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AGORA: An Advanced B2B E-Commerce Platform

E-commerce is one of the most interesting marketing platforms, and with addition of B2B sales to it makes it very powerful in the e-commerce world. B2B platform has gained lots of popularity with enough leaps and bounds and is expected to grow furthermore in coming years. With the influence of the Internet, Marketing products have improved drastically. Among those marketing techniques, B2B platform is a secure web or mobile-based platform that provides various features with proper user interface.

Coming years, you might see many businesses switching to e-commerce. In past few months, probably nearly a year as passed since the strike of COVID-19 pandemic, due to complete lockdown, many small businesses faced major blow. Due to this hard time, COVID-19 showed us the advantages of online marketing solutions and ways to find investors responded instantly. E-commerce is the future of B2B sales.

E-commerce sales are forecast to grow to $ 4.5 trillion by end of 2021. Online marketing is the future for B2B business.

With all that said, Is there any platform to provide better features in B2B platform? There sure is.

What role does Agora play in B2B portal?

Now that you know how influencing B2B e-commerce can be, there is one such platform which can provide good performance. AGORA is a B2B e-commerce platform that offers expertise in the areas of B2B portal development. AGORA helps small businesses in monitoring stock availability and goods prices, allowing businesses to make online reservations in the supplier’s ERP software. AGORA provides UX/UI design, web and mobile development, integrations, embedded analytics, testing, security and continuous support. Agora has a value for money and ROI score of 4.7/5 stars rated by its users and customers.

Agora platform is developed in such a way that it allows its partners to develop the system of Internet distribution, there are developed data exchange gateways between the platform and ERP- systems: 1C, SAP. The systems of Internet distribution implement wholesale companies with the purpose to optimize interaction with dealers, in particular with Online stores.

No matter what platform you seek, there shall always be some challenges. Agora describes some B2B sales challenges that will be encountered in 2021-2025:

  • B2B users spend only 34% of their time selling. As a result, 57% of sales managers expect low b2b sales.
  • Most of the companies have adopted Automation of work to save time. As B2B sales routine requires most of the working time, Automation is much requirement in business.
  • Development of B2B systems for automation from scratch. Usually takes from 3-12 months. And requires too large investments.

With reference to the challenges in B2B sales, Agora conveys the solution to overcome such challenges. With help of e-commerce platforms, automating routines of B2B sales will save up to 70% of sales managers time. MVP can be implemented within 1-3 weeks.

AGORA B2B platform helps you to increase the sales by creating:

  • Online B2B or B2C marketplaces
  • B2B portals or B2B online stores
  • Electronic trading platforms (ETP) and SRM
  • Other e-commerce systems.

AGORA Digital Products

Agora platform helps to increase sales by creating Online B2B and B2C marketplace, where MVP can be created in 1-3 weeks instead of months. It provides the basic marketplace to grow the sales in addition to necessary modules. It provides amazing UI/UX designs with project scaling due to the Django’s template engine or using the React JS technology. With introduction of such technology, it makes Product Matching easy. It integrates the marketplace for supplier’s account into an existing online store using ERP, SAP, ORACLE. AGORA also developed iOS/Android mobile app. The web and mobile projects created nowadays as many lines of code. So at this point, marketing tactics and creative ideas play a bigger picture. Agora not only reduce development costs, but also speed up development of B2B e-commerce platform.

Why should you prefer AGORA?

It is the best option to use the ready-made e-commerce platforms, Agora provides a ready-to-run solution with the possibility of additional business module’s implementation with more than 200 options, including integration with ERP, payment systems, logistics platforms monitor. Agora uses an API which provides quick access to MVP model. Convenient payment options for development and implementation: SaaS subscription or In-House. Possibility to improve the platform, including changing the front-end part of the online system.

Pricing and Conclusion

Not every product or service fits the needs of a certain user. The users that rank the value for money and ROI highest are mainly from Transportation industry. The users from the Media industry think that they had the lowest ROI from Agora. Get your business online and utilize better benefits.

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