the parties to the bet must have the appropriate funds to take to the jackpot.

Ultimately, there is a large sum to earn, which is a multiple of each user’s “contribution”. The amount that you can go bet depends on the size of the crane. Users can indicate whether they believe the cryptocurrency will gain or lose value relative to the USD. The whole “transaction” is very simple, reliable and clear. Therefore, whoever tries once in the trade will return to him.

Currently, trading is possible through a simple and fast trading system, called “WebTerminal MT 4” and through the trading system “MetaTrader 4”, the most popular and convenient on the market.

Why is Monfex so special?

Nowadays there are a very large number of sites on the network that offer exchanges in order to make a lot of money. But the efficiency and the speed allow this business platform, called Monfex, to distinguish itself from many others.

Thanks to its very positive reviews on the web, Monfex is constantly updated and modernized so that its users can take advantage and operate with an always clearer and more intuitive working platform.

A very intelligent power of our website is that it recommends its users, before starting activities where they can risk a lot, to know very well the subject, the market and the instrument. The tools you will find in this regard will be the daily trading and market analysis academy; the teaching of risk management will also be offered by the trading academy, where you will learn how to develop an effective business plan, better understand the risk-performance relationship and be able to use a technical and graphic analysis of prices…

Monfex does not deprive itself of essential information, which for example the market analysis that will allow us to establish what could bring profits in the near future or perhaps losses.

How to begin?

You will only need a few minutes as this process is very intuitive and fast. Initially you will provide your standard details, such as first name, last name, country of residence, email, phone number and a password.

After you have accepted the regulations and if interested and have subscribed to the newsletter in order to be updated with all the news from our website, your Monfex account will be ready.

Once logged in, you will have the possibility thanks to the simplicity and clarity of this platform to be able to become familiar with the interface and the respective individual tabs.

The Monfex platform is not only known for its valuable effectiveness but also because it is one of the few platforms in the web where you won’t have to charge a fee to be able to delete your account. You can simply cancel your contract without consequences!

So now you can finally enjoy Monfex: deposit money and start investing!

Quick withdrawal and instant deposit

Effective and simple are the most effective adjectives that describe better the depositing funds and withdrawing in Monfex.

If you want to withdraw, you will need to simply enter the menu, click on “withdraw” and incorporate your BTC address. Within eight hours the funds will be sent.

Furthermore, you can pay through cryptocurrencies, which will be paid to the address provided on the platform, or by debit or credit card. We always remember that they are safe ways to make payments.

Cryptocurrencies to deposit will have to have a minimum amount of 0.01 BTC. Once the correct procedure has been done, you will see your funds in your account and in just one hour.

We recommend, especially for novice users, to use a standard credit card like Master Card or VISA.

For most trading instruments the minimum payment amount is indicatively $8, while for stocks it is $200. In addition, on the platform for traditional currencies, which USD, EUR, PLN can also buy cryptocurrencies.

Which cryptocurrencies can be bought on Monfex?

This trading platform offers you a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, from the most common, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), EOS or Dash (DSH), up to the less known, but increasingly prominent, i.e. Monero (XMR) , NEO or Ethereum (ETH)..

Many investment opportunities

Monfex stands out from many other platforms for its positive and effective features. Cryptocurrencies and the trading lever play a major role in transactions, which are carried out just like on stock exchanges. Thanks to bitcoins you can now withdraw, deposit money and turn it into them with complete security! No one will be able to hack your account, withdraw your money, or steal from someone else… You can rest and be risk-free!

Trading with leverage

The world of cryptocurrency is changing very dynamically. That’s why the Monfex platform offers the opportunity to trade with up to 400X leverage (maximum leverage is different for each instrument). That means that investors get the opportunity to increase invested capital and therefore get higher profits by trading with leverage.

Once, you could earn up to several hundred percent, thanks to large exchange rate fluctuations in ordinary transactions, but unfortunately, nowadays this situation has changed.

In addition to encouraging the use of “own leverage”, Monfex also tries to slow the user down so that he can think carefully about his investments and strategies.

You should remember, however, that where there is risk and strategy there can be considerable gains, but also large losses!

Browse the website

This platform is also an optimal platform also for those who are less accustomed to the computer. In fact the portal is extremely easy to use and all user-accessible features are available.

As described above, you have registered, activated the account and payment, you will already be able to log in and have your own individual user account where you can finally work in full security.

As you can see for yourself, on the first page will be your balance, winnings, losses and data. In the list of instruments with their prices you can start your adventure. Always maintaining a logical thought, a desire for quick and safe gains, an approach to the subject and a desire for risk, like in life itself, occasionally does well.

Anyway, on the trading panel you will be able to adjust the lever according to your predispositions and what you will achieve. Many are the options in Monfex: Limit, Market, Stop Loss and Take Profit.

However, once you have logged into the website, at the top of the initial page, you can click on “how it works” and you will find in “frequently asked questions” your answers.

For your peace and security, you can also find a phone number where our service employees will immediately help you solve your problems or doubts.

From a small platform on the market, Monfex has today become one of the clearest, easiest and most readable platforms. The result can be seen in the growing number of users who start their adventure with us. Your positive reviews of Monfex platform confirm how your transactions are working and therefore your satisfaction is increasing. A highly praised option by our customers is the ability to manage a personal account that allows the operation of the website.

With the experience you will also become one of those people who have a good strategy, know the market and who like the risk and doing so… getting much luck!

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