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Important Information About Advanced Telecom Systems

Information is brought to you through communication networks, which can be wired directly to your computer or wirelessly via cellphone. Most of our telecommunication devices are useless without a system to power them. A cellular network keeps you connected all the time, and that’s why you see cell towers all over the place. These cell towers elevate antennas responsible for transmission and reception of radio frequency signals to and from mobile phone devices.

Cellular antennas convert electric signals to radio waves and vice versa. It’s quite common for the signal strength to get weak, which in turn causes communication problems. Poor signal strength may be due to the distance between the cell tower and mobile phone because the cell phones only communicate with the nearest tower.

Whenever there is a poor connection, a mobile phone tries to transmit stronger signals to establish a link to the cell tower. This can eventually destroy your phone’s battery, and that’s why Advanced Telecommunication Systems is there to boost connectivity, reduce dropped calls, and save your mobile phone’s batteries.

Our company deals with the installation of distributed antenna systems to solve all of your telecommunication problems in colleges and universities, residence, high-rise areas, construction sites, offices, medical institutions, sports venues, and museums. We are one of the country’s leading Distributed Antenna Installation companies for multiple reasons, and we never disappoint when it comes to providing the best services possible at a fair price.

DAS Solutions

The distributed antenna system provides mobile phones signal in large venues. Often, these venues are constructed by using hard components such as metal and concrete, which blocks or weaken the signal. Our DAS solutions aim at delivering secure network coverage within a building or residence. Before digging further, it is essential to familiarise ourselves with two types of DAS solutions, namely active and passive DAS.

Passive Distributed Antenna System is sometimes known as a cellular signal amplifier that captures outside cellular signals via the antenna and transfers them to amplifying units through the coax cable. The amplifier uses splitters to send the signals to the broadcasting antenna network. There are different sizes of cellular amplifiers ranging from five thousand to a hundred thousand sq. Ft. It’s possible to link several units to one donor antenna to provide broader coverage.

Active DAS transmits signals inside the coaxial cable to a digital conversion network in the venue. Afterward, the conversion of the signal to an optical signal is done and then transmitted to the Remote Access Unit (RAU). The Remote Access Unit changes the signal back to Radiofrequency signal, amplifies the signal, and then distributes it to broadcasting antenna channels.

DAS Design

The DAS system is designed to handle the most complex network coverage issues for indoor users. It deals with network coverage, on-site spectrum analysis, and much more. Provision of our services starts by conducting a site survey on the particular geographical area which involves asking questions about;

  • The size of the property
  • Population size or number of occupants
  • Scope of the area that needs coverage
  • Lastly, testing the signal strength of the area

After collecting all the data required, that’s when our company can propose how to carry out the installation, and that will include design drawings.

DAS Consulting

Apart from installations, we provide consultation to customers on choosing the best DAS solution suitable for their property or building. In giving this consultation, ATS also helps clients choose the solution that suits their budget. We also handle complaints related to weak cellular network coverage and public safety issues. In general here at Advanced Telecom Systems, we offer consultation services on the following areas;

  • Public safety for new construction sites
  • Site survey for planning designs and designs review
  • Development and analysis of radio frequencies
  • Inspection of DAS installation

DAS Installation

All installations are carried out by a specialized team of specialized DAS installers for the perfect job. Our previous tenders include DAS installations in large venues, medical, learning, and government institutions. Since very few competitors provide the in-house DAS solution, Advance Telecom Systems is more than willing to enter into a contract with a third party and work with another company to provide that service for clients.

DAS Maintenance & Monitoring

Even though the installation of the Distributed Antenna System is the main focus of the job, our company likes to ensure the continued efficiency of the system’s operations through maintenance, monitoring, and support services for all clients. We work with equipment manufacturers to makes sure that the system continues to work smoothly in the best condition.

When it comes to 24/7 support services, we recommend purchasing a monitoring program to ensure your wireless system is always updated and quick identification of issues for immediate solutions. The program resolves 90% of the problems, thus eliminating the need for clients to travel in search of technical support.

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