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Formula 1: Strategies for betting online

Those who follow us already know what we think. This bet is on the whole season. If you have a small bankroll, you will block for 9 months your bet to perhaps give birth to a dead loss. This type of bet is obviously a magnet. It’s a bit like the top product of online betting sites. Accessible to everyone – anyone can put their money on Hamilton without having to know anything about betting on F1… For us, it’s a bet for fun. We put a small bet to scratch the odds. Again, the odds will be more interesting at the beginning of the season and they will melt more or less quickly over the races. Following nba computer picks helps when placing online bets. Bet: Winner of the Formula 1 World Championship driver and team. This is the classic multi-sport bet as for all bettors who want to play like a pro, it is a headache. Advantage: this bet is well priced at the beginning of the season.

Formula 1 requires a very specific betting strategy adapted to the discipline. Betting on soccer, for example, is easier because there are few people on this earth who have never seen a soccer match and do not have a minimum soccer culture. In Formula 1, there are the enthusiasts and the rest of the world. A bettor can turn to F1 to enrich his betting strategy and because he has noticed that the odds of online bookmakers on race betting are good.

Betting  on Formula 1 requires of course, as with other sports, a good knowledge and understanding of the ins and outs of a race. In recent years, we have noticed that the strategy of the drivers in terms of stops for example has taken on a crucial importance. It is even said in the exaggeration of a boring race that “now, the drivers double up in the boxes”. This article is dedicated to bettors who have a solid base and knowledge that allows them to have an idea of how the World Championship and an F1 race unfold.

Betting on F1: Start of the season

This is probably the most difficult time to bet on F1. Traditionally the grid meets at the Australian Grand Prix to kick off the season. One can make the mistake of betting based on the previous season. This is not a fatal mistake if you weigh this factor against all the changes that have taken place during the season. The most noticeable change is the drivers who switch. Usually, the best drivers who change manufacturers start a dance that can change two or three teams. So the first thing to do is to study the new line-up. And that can take you a long way, right down to the engine manufacturers and even the tires. For the past few seasons, F1 has opted for a single manufacturer. In Formula 1 nothing is set in stone. The regulations are constantly changing.

And to say that it can revolutionize the field is an understatement. Here again, the richest teams will have more means to adapt quickly. Renault Motor, for example, has 70 designers working day and night. We know from experience that engine problems and performance problems, which are sometimes just a millimetre away, are more prevalent at the beginning of the season. For example, for next season the Hass team is changing its chief engineer. This is the kind of information to take into account if you want to bet on Sébastien Grosjean’s place in the points at the beginning of the season.

The cult of secrecy in F1 is a bettor’s nightmare. Very little is known and the official pre-season tests are to be taken with a pinch of salt. We’re not talking about the drivers who bluff their way through press conferences to give a minimum of information about the quality of their cars. The question is therefore to know if it is reasonable to bet on the first Grand Prix of the season. We don’t recommend it, especially if you have a limited bankroll. Wait until you’ve had at least one F1 GP to get an idea of the forces at work. There is a smarter way to get around this problem. You have to choose the live betting option.

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