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Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers

A dedicated server is a convenient kind of hosting, it allows every customer to save all his accounts on separate equipment. This makes it clear that all the resources are fully used by an individual customer, and only. Renting such equipment is needed for large projects with a daily attendance of 10-40 thousand visitors and more. However, it is also worth mentioning that this service requires certain skills and knowledge, which are used to configure the software. And of course, the price of dedicated hosting plans will depend entirely on the capacity.

Choosing the best dedicated server hosting is a task that every website owner may meet. That is why we have created useful statistics of dedicated server providers, including HOSTKEY Company to make the choice easier. The speed and stability of business project performance and traffic will depend on your hosting provider. So, it is important enough to be attentive when choosing the supplier of host services for web projects owners.

Specifics of choosing the best host partner

Before selecting a Offshore Server provider, you should check the ratings of various companies and read the reviews. This is not always easy, as each provider tells you about the advantages of its equipment without mentioning some drawbacks. In this section, you can get acquainted with the services of different internet suppliers and estimate the possibilities of each of them. Moreover, in our rating, we have included four really worthy and interesting hosting companies according to customers’ feedbacks.


This company is a joint venture enterprise with foreign participation. Since as far back as 2007, they have been providing corporate and private clients with dedicated and virtual server rental facilities. All services are based on proven data centers.

HOSTKEY network is connected to the major telecom operators and it has a lot of traffic exchange points to ensure the availability of resources.

The operator works with projects of any size – from hosting a 1-U server, to building a private cloud. Managers can consult each client and help them select the best configuration or develop a customized one. The reliability of sites and the experience of employees allow the company to provide high-quality services and prompt customer support 24/7.

Among the advantages of this supplier, the following features are worth mentioning:

  • the possibility of a free trial period.
  • modern data centers class of TIER III, (Moscow, Amsterdam, New York).
  • a wide range of additional functions.
  • efficiency in service connection and problem solving.
  • round-the-clock qualified technical support.
  • possibility to get a good discount percentage.
  • it gives money back in case of malfunction from their side.
  • absolutely all methods of payment are available.

2. Bluehost

The next service we are going to consider is called Bluehost. It is good for those web projects that are looking for a maximum level of control over their equipment. Almost all tariff plans include 24/7 technical assistance.

Bluehost does have many perks. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits:

  • full access control (in case there is such a requirement);
  • one-year free domain for you;
  • fast setup process;
  • RAID storage;
  • money-back guarantee within 30 days after purchase or rental.

3. Dream Host

If you need hosting without managing the servers yourself, turn your attention to the Dream Host. With this operator, you can get a fully managed dedicated server (if necessary, your project is under total control) which will be provided with 24/7 tech support.

Some of the benefits include:

  • unlimited bandwidth;
  • protection from DDoS-attacks;
  • guaranteed uninterrupted network operation;
  • RAID storage.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a service that provides dedicated servers and gives you full root unrestricted access. It is a good solution for large websites and applications.

The pros of this operator are:

  • three available levels of managing (unmanaged, managed, and fully managed);
  • reliable support;
  • ability to obtain multiple IP-addresses.

It’s up to you to decide which dedicated hosting service provider to choose for your own business but the above-mentioned options should help you to handle this difficult task. Check out an in-depth review of GoDaddy hosting service here.

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