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Appodeal Holds the Key for Developers to Monetize Successfully

Most applications in the AppStore and Google Play store are monetized through using in-app advertising, a universal solution in the present mobile world, and this is especially true when we talk about Android. To monetize their apps, developers must appeal to the great amount of ad networks.

This means they have to create accounts, integrate their code one by one, and then manually choose the platform they would like to use. The same question, which appears every time, is whether the developers use all of the potential of their app in terms of profit.

Developers are not exactly specialists in this field and, sometimes, leave out some required steps when organizing, defining and developing a successful advertising campaign. For them especially, a service such as Appodeal can go a long way when setting this up. It is an intelligent mobile app monetization solution, efficiently automating and optimizing all aspects of the ad monetization process.

Appodeal was created by developers and publishers who know the pain of being on the other side, so it increases revenue for developers through an established marketplace where ad networks compete against each other in real-time auctions for every ad impression.

With Appodeal, developers can access all advertising demand on the market with no mediation or ad serving fees, and they deliver a clear service, as they do not favor any marketplace and deliver transparent reports. Integrating a single SDK consisting of 10 lines of code, and gives access to 30 major ad networks at a time.

Appodeal also allows developers to monitor their campaigns from the first to the last day. In fact, it is essential to evaluate what went well and what did not, the things that can be improved, what should be removed, and so on. Appodeal’s Insights feature gives publishers multidimensional intelligence into the effectiveness of in-app ads. With this information, app publishers can take proactive steps to improve ad revenue generation across various audiences, device types and network usage scenarios.

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