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A Complete Guide to Welcome Emails: Keys to Getting the Best Results in 2022

“First impression is also the lasting impression” is indeed true. But, to frame it in a marketer’s language, leverage a welcome email as a doorway to your email marketing campaign effectively.

Your email strategy is essential for increasing conversion rates and boosting sales. 73% of senior marketers believe that email is an integral part of your customer’s journey, as per a recent study.

A welcome email is a company’s first email to a new customer, blog subscriber, or newsletter subscriber. Videos, special offers, a sign-up form, or just a pleasant hello can all be included in welcome emails to help create a relationship with new contacts.

Tips and Tricks of Welcome Emails to Generating Conversions

A welcome email is a tangible way to start a healthy and engaging relationship with your leads and customers. Recent research suggests that welcome emails have a 4x open rate and a 5x click-through rate compared to a conventional email marketing campaign. Following are some tips and tricks to create and enhance your welcome email:

  • Make the subject line more enticing

You must first persuade a subscriber to open your welcome email before it can affect their purchasing decision. That’s where a catchy title comes in handy. The subscriber has provided you with their email address, and now you have the opportunity to thank them with a modest gift.

Because subscribers are generally anticipating an opt-in confirmation, something as simple as “Hello and Welcome” may be enough to persuade them to open the email. Notable brands such as Amazon and Airbnb use this subject line to thank their subscribers or welcome them to their community.

  • Be Prompt in Sending the Welcome Email

Do you know 74% of consumers anticipate receiving a welcome email right after subscription? Hence, the importance of immediacy in good welcome emails cannot be overstated.

Here’s another astonishing fact that will possibly bring to light the gravity of welcome emails in 2022. New customers make 45 percent of their initial purchases within the first 24 hours of signing up!

Hence, send a timely welcome email assuring subscribers of a successful sign-up. Moreover, this may also be a quality start of a lively discussion.

  • Maintain a Consistent Format of Your Template

One important factor that generates loyal audiences is how firmly your brand could gain trust on the first go. In addition, trust and consistency run parallel. Therefore, maintaining a consistent email design is the key to building trust with your audience.

Before you create any words for your welcome campaign, think about your template; for reusing it in the future. You must consider every aspect of your design, such as pre-header, logo, linking of colors, image filters, graphic style, and footer fonts. These days, you may avail an email marketing expert who would get your job done in the most accurate and effective ways.

  • Make Your Welcome Email Mobile-Friendly

More than half of your receivers’ emails are opened on mobile devices. Also, do you know more than 70% of adults under 35 claim they open emails on their smartphones?

However, keep in mind that consumers frequently view the same email on various devices. For example, they might open an email on their smartphone first, then return to it later on their laptop to finalize a purchase.

  • Make Sure to Include Clear CTAs

Telling people exactly what you want is the most effective way of getting them to accomplish what you want. Calls to action, or CTAs, are used to accomplish this.

It’s important to remember that not every CTA needs to be a sales pitch. Instead, simple, effective messages help subscribers find the portions of their website that are most relevant to their needs. “Download app,” “Read our blog,” and “Explore” are some great examples.

  • Determine Your Email’s Tone and Voice

What matters is not what you say. But, what how you say it!

People favor email over other mediums by 59 percent across all age categories. Also, they like the fact that they have control over the issue.

Well, you wouldn’t want to deviate too far from your blog or website’s tone, but email allows you to be more conversational. Make it feel like you’re having a one-on-one conversation with the person.

  • Include a Link to Unsubscribe

It may sound counterintuitive, but even as you onboard and welcome new members, you must always make it simple for them to unsubscribe at any moment.

Most email service providers, including Campaign Monitor, include an unsubscribe link by default.

Wrapping Up

Proper planning is essential for crafting the best welcome emails. Here are a few pointers and excellent practices to remember apart from the most important ones mentioned above:

  • Include interactive or multimedia features as well as interesting material.
  • Allow your subscribers to choose how frequently they want to receive emails from you.
  • Make it simple for your customers to connect with your company.

Share with us your story of an effective welcome email right here in the comments!

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