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Enter STINO, the no-fuss surface mount for iPad

Ever wanted to mount your tablet to a wall, only to realise that any mount, whether mechanical or adhesive, damages your wall surface when removed. Fortunately, now there is a solution. The team at Stino, a product team of iClever, has been hard at work creating a unique new iPad mount that turns any wall, window, or non-porous flat space into a TV spot. Now, Stino has launched their nanotech mounting solution through a Kickstarter campaign that will aim to raise funds and awareness for the product.



Stino’s iPad mount is revolutionary as it is the first of its kind to leverage nanotechnology to adhere iPads to any flat surface. The tape surface on the mount is comprised of millions of microscopic air cells that create partial vacuums between the tape and the target surface, thus adhering the iPad due to differences in air pressure.



When it is time to unmount the iPad, users can easily remove and reapply it without damaging the surface or leaving behind residues. The Stino mount is washable and reusable, and does not interfere with device functionality.


The Stino iPad mount has been in development since October 2015, when initial testing on the nano suction formula began. Now, Stino estimates that mass production and shipping of the all-new mount will commence in August 2016. The Stino will be delivered globally with free shipping.

The Kickstarter campaign for Stino is now live. Backers can contribute $10 or more to the campaign, and there are corresponding benefits in return. The team at Stino has confirmed that even if the desired crowdfunding goal is not reached, they will still ship the product to the campaign backers.

More details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page >>

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