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Advanced Link Building Strategies In 2019

That link building is one of the most effective attention-getting techniques for websites is not exactly news. However, tactics used to achieve this change with each coming year. As Google advances to improve its search engine capacities, website owners must also do the same for their link building techniques. So, to assist your quest for quality link-building this year here’s a comprehensive guide on the best practices to follow.

Practice Third-party Publicizing

Subtopics that are featured on relevant third-party websites, news outlets, and blogs. Make sure your content sheds more insight into the content of the original piece. Then, link back to the specific content piece on the main website.

Guest Posting

Create valuable contents that are designed to feature on third party sites and blogs. Also feature guest posts from influencers, in the hope that they will share it at some point. Make sure the guest post has a clear purpose and solid editorial review procedure so its relevant to both parties. It is also important to Set Good Keywords for Better Optimization in the search engines.

Build Link Awareness

Identify the top rated websites that link back to your content. You can do this through SEO tools, like SEMrush. Also, conduct Domain Authority research on influencers of publications relevant to your niche. Then reach out to them with the intention to expand those relationships.

Social Media Promotion

Build content that easily appeals to users of whatever social media platform you’re promoting on. Design your posts to focus on specific niches and attract the relevant people. Make sure the content is crafted in such a way that will compel users of the selected social media to share.

Build Strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basis

Prepare your content so your site ranks well in search listings. Ensure high-quality content when working with third parties by scrutinizing your content before approval. Use more traditional keywords when control is totally yours. Also, monitor your content on sites where you have limited control to ensure it hasn’t been clogged with unnecessary links. Employ a thoughtful linking strategy that avoids duplication or repetition of links on anchor texts.

Map Content KPIs to Link Building Goals

Make sure to set key performance indicators for measuring link building success. Since the ultimate goal is to increase SERP rankings, link to outlets with higher Domain Authority. Also, use MarketMuse to analyze your material for the high content score.

Focus on engagement measurements if you’re trying to connect with major thought leaders in the industry. Focus solely on sites with high Domain Authority if your concern is brand growing. And connect with larger, relevant sites if you’re concerned with getting more attention.

Create Relevant, High-Quality Content

First, decide how your content should come out. Identify your customer base, readers’ personas and platforms with customers most likely to respond to your content. Also, check how your contents can complement one another across the various platforms. Then build your content with utmost efficiency to make sure it is highly recognized and valued. Also, focus on making it relevant to the industry you’re aiming at.

Avoid Black-hat Link Builders

Building strong relationships through link building takes time to work with smaller, relevant sites to prove yourself to bigger publications. Do not expect immediate results as this might brew impatience, resulting in soliciting Black-hat link builders. These agencies focus their strategies on techniques disapproved by Google, such as excessive link exchanges and automatic link distribution. Soliciting such may harm your website’s growth and reputation, so it isn’t worth it at all.


With the new rules and algorithms set by Google, former link building techniques are becoming less efficient. However, this guide is compiled with newer, improved methods of ensuring quality backlinks. Working with these tips will ensure your site grows at the pace it truly deserves.

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