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7 Advantages of the Google Cloud Platform

Cloud computing continues to grow in popularity due to its many advantages. The Google Cloud platform provides cloud computing solutions backed by one of the most popular tech companies in the world. Consider these seven advantages of the Google Cloud platform when comparing cloud computing services.

1. Price

The Google Cloud platform offers robust features, such as Google Cloud functions, at a competitive price point. Because Google bills by the minute for this service, users only pay for the time they use. They also offer lower rates for long-running workloads, without requiring a commitment from the customer. This makes the Google platform a good choice for new businesses and businesses experimenting with cloud computing because they can qualify for discounted rates without being locked into a long-term commitment to the service.

2. Live Migration of Virtual Machines

Live migration of virtual machines is a feature offered on the Google Cloud platform that is not available from many competitors. Live migrations enable Google to provide better service when repairing, patching or updating software and hardware because users do not experience downtime due to reboots. To further reduce potential downtime, the platform features zero downtime resizing of persistent disks.

3. Fast, Reliable Network

Google has built one of the largest, fastest and most reliable networks in the world. By making their backbone available to Google Cloud users, they can share all the advantages of their world-class network with their cloud customers. Additionally, Google is constantly improving and expanding their network, so there is little risk of the technology becoming obsolete. Another benefit of using Google’s fast network is that you can get more done in less time, which means fewer usage minutes to pay for. Google also offers a tiered network that allows users who need the fastest, most reliable network to pay a premium, while users who run less demanding operations can choose the standard network at a lower price.

4. Security

The Google Cloud platform takes advantage of the same security system that has been built to protect users of Google’s other popular services, such as Gmail. Google has a team of more than 500 people working to constantly improve security and guard users against the latest threats. Google’s security features include encrypted data, authentication, fewer hops and enterprise security certifications.

5. Backups

Google Cloud storage includes nearline, coldline, regional and multi-regional storage options. Data is stored redundantly and utilizes automatic checksums to verify data integrity. Because your data is stored in at least two different geographic regions by default, you are better protected against data loss due to a natural disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake.

6. Data Insights

The Google platform gives you access to their big data technology, cloud data warehousing, machine learning, real-time data processing, intelligent data preparation and visual analytics. These innovative technologies provide you with industry-standard tools for analyzing your data without having to build and maintain your own data analytics system.

7. Clean Energy

Google has committed to utilizing renewable energy in its operations. By utilizing large-scale procurement of wind and solar power, Google has become the world’s largest corporate buyer of renewable energy. They are working towards the goal of sourcing enough carbon-free energy to meet their global electricity consumption in all locations, at all times. They are also committed to providing new developers of clean energy with the resources to enter the market and working with energy companies to build innovative new green technology. Additionally, Google is working to make renewable energy sources more accessible to consumers.

As one of the largest tech companies in the world, Google can offer its world-class network, security and reliability to users of their cloud platform. As a bonus, Google is also committed to making their own operations more sustainable, while also improving consumer access to green energy. The Google Cloud platform is a cost-effective, feature-rich and price competitive way to access the benefits of cloud computing.

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